Not Seeing New Posts Even When Refreshing?


I’m looking into a few reports from users that they are not seeing new posts even when refreshing the page.
In the meantime, if you are experiencing this issue, please use to access the site as that appears to not have the issue.
Also please post a comment here if you have experienced this issue.

Hmm…On 2nd thought this post reminds me of the catch-22 situation of the Dell technician that tells the user with problems getting online to please logon to to download the latest drivers for his system…

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Which is why you should use a mac, much, much better computer


I do use a mac and had the same problem when using firefox. I think this may be one of the few problems with Firefox. But thankfully, the suggestion offered worked. So thanks alot!!! 🙂


yes thanks and whene by the last woot off from i hade that problem


That is why your supposed to use internet explorer 7


Dan its because you use iframes on your, it refreshes only the parent page and not the page it self, which is inside the iframe. If you are on then it refreshes the actual page because nothing is iframed.