San Francisco To White Plains/Westchester County, NY For $109+Tax Round Trip!

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Deal Update: Here’s a site I found that is selling NWA PK037 coupons for just $12. NWA PK037 coupons are worth from $25-$100(on this fare $25) off your nwa flight.
Fare valid from HPN-SFO or SFO-HPN on Northwest.
Book at
Check for valid dates at

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i have an ATT CDMA phone plan – $29.99 550 minutes free M2Mobile nights and weekends starting @ 7pm

i am out of contract and want to get rid of it (its area code 973)

it is such a good plan so i want to transfer it to a yid instead of just canceling it
any suggestions


ATT never had CDMA.
I think you mean TDMA.
By the way, Cingular (who now owns the ATT towers) recently announced that they want to drop free TDMA support since its costing them too much money to support all the grandfathered ATT phones. This means they’re going to start charging monthly fees for those who still use TDMA.

As far as transferring it to a yid, you could post it on or something. There’s always celltrade, but there’s no way to specify the religion of the person you want to trade with!


Holy Kishkes! I live in Monsey and my in-laws live in the bay area… this is PERFECT!!!!