Goodbye Post Ratings…


Due to abuse of the post ratings system by some individuals who seem to have nothing better to do with their time but find proxy ip addresses in order to repeatedly rank every single post “1 star,” I have disabled the post ratings feature.

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i have to agree with the op.

i never really saw the point of those things, and just ignored them.

basically, if it looks good in the rss feed, i come on over. simple as that.


whoa, hold up… I could have been rating the posts all this time??


Whoever did that should seek professional help.


great job dan. you should find a way to ban those losers ip address from ur blog. thanks for an awesome site

Ben Demeer

Your site is great. It is a shame that ppl are that way. keep up the great work!


juniorbochur: if they used a proxy it wont help to ban them.

Tim Berlane

hey ben love the name!

Yossi at YossTek

A username system with captcha and ip checking will deter people from abusing the ratings system.

Some Guy

Yossi, I never use sites I need to log into, I think many other people do the same thing…

Yossi at YossTek

Some Guy:
That’s exactly my point – if you had to register it would deter people from posting ratings, only people who are serious would leave ratings.

The rest of the site would not require registration.

You’ve seen sites like that before – if you want to read, that you do without registering – But if you want to post a comment or ratings or get access to special features, you must register.