Download The Entire Matisyahu Concert At Bonnaroo!


Matis’ voice is (more than) a little off for this concert, but it’s still excellent overall!
Double points to whoever correctly identifies the white words on his yarmulkah!
Triple points to whoever correctly identifies the crowd-surfing bochurim there (you guys are so busted 😉
Download linky(Click on the “free” download button, then wait the amount of seconds stated, and then download it!)

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the words on the yarmulkah are blue and they say ad mosai a few times they are not yechi!!

matisyahu was one of the crowd surfers, and there are some bochurim there, i am wondering if he brought them with him to show something.

it would be interesting if they came on their own accord.

all in all NOT a kiddush hashem


its strange b/c i thought he stopped he stopped crown surfing…
Maybe the bochurim are the ones carrying him in the crowd?


he is done, he is becoming breslov.


it looks to me like those bochurim were actually friends of his. notice how they were in the front before he jumped and they stayed next to him the whole time. at the end they signal to the security to take him back, and then they also get clearance to climb over! thats not normal.
i think matis figgured he’ll get bochurim to carry him so he can do a “kosher” crowd surf but i dont think it worked, i think he go touched by way to many girls there and people might have more respect for him if he held onto his principales -after all its been published many times that he stopped surfing for religious reasons.

anyway sorry for boring you with my little rant there, thanks for the great free download.


Anon #3-That sounds like a very accurate assessment of what happened to me…
Anon #1-You are correct, the letters say ad mosai, but they are white, why do you think they are blue?


as anonymous #3 said it’s obvious from the video that these “bochurim” are “his guys”

1 of them is Rabbi Dov Yona Korn -shliach at NYU.
another is a guy I recognize by face -I dont know his name- I believe he’s a Hadar Hatorah Alumnus.

yeah, whatever

The “bochurim” are shluchim who came down for the entire weekend. They set up a tent where they held Shabbos services and had a big shabbos meal. All the Jewish kids at the event were invited, no fee. A MASSIVE Kiddush Hashem!


how exactly is dancing in a mixed crowd a MASSIVE Kiddush Hashem?


i think that the shabbos meal for students is great, but why did they have to be at the concert? that is not a place for lubavitchers to be. especially in such a mixed setting.

so that ofsets the kiddush hashem from shabbos

Dira Batachtonim

Why all the negetivity? Look at it this way:
He made a loud and clear brocho on a drink (der vos darf machen a brocho achrono…), he spoke a lot about hashem and moshiach (“…when there will be no more wars and only peace…”), not to mention the lyrics of his songs which in itself is about elokus (chassidus).
All in all, I think that to such people as were in the crowd, it was an amazing kiddush hashem.
To those who condemn matisyahu, do you make a kiddush hashem wherever you go? I hope I do (I’m not accusing, it’s just a thought).


Dira Batachtonim!

You could not have said it better! 100% on the money!


me no want no negativity, that would only bring me down