Ever Have A Problem With Sprint? Call Executive Services!

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The people working at Sprint’s executive services department are amazing. They have the power to take care of, and give you anything you need. They are the people that take care of those who complain the the BBB or their state’s attorney general. This is an unpublished number, so I’m not going to put it out in the open(they have been known to change it in the past) But if anybody needs it please feel free to email me and I’ll gladly provide it!

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I have used them twice in the past four years, both were great experiences.

Dan, have you used them recently? what did they do for you?


How do i email you for the number? what is your email address?


57 other people figured out how to email me for the number so far! (hint: look to the right)


LOL, I have a friend who just switched to sprint who may just need this number…

Personally, T-mobile gives me everything I need by just calling the regular support number… extra minutes, fees waived, etc…


do you have one for cingular


Did anyone have any luck with sprint?

I tried upgrading from the treo 650 to get a treo 700, but no luck 🙁