Credit Card Profile #1-Starwood Consumer And Business Amex.

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There are 2 separate cards, the Starwood consumer and business card, however I will lump them together for this review due to their similarities.

The Starwood Consumer card is the best card to use for everyday spending, period. (As far as I can tell only the consumer card, not the business card, has the 90 day return privilege as outlined below.)

I ranked the Starwood card as follows in the following categories:
Best Credit Cards To Use And Spend To Earn Miles: #1 and #2
Best Credit Cards To Have For Miscellaneous Benefits: #4 and #5
Credit Cards Good For A One-Time Bonus: Tie-#3

Key facts:
-Signup Bonus: 10,000 points for the consumer card and 10,000 points for the business card.
-Annual fee: None for 1 year, $30 subsequent years.
-Signup Bonus Earned: After first purchase.
-Maximum points that can be earned in 1 year from spending: Unlimited.

Before applying for the Starwood card you should first become a Starwood Preferred Guest Member

Reasons for the #1 ranking in “Cards To Use And Spend To Earn Miles” category :
1. Points can be transferred into almost any mileage program in the world! Instead of having your miles tied into 1 airline, you can have the flexibility to move them into any airline right when you need to travel!!
2. You get 25% bonus miles when transferring at least 20,000 points into miles, i.e. 20,000 starwood points=25,000 miles on an airline of your choice!!
3. How do you get 20,000 points? Just apply for the consumer and business card and you’ll have the 20,000 points!
4. Unlike on most airline cards, the Starwood card has no limit to the amount of points that can be earned in a year.
5. Free hotel nights start at just 2,000 points!
6. (Almost) Anything you buy has a 90 day return privilege! Not happy with it? Return to Amex and get your money back!!!
7. (Almost) Anything you buy will get a free additional year of warranty support from Amex.
8. (Almost) Anything you buy will have a 90 day protection against accidental damage and theft.

Reasons for the #3 and #4 ranking in “Miscellaneous Benefits” category:
-90 Day return privilege for the consumer card.
-When you have the card you get Preferred Plus status in the Starwood Guest Program, which gets you:
-Guaranteed 4pm checkouts at any starwood property (sheraton, westin, etc.)
-Free point transfers between household starwood accounts
-A complimentary upgrade to a Preferred Room when available at check-in!
-4 miles per dollar spent at Starwood hotels.
-Spend $30,000 in a calandar year and get Starwood Gold status.

Reason for being ranked #3 in the “Credit Cards Good For A One-Time Bonus” category:
-Even if you don’t want to use the card, applying for the 2 cards will give you a free ticket on airline that you want!

Other facts:
-The starwood card is one of the only avenues for Americans to earn miles from a credit card on Cathay Pacific.
Cathay Pacific has some of the cheapest mileage awards in the industry, charging just 60,000 miles to go from New York to Europe in business class on its’ OneWorld partner, British Airways.
-You can get another 2,500 free points by calling up Amex after you get the card to add an additional fee-free cardholder to your account!

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Dan, I would have been one of those 35 emails. My question is when I’m “done” with the cards and I close them, will that affect my credit score? of course they would all be paid off with a $0 balance. or do I have to leave them all open…



what does CHURN mean


Sooner or later we have to close the cards, or we’ll be charged the annual fee for all those cards after the first year’s up. So I think everyones question is if CLOSING the cards will lower your score.


Churn means to repeatedly close and reopen cards.

I will make a post tonight on canceling cards…


I do not understand what you wrote about Cathay Pacific. Does the Starwood Card transfer miles to them or does it require a different credit card


I think what i said is fairly self-explanatory.
“The starwood card is one of the only avenues for Americans to earn miles from a credit card on Cathay Pacific.”
Obviously i’m not talking about another card!
I also said,
“You get 25% bonus miles when transferring at least 20,000 points into miles, i.e. 20,000 starwood points=25,000 miles on an airline of your choice!!”


is there blackout dates for flights on this card

dan fan

Dan, Thanks for all the great posts. I recently received the Starwood amex card,
I read in the terms that for each stay in the 1st year you receive 500 bonus miles, correct me if I am wrong did you mention that purchasing something in the restaurant or bar qualifies as a stay to be eligible for a bonus. Thank You in advance Keep up the great work!!!!


Dan, Thanks!
I looked at Starwood car rent deals.
They offer $50 Avis or SIXT voucher for 3500 points – almost a 1.5% (!) reward (1.42 cent/point)
Thanks again from a new cardmember!


I have checked Starwood car rental deals.

They offer Avis or SIXT $50 voucher for 3500 points.

That’s almost a 1.5% (!) reward level (1.42 cent/point).

I know only one other card with 1.5% reward on everything – Fidelity Visa

Thanks a lot from a new cardmember!


I spoke today with a rep from American Express and he told me that the promotion for getting 2500 starpoints for additional card has expired Dec. 31. do you have any info on that?


Whats the bst none amex credit card (visa, master card) to have being that amex is not acepted evry where?


i apply to the starwood card but i forgot to beacome a member beafore
i recive the card and i made the first purcharse
then i realise and i and i just apply ford starwood guest progran and now i have a client number

what should i do

please answer to me at


i signed up for the starwood card and only then saw what you wrote “Before applying for the Starwood card you should first become a Starwood Preferred Guest Member” am I to late?


Question- does anyone know how to easily become a SPG platinum member? (I’m already Gold). Willing to pay lots of $$$$$ to anyone that can assist me…..Thanks– Daniel (


A related question — if I buy something using htis new AMEX Starwood cc, it gets AMEX’s warranty extension. However, if I subsequently cancel the cc, do I lose that extension? I want to buy a PC on the card, and get the mfr 1-year warranty extended to 2 years under AMEX’s plan. I wonder what will happen in a year when I cancel the Starwood card to avoid the annual fee?