Further Airtran/Wendy’s Clarification…

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I’m glad to hear about all the people who have taken advantage of the amazing $75 Round Trip Ticket deal by buying the coupons on ebay.
A few people asked me that in the terms airtran states that the coupons must be sent in a #10 envelope, however it seems impossible to fit all 128 in that envelope.
Also another question has been what happens if the coupons get lost in the US mail system.
I emailed airtran hoping to kill 2 birds with 1 stone if i can send in the coupons via Fedex, in regular bubble packaging, and got back a reply saying that it would be no problem.
Also fedex includes $100 of free insurance, and when you send it via fedex ground from a fedex/kinko’s it will probably cost under $4—A most worthwhile investment!

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good advice thanks!