Amazon Mom Registration Open!

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Update 2: HURRY! Registration is open again!

Update: Registration for Amazon Mom is full again.

Amazon Mom Registration Linky

Amazon Mom registration has been closed for a while, but it is now open again.

Amazon Mom gives 20% off on diapers and wipes. It comes with Prime, which includes free 2 day shipping on all amazon orders.

It’s free for 90 days and then $79/year. To just use the 90 day trial and not have to pay the $79 just click here to set your membership not to auto-renew.

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My Amazon Mom just expired. Can I sign up again using my husband’s email address, or will it not work because it will recognize the same address?


That will work.


do you need to have a kid for it to work


says there’s still a waitlist?


It looks dead to me, can someone please confirm?


It didn’t work out… still a waiting list… its not open…


I just tried too. It says waitlisted. šŸ™


I’ve had Amazon Mom for almost 2 years now (2 different accounts). Just wanted to clarify – you DO NOT get the free streaming video with this version of Prime. You must have a paid Prime subscription for that.


The new Amazon Mom is with full prime, you do get streaming video, but you have to pay $79/year after the first 3 free months.


Are there any other additional benefits with the new Amazon Mom? If registration opens again, should I sign up for it with a different account, or just stick with my old account?


There is also amazon student, for those of you who missed amazon mom. There is an institution verification process, but it offers free 2 day shipping as long as the acct holder is a student (Prime Lite, so to speak)


open again


It works now, I just successfully signed up for Amazon Mom



love this blog

Just opened a new e mail address and got it!


Your trial membership will upgrade to a paid membership for $79 automatically on May 28, 2012. do not upgrade

if i click to not upgrade that will give me the free 3 month trial and not charge 79.00 after that?




@Dan: thanks youre the best dan


how do i set amazon mom to not renew and keep trial active


Hi, as in the past amazon mom membership, do I get an additional month of free membership for every $25 spent on children’s products that qualify or is that a thing of the past?
also, what is the advantage of amazon mom over amazon prime – are there additional discounts?

Thanks for answering.


They disabled the free streaming for the trial users


@connie: no they aren’t extending it this time.@Risa: Amazon Student is only free for 6 months, after that it’s $39 a year


Does amazon mom offer bigger discounts than amazon prime?(on diapers and baby products etc)


Just signed up. How do I get the streaming stuff??


is the do not renew option gone?


You do not get 3 months free anymore they charge you $79 straight away


After i set it to “do not renew” I got this message “Your membership will not be renewed automatically on February 28, 2013” that’s in a year, i thought it was supposed to stop after 3 months ?


this does NOT come with the free streaming aspects of amazon prime


i see a link that says “start your ONE month free trial”….where do i get the THREE month??


If you’ve had a trial in the past they may give you a different offer.


forget it…i got it. you have to FIRST click on the first link, sign up, and THEN click the second link. Thanks so much!! really cool šŸ™‚


It doesn’t seem like I got free streaming.
Did anyone get it?

Amazon mom

its very diffrent from the old Amazon Mom


its open now if anyone is interested!