0% APR Cards

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Update: The USAirways Mastercard offers 15 months of 0% interest on balance transfers plus 1 mile per $1 transferred up to $10,000 within 90 days of opeing the account. A 3% one-time fee applies.


I typically focus on which credit cards will earn you the best rewards but people often ask me about 0% APR cards.

My opinion is that you should treat credit cards just like cash.  If you don’t have the cash for an item then you wouldn’t buy it.  It’s a really bad idea to use your plastic as a way of getting an item you can’t afford.

The banks would love nothing more than to charge you 20 or 30% interest on your purchase but those charges will easily overwhelm the benefits of signing up and spending on a card.  If you can’t control yourself to spend within your limits than you’ll be far better off not even applying for a card.

Having said that there are cards you can use that don’t charge interest for various periods of time.

1. The Chase Ink Cash Business card offers 0% interest on purchases and balance transfers for 6 months.
If you have to carry a balance then this is a fantastic card to do it on as the credit utilization isn’t reported to the credit bureaus on Chase business cards. While on other cards carrying a balance can have a negative effect on your score while the balance is there you won’t have that issue with this card. Note that there is a 3% fee for transferring a balance to this card.
There is no annual fee for this card.

The great thing about this card are the rewards. Besides for the signup bonus you also earn 5 points per dollar on telecom, cable, and office supply store (including gift card) purchases. You also earn 2 points per dollar on dining and gas.
Additional cardholders are free and each one of them gets 2 free airport lounge visits per year.

The difference between this card and Chase Ink Bold and Chase Ink Plus (besides the signup bonus and spend threshold requirement) is that you or your spouse must have an Ink Bold, Ink Plus, or Sapphire Preferred card to transfer the rewards points into miles.
Additionally the Bold/Plus cards don’t have a foreign transaction fee while this card does. And the Bold/Plus cards have a cap of $50,000 in annual spending that can earn 5 points per dollar (for 250,000 points) while this has a $25,000 cap (for 125,000 points)

You can read more about business card benefits in this post.

2. The Chase Slate Visa offers 0% interest on purchases and balance transfers for 15 months.
The nice thing about this offer is that if you transfer a balance to this card within 60 days of opening it there will no fees at all!
There is no annual fee for this card.

3. The Chase Freedom Visa offers 0% interest on purchases and balance transfers for 15 months.
Note that there is a 3% fee for transferring a balance to this card.
There is no annual fee for this card.
The great thing about this card are the rewards. Besides for the signup bonus you also earn 5 points per dollar in quarterly rotating categories. Plus if you have a Chase checking account you’ll also get a 10% bonus on top of all point earnings.
You or your spouse must have an Ink Bold, Ink Plus, or Sapphire Preferred card to transfer the rewards points into miles.

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insurance agent

Dan I am an independent insurance agent I sell insurance and ii receive a commission technically I am self employed and I have my own business

just I never gave my business a legal name

do you think I can apply for the ink cash business card as using my self as the business? or I have to have a legal business name with tax id number ??



@insurance agent:
You most definitely do not need a legal business name/Tax ID to get a business card.

A business card is tailor made to someone in your situation.

If your name is Joe Smith you can apply for a card under the name Joe Smith Sole Proprietorship and just use your social as the Tax ID number.

insurance agent

tnx so much


Does that mean that anyone can sign up for a business card. Just create up a business name and use my social as the tin?


Or do what I did as an 18 year old, start flipping items on eBay and you have a bona-fide business.
It paid for my car!


do all the chase cards not report carrying a balance? you only said it by the chase business ink not the slate thanx


No, only business cards don’t report which is why I only said it by the Ink Cash card.

American Express Simply Cash is another business card option but I didn’t include it as the 0% length is variable based on your credit history.


Dan I tried leveraging my Ink Bold to get a Ink plus for the 0% apr and they will not let me. I sent 3 SMs and tons of HUCA! They keep saying that I have too short of a credit history and therefore it is impossible for them to give me another business card even if they close the first, any advice?
BTW thanks for all you do


how do you flip items on ebay?
where can you buy the for so cheap to make money after ebay”s and papal fees.


I just turned 18 and I have been an additional user on an SPG card for a year. Can you please recommend some good cards I should apply for?

Change Subject


Are there any cheap flights from Israel to NYC?
One way or round trip.



@newddf: There are no magic tricks. Wait 3 months, after spending on their cards and try again.

@chelem: The internet is a good place to start searching.

@Change Subject: Go as on DDF in this thread http://forums.dansdeals.com/index.php?topic=7985.0

Also there was a post about that on this site yesterday.


I have AMEX blue sky with 0% apr for 15 months


i also know that you can search the web, my question was were can i find products for cheap to make money on ebay after all fees


If i apply for the chase ink cash, bold and plus, will i be able to downgrade the bold and plus to the cash (and have 3 cash cards)to wave the annual fee?; how do i do it and is it guaranteed to work?


Chelem, I tried, and at the end of the day, everyone made money, ebay, vendor etc, expect for…. me.

nothing was left for me.

not easy to flip stuff…


Does the Ink give you points for balance transfers? Is there a fee for that?


Thanks Dan for this long awaited info keep it coming from time to time, also what would you suggest after the o% APR expires and I still have a balance, apply for another one or try to get them to lower the APR again with the HUCA? please advise


Very important to mention that most banks will only allow a balance transfer from an outside bank. IE you cant transfer from a chase cc to the chase slate.

Shaul Yaakov

@Newbie: There was a law passed in 2002 that makes it very hard for people under 21 to get new credit cards. I managed to get my bank to give me a card with a $500 limit when I had just turned 20 but it’s probably going to be hard to get a good card.


I have a question about the Fidelity AmEx card that puts 2% of all purchases into your Fidelity brokerage account. No annual fee. Aside from specials – like bonus categories and signups, wouldn’t this be a great card to use, with the next best rewards – Chase Ultimate – being worth about 1.9 cents each?


I believe Ink Plus can be downgraded but Ink Bold can’t be.

Did you try Amazon?
Plenty of people make big bucks flipping good deals on these sites once the deals are dead.

You’d probably have to apply for a new card.

@Shaul Yaakov:
As long as you build credit you’ll be able to get cards even under 21.

Barclays has a card that gives 2.2%

Plus the Chase cards give bonuses. Freedom gives 10% on top so 1.9×1.1=2.1.
And they have 2x, 3x, and 5x categories where you earn several times that.


Dan is there way to check online pending chase credit card applications?


The USAirways MAstercard has 0% APR for the first 15 months

ur fan

if i do a 3bm app would a business and personal card together make 1 pull or 2 pulls also can i do 3 chrome or it has to be 3 different company browsers

Shauk Yaakov

@Dan: If you are under 21 you need to show proof of of sufficient income or have a cosigner.

Curiosity Dan

If I have a heavy balance on my credit cards. Like I m using 95% of the credit allowance and then I pay it off till its below 30% of the credit limit, how long will it take to affect my credit score after I paid towards the balance?


Dan we got denied for business united mileage explorer card because we have 2 other chase business cards opened up in the last 12 months(ink and bold)we tried HUCA twice no success they said to many business cards opened up any suggestions?

second, are people who have the chase sapphire preferred mc stopping from applying for the visa version because that would make them combine the mastercard and then never be able to apply for mastercard version(mc version link dead?)


I have used aprox 80% of my credit limit on 4 cards, I learned my lesson (the hard way),
I’m B’h paying them off.. but every time I pay any amount.. i get within few days letters that my credit limit has been lowered to current balance.
my credit report is clean B’h except this 80% loans.. but I’m unable to get any New cc with 0% APR – which i would love so i can transfer balances & pay it off for once. HELP! Thanks!


Dan, When you mention flipping deals from Amazon, are you referring to their ‘daily deals’ section? What type of products on Amazon tend to have the highest rate of return when being flipped? Thanks so much!



What is the best way to get United miles? i have the Unted card. Looking for more options as they seem to have the best milage program ( flexible) to israel. Thank you!



If I put for example $8,000 for a year on a CC with a $10,000 line of credit – does my FICO see an 80% usage of credit thereby negatively impacting my score? Or it takes in to account all other CC I have & lets say it is $100,000 OF CREDIT IN TOTAL SO NOW MY USAGE IS 8% + A LITTLE FOR OTHER CARDS WITH AMOUNTS AT MONTH END BEFORE i PAY?


@ur fan:
YMMV, but 1 pull is possible.
3 different browser brands.

@Curiosity Dan:
Within a couple months.

Did you try to leverage your existing cards?
For now you can still convert Visa to MC.


It’s both on the card level and on the total credit level.
You don’t want to be anywhere near 80% when the statement closes on a consumer card.


@Dan: Yeah I tried moving credit lines from other cards no success they were concerned with too many business cards opened up in the last 12 months(ink and bold), any other suggestions?

also I thought I remembered you had a link to check on pending chase credit card applications?


Do we get the sign up bonus when converting the existing credit card to some other? Thanks for everything you are doing!

ur fan

@Dan: what do u mean by ymmv?


Then effectively the 0% is worthless since your score will go down big time unless it is a very small amount



I tried to downgrade my Ink Plus to a Classic, I was told that it has to be at least 1 year old b4 you can downgrade it. Is that so? Is there any other option to downgrade?

Thank You


@Jack: why downgrade before the year is up? Take advantage of the benefits and downgrade when the year is up. If your concerned about the annual fee, once you see it on your statement just call, ask to downgrade and they will refund it 🙂

Curiosity Dan #2

Extending my question….I had a very high balance on my credit card for like 5 months, and now im ready to pay most of it off,will my credit score be better within a couple weeks?


Dan, do you know what banks are the most generous with credit limits on these 0% offers. It always depends on your credit but some are more generous than others. CapOne was stingy, Citi was better, Chase was middle of road for me. Not sure about amex, us bank or barclays.


@Chuck: use your spuses credid to open 0%apr cards and transfer it over