American Express Small Business Saturday Will Return 11/26/11!

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I got confirmation emails from American Express within 40 minutes of making the purchases that I will be receiving the $25 credit on all of my American Express cards, including on my additional user cards, business cards, and Citibank issued American Express cards!

Update, 11/26: Registration is now closed. Go out and spend $25 on all of the cards that you have already registered!

Update, 11/25: Don’t forget to register and use your cards tomorrow for $25 in free spending at small businesses!

Registration is now open via the link below. It is letting additional cardholders and Citibank American Express cards register as well, just like last year. This promo is for spending on any AMEX at non-chain stores on Saturday, November 26. You can do this promotion in addition to the Fedex free $25 gift card promotion.

Small Business Saturday Registration Linky

American Express is bringing back Small Business Saturday this year with $25 credits for spending $25 at small businesses on 11/26 (always like a nice b-day present, thanks AMEX for even getting the date right this year, on my 27th birthday and on the 7th anniversary of when I started a little blog called

Here is the post and 163 comments on last year’s deal.

Last year the $25 credit worked once for every AMEX card, including on additional cards and AMEX cards issued by other banks like from Citi. They also extended to spending period from just the day after black friday until the end of the year. The exact details for this year’s program are unknown at this point, but I’ll be sure to post them as they come in! Registration will be required and I’ll post the link as soon as registration is open.

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does this work for international purchases?


At the Amex Link, Like, love promotion they had recently, they did not offer the discounts for Citi Amex cards. so i hope this time they will.


Yay!!! Just be careful of adding too many cards on to your cc account. Financial review trigger……


so just for clarification this would even apply for a macy’s cc and the costco amex’s


@JoeyJava: if it’s amex… it did last year…


If I have 3 AMEX cards, does it mean I can get $25×3=$75 credit?


@Justin: yes
@dan will it run another three weeks again?


I loved this promotion last year, but what was your source that the $25 credit is coming back this year? The only thing that I can find on the SBS website and on their Facebook page is that the “day” is coming back, not necessarily the $25 credit.

What’s your source? There is nothing online that I can find.


Can’t think of any small businesses open Saturday night. No Kosher restaurants where I’ll be!


To answer Mose, last year I charged $25 on each of around 15 cards in Israel, and never got refunded. The language of the offer definitely did not limit int’l purchases. I never got around to fighting it though.


i made 125$ last year on 5 cards, everything went smoothly. can’t wait for this year…


Milked this last year. Just cancelled a bunch of AMEX 🙁 better start opening new ones. Does AA AMEX work??


@John: It was only Nationwide


@Tim: Go to and look under the FAQ there is actually a link there to register cards but it doesn’t work yet. It also clearly says that it will run through dec. 31 not like last year when it started out as just 1 day and then got extended.


I see now that they changed the website within the past week or 2 and there is no option for the faqs. lets hope they didn’t change the rules also!


is there any way to buy amex gift cards and still b eligible?

Zevy K Bus

This is the most exciting thing since the invention of the wheel.


What is considered a small business,


@Nooch,: @Nooch,:
According to the SBA a small business in one with less than 500 employees. I don’t know how amex defines it though.


can you please supply basic instructions.


does anyone know if 711 is considered a small business?


@ Nooch
a mom & pop store, the salon where ur mother/wife goes,that deli where u buy her flowers-simply put:a sm business owner & not a chain of restaurants,hotels;etc


Does this work if I purchase a $25 gift card to a small business?


@rache: Seriously?


why on shabbos?!?!? anyone have ideas of small business type places to run and spend the money?


If they are going to extend this to 12/31 like last year will we find out before or after 11/26?


Can we sign multiple cards up using the same email or is that a bad idea?


In CLE both the pizza shop (the better of the 2 we have left 😉 ) and the kosher grocery store let people charge their cards and get gift cards or credit for future purchases.

Last year AMEX announced on that night though that they were extending the promotion until 12/31, but I have no idea if they’ll do that again this year.

I did it last year like that without any issues, but it’s probably better not to.


anyone try in baltimore last year? which stores open moztai shabbos and will work? I did david chu’s last year and it worked but that was not on MS.


Is this good for Amex Biz casds or only personal?





Dan, not a good idea to use the same email for different card names, or also not good for the same name?


Would this work on Delta Amex card as well??




do i need to use diff email add for multiple cards?


any luck for anyone?

Smarter Than A Fifth Grader

I registered all 4 of my Amex cards under the same email address. I hope that won’t be a problem; I don’t see why it would be. I’ll be stopping at the mall for a late-night shopping spree on Motzei Shabbos! Thanks for the heads-up, Dan! 😉




@Smarter Than A Fifth Grader:
Just remember it won’t work at chain stores!


just tried both cards & got rejected 4 2nd card said i already registered.tried again with different email also no go .. .should i try different name??also if u r in2 wine scotch liquor stores r good place 2 go that r open sat.nites.


I got emails that all 4 cards are registered! Tnx!

Smarter Than A Fifth Grader

Thanks for the word of caution, Dan. There are several strip malls in my area with “mom & pop owned” stores. I plan to treat myself to a few things! Happy Early Chanukah to me! 🙂

Smarter Than A Fifth Grader

@Yitzchok: Me, too! And the emails were account-specific, giving the last several digits of the cards registered! Can’t wait to enjoy this perk!


Just registered a bunch including some citi ones but my penfed amex not working….anyone have luck with any amex other than citi?


just received email that 2nd card is registered!!! not sure what happened but cool


Does the Gold Amex work?

Smarter Than A Fifth Grader

@Mark: I successfully registered my Premier Gold Amex, Platinum, Blue, and Citi Amex cards. I received confirmation emails for all of them!


Can you call Kupat HAir (or the like) on Saturday night and do some easy donations?


my penfed amex is not working either, but i registered 7 other ones:)


your da bomb dan thank you very much
just did 7cc and i have 3 more and its not working..dan do you know how will it work?


Sam: it worked in Baltimore last year. 3 different restaurants

Fan of dan

Can I get three for the same Amex account with each authorized user? Also do I need to register on the facebook page or the link is enough?


Dan, can i buy online with this offer?


Hi dan you are the man
Where does it work in borough park and where did it work last year


Dan, when i try to sign up i get this massage,,,Oops, our records show that you’ve already registered for this offer. We limit the number of times that a Cardmember can register for each offer. what does this mean i never registered????

Steveo (one word) AKA 'The Closer'

@Dan! You’re the man, Donnyboy! I just registered TWENTY THREE AMEX CARDS!!! ( I also got all of them bec of you, son.) Between SPG, PRG, Platinum, and Business cards (all under me) I will now receive $500, FREE!! Follow the leader, baby…..Hello free money 🙂

Good Deed

Perhaps use this out to give a donation to your local Chabad House it wont cost you anything and you will do a great Mitzva

Check for your local center


if i purchase a gc online for a small business such as a restaurant…will that go thru ok?

Forum fan

If you need anything from Amex Tweet them, the guys in the twitter dept are very chilled! Got myself 75k .


Just signed up my 9 cards, hopefully they will all work!


@Dan: Thanks Dan, just signed up a few 🙂
I noticed in the ToS it says: “Additionally, if you received a $25 statement credit in connection with Small Business Saturday through American Express’ offer on Facebook or Foursquare, you will not be eligible to receive the statement credit through this offer.”
Do you think this is referring to the Link, Live, Love promotion?



yes it is


I’m just wondering on what basis you say this, as it calls it “Small Business Saturday” through American Express’ offer on Facebook or Foursquare. They didn’t call it that as far as I know, but then again I don’t know what they did call that…


last year i got 5 gift cards at Haddar restaurant in Flatbush.
In boro park u can shop at Mega13 or Super13 on 13th avenue 53 & 52 streets


Does anyone have ideas of small businesses open on motzei shabbos in Lakewood? (other than pizza/food)

dan man

Does it work for additional card holders also??

Avi in lakewood

@Yitzchok: Bitz Of Glitz


@Yitzchok: judaica stores


@alce: dosnt the stores need to be registered somewhere as a small buisness i can just go into any store


Dan Does amex card from apple bank qualify for this


i am a secondary cardholder on an amex gold card, i have the card in my name…is this good enough to qualify for the deal?

Donate $25

You can donate to a Chabad shliach who also helps Holocaust survivors. Just donate $25 on Nov. 26 and you’ll get it back. What a Great Mitzva.


Is the $25 dollar charge needs to be a “single” transaction or can it be “multiple” transaction totaling $25?


Do you need to register on Facebook?
I registered on the ‘linky’ you posted and in the terms it said: “To be eligible for the Small Business Saturday $25 statement credit, you must (1) register any valid U.S. American Express® Consumer Card or Business Card by clicking on the link at and follow the directions provided, and (2) use that Card to make a purchase of $25 or more at a small business on November 26, 2011.”
Any idea if you really have to go to Facebook (which is blocked by me) ?


Do charitable organizations qualify? Can I donate $25 to my local Hatzolah, Tomchei Shabbos, Bikur Cholim, etc on Motzei Shabbos and get the Amex $25 credit?


@Zvi: No – I registered without Facebook and got a confirmation email


does a Bank of America Amex qualify?


Deal is dead?
I got this message when I tried to sign up…

Unfortunately the maximum number of Cardmembers have already registered for this offer. Please visit to learn more about other exclusive offers available for American Express® Cardmembers.


D’oh! A day late and a dollar short!

Unfortunately the maximum number of Cardmembers have already registered for this offer. Please visit to learn more about other exclusive offers available for American Express® Cardmembers.



YES!! Assuming you registered it for the promo already it will definitely work!! I used mine last year and plan on using it again tonight!!!



Any idea as of now if they will be extending till the end of the year?


IMPORTANT: Does the business have to be registered as well or will this work at ANY small business?? Please let me know asap, I have 9 credit cards registered…

Any online places?

Are any online places considered small business?


@Shmu: I called them on friday and they said they do not have to be registered. They said a small business is less then then 50 employees and they also sai dthey not being very strict on that number. enjoy


@Any online places?: online purchases do NOT count.


Where can I see a list of small bussiness?


Got an email. Congratulations, you have met all spending qualifications on your card anding in xxxx! You should receive your statement credit in 2-3 business days. They are very efficient this year.


Z berman books in passaic is opened tonight and is eligible


Is there anyway to still register tonight


@rich: there is no list. its any business with less then 50 employees.

deal killer

I tried pomegranate in brooklyn and didn’t get a email confirm saying I will get a credit – previouly went to another store and instantly got email confirm


@deal killer:
Pomegranate is not consideed a small business.

Anonymous works. I just tried it and got the message from Amex that it worked.

Any online places?

I meant; Is there any online store which has a physical small business presence?


What happens If I spend less than 25? Do I get a credit for zero, the amount spent or the full 25?


@Any online places?: they said anything bought on line does not count, you must physcilly go to the small business.


Is there a way to check which cards are registered? I found email confirmations for some, but can’t find the others and I think I registered all of mine.


The Obamas shop at a bookstore near the White House to support Small Business Saturday:


@Any online places?:
z bermans works online…. u can buy gift cards as well.


not true at all


I got an instant email that it worked…..all 3 times that I did it for my local Yeshiva

yosef w

happy birthday DAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! may u and the website be going to 120!


Free sushi from Sushi Spot 2 in Crown Heights. Thanks, Amex!


If you don’t spend 25 u get ZERO!


I got my emails instantly! Its a goo way to check if the store is eligible. Wait a few min. And if no conf then try another store. Its best to buy stuff that can be returned.


you get no credit for less than $25 purchase
bought gift certificates in eichler’s, lots of people on line doing the same thing, they told me they’re open tonight special for this


That was fun! Thank you!

happy camper

I went to shnapps liquer on Ave m with a couple of cards. The owner was very nice . He broke down the bill and split it between all the cards


Here is the list of stores


pomegranate is a sbs merchant: type in zip code 11230 and its listed on page 2


Just got an email from amex on my seven cards that it went thru


I think that the email confirmations only come from businesses that they themselves registered for this event, however there are many other businesses that qualify. Please correct me if I’m wrong.


I charged 4 cards by super 13 in BP behind me was a man with 11 amex cards waiting to charge..


@lakewood: Whose they? too late now but when I called last week Amex said the exact opposite.


I shopped at Pomegranate too and have not received a confirmation email.


I charged 15 but only got 12 confirmation emails. Do you think I’ll still get the credit if I didn’t get the confirmation?


I registered the card via the linky that Dan published a few days ago and got confirmation via email from Amex; I donated today via Holocaust survivor linky and got “We appreciate your contribution to iVolunteer New York. Below is a summary of your payment:1 – Every Penny Counts (25) $25.00”
but did NOT get an email about any rebate nor an Amazon GC. What did I miss?

Andrew L

I swiped my family’s cards through the Square reader on my phone and they instantly got the confirmation email.


100$ credit at kol tuv


Thank u, recvd conf for the 8 charges


Thanks for the free pizza:)

M. Josef

Dan, Ur The Man! Had 3 Cards, Hilton, Gold, & Starwoods. Ordered 5 more additional Users for each. $25 x18 cards = $450. 100 went to Tzedakah! 350 in gifts cards for places I always go to eat. Great Motzei Shabbos! Thanx Dan! A Gr8 Chodesh 2u!


@mocha: I read it on dansdeals/fourms


I love it that normally most jewish stores refuse to take your amex card. Suddenly they all take it …
Let’s see what tomorrow bring 😉


I registered 2 cards and used it at stores that were on their small business list. However, I did not receive any emails confirming that I’ll receive the credit. Should I worry?


I used 3 cards to buy @96 worth o sushi. I did not receive any emails.


tomorrow their machines will forget how to take amex


Classic, I tried donating money to a local tzedaka that was advertising that they will put the charge through on 12/26. Just checked my gold card they put it through on the 25th.


@donor #117, I did the same thing and have not received any email confirmation from AMEX. Dan, you posted that it would work, any idea what the story is here? I used two different cards with it


Anyone shopped at rockland kosher in Monsey? I received confirmation for all my expenditures besides for the ones done there?! My friend had the same experience! I know they were listed on the small business page that was linked to amex’s site. Anyone have the same experience?


I would give it a week and see if the credit comes through automatically guys, don’t worry too much about the email.


@Dan, if the credit doesn’t show, any way to get it after the fact?


Yes, the social media team will be able to give you a credit.


yay! i charged a total of 12 cards yesterday! 7 at orchedia and 5 at a supermarket. walking down the streets in BP last night everyone was talking about where they spent thier amex. a guy behind me in line was impressed that i had 4 card that still had the activation stickers on them!


My children’s school sent out emails trying to get people to donate money to them via this deal. I called the executive director and said I was prepared to donate $250 on the condition that the school allow me to charge my tuition to AMEX. He refused. So did I. I give as good as I get.

I think it’s a chutzpah for any store, business, or institution to try to score $ off this deal and then not accept AMEX for payments.


I have the same issue, with the ad advertised.
If it sticks and I lost out for trying to do a decent thing, I may challenge it if they don’t refund me.
Dan, any thoughts on the IVolunteer issues?


See comment 131.


I also have 2 card numbers on one statement but only got 1 credit..I called Amex and they said that it can take up to 2 billing cycles to get the credit and he checked with a manager as well..if i don’t get the credit then call back and they will manually do it…


Is there a way to get in touch with Amex about my macys Amex i am not getting it and Amex said call macys and macys said call amex what should i do?


I have the same problem. I got my Macy’s bill and called them and they said call AMEX. AMEX said they don’t have access to my account, only Macy’s does. I vaguely remember getting the confirmation email, but I must have accidently deleted it. I’m going to try to call number on back of card tomorrow.


I just called Macy’s again and this time I got a helpful agent who was familiar with the offer. She graciously called AMEX while I was on hold and she told me that even though they were not part of the promo, they were crediting my account. They will do that for anyone who did not get the credit – They just have to call AMEX.


It’s now Feb. 13, over 2 billing cycles, and I do not have the credit. My AmEx is through Bank of America, which denies any knowledge. AmEx says it has to come from BoA. I have an Email from AmEx saying that I have completed the qualifying transaction. So this must be a scam run by AmEx.