SMOKING HOT!!! Hurry! Ultra-Lightweight And Highly Rated Samsung WEP200 Bluetooth Headset, Normally $90, Now Just $44.99 Shipped!!!


Last Update: 12:30am
WEP200 Linky
Dont wait until the sale ends!!!
This headset is as small and light as they get!
The headset can be used with the included ear-bud for use without a hook(great for people who wear glasses!) or with the included ear-hook.
Cnet notes that this one of the smallest, most compact and clear headsets they’ve seen to date!
Cnet Review And Video Linky
Treocentral gave this new headset a 5/5 review and an “award of excellence”, noting that the audio was so clear that the people he conversed with complimented, “I didn’t even know you were using a headset”
Treocentral WEP200 Fact Sheet Linky
Treocentral WEP200 Review Linky
I dont know about the rest of you, but i’ve already ordered mine after reading all of these reviews!
I’ll report back when I get it with how it compares to my current headset(which i love) the Sony Ericsson HBH-IV835 but dont expect this price to stick around that long!

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Dan… You still never got back to me on my question that i left by the free wi-fi post


there are tons of great cards out there, but it all depends on what you want and have!


Dan… Is the jetblue card a good deal?


if you fly jetblue its a must, if you dont its nothing special.
the jetblue business card currently has the best deal:


Smoking Hot?? The $44.99 Amazon price doesn’t seem to be a find, and if you wait if anything the price will probably go down. All these vendors are currently pricing it at around that $50 mark:

TigerDirect. com
$49.99 | In stock: Yes
$51.99 | In stock: Yes
Your Wireless Source
$54.15 | In stock: Y
BlueHeadsets. com
$59.95 | In stock: Yes
MSG Digital
$54.99 | In stock: Yes



Just came across TreoCentral selling it for $44.95…



1st of all Mr. Anon, Compare apples and apples: None of those prices you listed include shipping or tax, the amazon one does!!!

2nd of all, good luck returning the headset to any of those stores, Amazon has a great return policy!

3rd of all many people also get the a9 discount at amazon.

So yes, it is smoking hot imho!


hey i currently own one but dont use it the reception is great the clarity is great the battery dosnt last it gives you only about 4 it either hurts the ear or falls out even with the different sized buds it its a pain to transfer left sided right sided hours i have tried this particular samsung beacause its so light and small also i have tried various motorola blueteeth and sonyericsson overall i always recomend sony compared to all others i paid 55 a month ago in a local retailer in crown heights stay away from it