50K Premier Rewards Gold And 45K Delta Card Offers!

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Step 1: Click here to check which offers you can get.

Step 2: Click on “Offers Matched for You” at the top of the left sidebar.

Step 3: Enter your personal info. You don’t need to enter your social.

Step 4: See if you have a 50K Premier Rewards Gold or 45K Delta card offer waiting for you!  The Gold offer requires $1,000 of spending in 3 months.  The Delta card requires $5,000 of spending in 6 months.

Be sure to take screenshots of the offer details.

You can also submit applications for different American Express cards in separate browsers with the same single credit pull including great cards like the Starwood Preferred Guest® Consumer Credit Card from American Express or the Starwood Preferred Guest® Business Credit Card from American Express OPEN.  Cards applied for on the same day from the same bank typically result in just 1 pull.
The Starwood cards have no fee the first year and have free authorized user cards that you can use on Small Business Saturday to make $25 on each one. Plus you can downgrade the card to a free card after the year.

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Deal is DEAD

Chaim with a capital C

“Cards applied for on the same day from the same bank typically result in just 1 pull.”

So why use different browsers?


I just got the delta 35. think I can get matched?


Offer is no longer available on both cards…

Chaim with a capital C

If I cancelled my PRG last August, what are my chances of getting it again now?


Can I get the Amex Gold card even if I recently canceled my Gold card ?


U get both 55 and 45 or just one of than?


don`t give up try with a different browser if it doesn`t go the first time i needed to try a few times till i got the application p

david weiser

I Got The Premier Rewards Gold Last Month Is There Anyway To Be Matched?

go Dan

hey Dan! i am matched to the 50K offer for prem gold card. i curently have a prem gold card, can i get another one with the 50k offer?


Can I get the gold card again even if I got it last time?


How strict are they about the “no bonus” if you had this product within the last 12 months or a platinum card within the last 90 days ? Should I go for it, anyway ?


Doesn’t work. I get the offers matched to me, but the amex application doesn’t open. Tried incognito and got “offer no longer available.”


45k SkyPesos are pretty much useless.


I needed to try it a few times from two different browsers as dan told us once that if it doesn`t go thrue try a different browser till it went thrue. Thanks dan!!


got amex gold 50k thanks


definitely still alive


Approved for premier 50K pending for delta, do i call reconsideration right away ?


@ Rochel
Thanks. I tried again with Internet Explorer and it worked.


which one is better?
I only want one new card


@me: the gold is better


whaht is more worth the gold or sappire points?


What if I already have both of these cards?


dan can you please post a screenshot of the 100k offer that was out a while ago they only wanna give me the points if i send them a sreenshot. thanx


@me: saphire but bet. gold and delta gold is better]


Good approved for my wife and I for gold premier rewards. Pending for Delta – called reconsid but Amex’s system’s down.
Welcome back Dan and thanks!


Dan i applied for both on 2bm and 1 of the applications is in process for 5 min`s allready what does that mean?



google check amex application status us

Click on link and follow instructions



I just got accepted for the Amex gold with the 50K offer….is transferring to Avios the best way to go with it if I want to get domestic flights?


I just got the gold and I’m still in middle of 3 months but its only 25000 bonus
Which number do I call to get matched for the 50?


Got matched to the 50k gold card, but how do you avoid the annual fee after the first year?


† Welcome bonus offer not available to applicants who have had this product within the last 12 months or any other Consumer ZYNC®, Green or Gold Card or Platinum Card® account within the last 90 days.


@justin to whom/which department did you speak to get matched?

glasses dude

everytime i try to submit the application i get error this offer is no longer avail. any advice?


is it to do 2 of the premier goldin 2 bm?


@glasses dude: incognito, new browser, clear cookies, or use difft computer.

Call number on card and tell them you want to cancel cuz fee is too high. IME they will try to give you something, especially if you use the card alot
See http://forums.dansdeals.com/index.php?topic=1572.0

As Anonymous said,
google check amex application status us
Click on link and follow instructions

@avi: Unlikely to get approved for 2 gold in same app process, even with recon. Even if you do you won’t get double bonus


tried with chrome did not work, mozilla didi work.
does 2BM work with amex within a few minutes?


Are these two cards (gold and delta) go as one pull? Are they from the same family?

Nachi Farkas

Anyone know if there any way around the exclusion for having a Zync account currently?
Thanks so much for the tip Dan!


Deal isn’t dead. Just applied for it.


ok. so i got both offers. what other 2 amex cards are out there that i could include in my 3/4 BM ?! Thank you!


My wife and I were both approved for the PRG. Thanks a mil dan!


What are brousers and how do I get them. Amex keeps turning me down since I have open cards. What to do?

which one

I only want to get 1 card which is better and why?


@Levi: how come they all say the deal is dead?


They are one pull using 2/3/4BM with the hope that when one card issuer submits multiple pulls they get grouped together as one pull, although YMMV alot with business as I personally had 2 pulls when i applied for personal and business, but Dan got 1 pull from chase for personal + Business.
Google is your friend http://lmgtfy.com/?q=browser&l=1
How many open cards do you have with amex? What’s your credit score like? AMEX only allows 4 credit cards but no limit on charge cards…


Thanx dan got approved for the gold and starwood cards

chana k

some information is in this archived post. http://www.dansdeals.com/archives/23410 Try reading some of Dan’s blogs for more education.
Basics: A browser is a program to access the internet: Internet explorer, chrome, Firefox, etc.
When applying for DIFFERENT cards offered by the SAME bank at virtually the same time (or maybe on the same day) you get only ONE credit ‘pull’ and try to get 2, 3 or even 4 credit cards approved. You get the bonus points for each when you’ve met the spending threshold for each.
Caution: Don’t spend more than you can afford. Do read the blogs about reaching spending thresholds (without going into debt 🙂 ) Do read the bloga about calling reconcideration if you get turned down on any application.
Good luck!


I just called AMEX as both Blue Cash preferred and Premier Rewards gold have better promotions and I got them a month ago– they would not match.

How did you got them to match ? Please be specific as I escalated to customer service supervisor and still got the same response


The offer says you can not get the offer if you had a zync green gold or platinum in the past 90 days.
I closed my zync when the 100k offer came around.Anyone have luck applying and getting the points even though they had one of the amex within the past 90 days.


i’m currently in israel and applied for the gold and starwood cards only about an hour apart but i realized now that the first one was before 12:00 am american time and the second one was after. will this cause 2 hard pulls?


If I had the gold card for one month and did not get the sign up bonus due to an fr but its not a yr yet since closed short by two months will I be able to get the bonus for the gold card?


Worked for me! Just got approved for PRG for both my husband and I. Thanks Dan!


Offically no, but YMMV


If I get this offer of the 50k signup bonus
can I upgrade card to the business platinum card you posted about ?

Goal: get the 50k bonus and switch over to business platinum card instead of just getting the 25k bonus ?


Max smarter

Applied for gold and delta, instantly approved for gold, got a pending on delta, called recon, said i was already approved!!
Dan youdabest!!


thanks dan got both!!


Got it last night tnx


I received approval for the AMEX card, Delta card wasn’t listed.


Thanks Dan. Either the site is now getting pounded or they pulled the offer.

I went through Creditcards.com and both offers came up. Clicked on the rewards Gold and it took me to the Amex application site. It timed out when trying to load my info from my other account and now it won’t even load the app.

Gave them a call and applied over the phone. Very easy process.


Just browse incognito. Over the phone you can’t take a screenshot.



Hmmm, that worked. Now that I can see the offer it says that those who signed up for a platinum offer within the last 90 days cannot receive the sign-up bonus. I did not see this since it timed-out initially. I confirmed with the guy on the phone that I would be getting this offer. Do they stick to these rules?

May have screwed myself on this.


I already have the Plat. Anyone have any success with them honoring?


I just 2bm’d amex gold and blue cash




@yosef: just got it thanks dan
it seems like the site is not working well keep on trying and you will get it !


just got gold and delta for my wife and i
worked fine
instant approval on all 4


Got approved! Really excited. I’m planning on taking a vacation to Jamaica at the end of the year and these will help.

Deal is not dead.



Just make sure to take a screenshot of the page for proof of your bonus.