2,500 Bonus Starpoints For Adding An Additional User Onto Your Starwood Consumer Card

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Update: This offer ends today!

Originally posted on 7/25:

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2,500 Bonus Starpoints For Adding An Additional User Onto Your Starwood Consumer Card

If you add a free additional user to your Starwood account via the link above by 9/19 you will get 2,500 bonus Starpoints. There is a limit of 1 bonus per primary Starwood account.

This deal was posted to the DansDeals Forums on Friday and members that added a card on that day are already reporting that the bonus points are in their account despite the terms saying that it will take 8-12 weeks!

Additional AMEX cards qualify for AMEX Offers and promotions like Small Business Saturday. You can have up to 99 additional users on a primary card account, but the bonus is only for adding 1 card.

Additional Card Members must be at least 15 years of age. You are able to add yourself, a family member, or a friend as an additional user.

A social security number is required for this offer. There is no hard credit pull for adding an additional user.

However the account will show up on their credit report, which means that spending on the card can help or hurt their credit score depending on your credit utilization and payments.

An additional user card will also count against the user with Chase, which limits approvals for many of their cards if you have had more than 5 new accounts in the past 24 months. It is possible to appeal that decision based on it being an authorized user account if you say that you don’t use it and aren’t responsible for payment on the card, but some have been turned down because of that approval guideline. It is possible to have the additional user account removed from the credit report by closing it and requesting removal from all 3 credit bureaus.

You can read more about the SPG cards in this post.

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34 Comments On "2,500 Bonus Starpoints For Adding An Additional User Onto Your Starwood Consumer Card"

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I did this about 2 months ago before the promotion. Would Amex honor the bonus in this case?


No, but you can open another card now.


can I get this for my 2yr old?


Can I add a user who has their own card?


Also, how do you add yourself as a user?


Im getting this massage
We are sorry, you are not able to apply for an Additional Card online. Please call the number on the back of your Card if you have additional inquiries.

travel expert


yes you are able to add yourself as a nd additional user.

i did it myself last week (yes Dan was late this time)
and the miles has already posted in my account even the card is not yet in the mail box


Just wondering why you waited so long before posting.


@mark: Read the post.


@CE: business acc? got same message.
worked on personal tho



Per AMEX chat rep, no – the min age requirement for the AU is 15 years of age


if i add myself as a user, will it show up on my credit report as separate account (and count against the chase 5 card thing) ?


If I open it for myself will it count against chase’s 5 card limit?


does this promotion work for AMEX Spg Canada?

Already added

Can one remove an additional user and then add them back to receive the bonus?


@mark: sure… you can probably also get it for all your unborn children too… READ THE POST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


5000 points , no sweat !
Thank you, Daniel.


hi I have 2 amex spg cards one business and one personal linked up to one starwood acct am I eligible to receive this offer 0for adding the additional user on both cards making a total of 5000 or only one card?thank you very much


@ Mark
You can’t add a 2 year old. Must be 15 years old
You can be an authorized user on another person’s card even if you have your own.


@paul: I have the same question as paul, Please advise. Thank you

David R

@paul: @Eli: The post says the offer is for consumer cards.


I had 2 additional cards on my Amex and then added a 3rd (all with my name and social). They were all reporting on my credit report as separate accounts (so my 20k credit line was showing as 80k available which helped me). Problem was that the new aditional card was being report as a new acount less than 6 months old, so it took down my credit score. I called Amex and asked them to stop reporting the new acount because it was hurting my score. They took care of it immediately and only the 3 older accounts were reported and the 4th was removed


Just opened a user up last week before
Promo. I called today and they honored it for being s good standing user.


I signed up on Monday and already got the 2,500 SPG points in my account!
That was quick Amex 😉


I was told that it is too late in the day to apply for this!!!
Has this happened to anyone else?


Told by whom?


Called back and the are willing to give me the offer because I have had an active account for years.


The 1st time I was handed over to the “promotional department”. 2nd time the person who answered the phone told me they will do it because they see I do earn a lot of starwood points and for quite some time

Kate R.

Thank you once again. Signed up for one additional user.


Why didn’t you just use the link in this post?


“We are sorry, you are not able to apply for an Additional Card online. Please call the number on the back of your Card if you have additional inquiries.”


i keep on getting an error message


Just a quick FYI –

I called AMEX today and added my daughter and cried how I missed out on the points since I thought it ended today and they still gave them to me.

Worth a try.


Thanks Dan! i did this on the last day (Sept 19th) and the points posted on the 22nd… awesome!