New Matisyahu Music Video-"Jerusalem"

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Look what Matis put in there at 2:38 into the video!

HT: Life-Of-Rubin

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and 2:41…


What’s the chiddush?


Over the past year he took out several references to the Rebbe that he used to sing such as:

“And the Rebbe said it best, Moshiach is coming tonight”

“The Rebbe found my soul and raised it up from the ground”

He claims the reason he did that was to separate the holy from the mundane.

At any rate i found it interesting that he would put him into a music video…


I dot think it is very respectful to put the Rebbe’s picture in a music video.
It is kind of inappropriate.


interesting… yea it’s kinda cool!


gotta like the yechi yarmulka. seems that this video is a little more modest than the previous two.


Its actually an “ad mosai” yarmulka, not a yechi yarmulka!


Wow – it took me a while but I think I the wall of pictures represents the Kosel (Western Wall).


BTW, Matisyahu only did this video because of my “Jerusalem” animation last Pesach –

(At least that’s my opinion and I am sticking with it :-P)


I’m such a space cadet. I saw the video last week like four times without seeing the Rebbe. But I gotta say it was pretty freakin’ awesome when I finally did.

NanoJew, adorable animation!



I also can’t seem to find the picture. But just to confirm – Matisyahu davens in my shul from time to time and his yarmulke clearly says Ad Mosai and not Yechi…


Thx CtownAunt 🙂


pretty nice, but i like the song a little better in the actual album