NYC To Or From Israel Nonstop For Just $868.97 Round Trip With Tax


-Bookable on Priceline (with regular mileage earning and free cancellations until 11:30pm ET the day after you book, on Orbitz (with regular mileage earning and free cancellations until 10pm CT the day after you book, or direct from the airline.

– Earn 3 points per dollar with American Express® Premier Rewards Gold Card, 3 points per dollar with The Business Gold Rewards Card® from American Express OPEN, or 2.14 points per dollar with Chase Sapphire Preferred.

The $868.97 fare is valid for departures on select dates between 10/20/13-12/15/13 and 12/25/13-03/15/14.
It should be bookable from now through 06/30/13.

Currently the fare is only available on Delta but tomorrow it will also be bookable on El Al and United.  More travel dates on sale will be available tomorrow when the El Al and United fares are loaded.

There will be a $1,068.97 fare nonstop from Los Angeles to Tel Aviv on El Al as well that will be bookable tomorrow.

You will earn full miles with all of those carriers but bear in mind that:
-Delta miles are worth the least of the major airlines and rumor has it that they will be making them worth even less as they shift to a revenue based program. Delta has one flight a day between JFK and Tel Aviv at night and it’s on an older though renovated 747.
-El Al Matmid points are terrible and expire but you can earn full American miles for your El Al flight by giving them your AAdvantage number. El Al flies from both JFK and Newark several times a day.
-United miles are the most valuable. They fly twice a day between Newark and Tel Aviv and their 777s are the newest aircraft that services the market.

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Delta has just renewed the 747 and its wayyy better then united. Great seats and best entertainment system ever… most updated and better then most airlines around.. they are really working up.


I flew EL Al last summer & the points that you get for American are less than half what you would get if you flew with the airline themselves, If I am not mistaken it was about 7,000 points I got round trip.


“From NYC” – does that include EWR?



You probably flew on a deeply discounted fare bucket. Some of the past deals that were featured on DD were in that catagory. This one will earn full miles.


How many american miles do you get when flying ELAL from nyc?


Just checked this out.

What does “select dates” mean?

I want to travel on 10/20. This price doesn’t show up


hi den.can this tickets b upgraded ? I have a sapphire card and a chase united if I m calling in to get more credit on both on the same DAY WIL IT B 2 PULLS ON MY CREDIT REPORT ?


FYI unfortunately I spent through my nose (it was summer & a last minute) It wasn’t a discounted ticket. You just don’t get as many miles.


I see it on matrix but cant get on priceline or orbitz???


please can someone help me how to do this, im new to this, cant figure out what dates and how .. for the nonstop
thanks for any help, hatzlocho


What time Tommrow will the flights be 1068 from la ? Also what dates same as from ny ?


How about if I’m flying to Israel and then flying back to NYC from another destination? Is the any way to take advantage of good fares if I’m doing NYC-TLV, Europe-NYC?


barely any dates avail on elal for xmas/newyrs…


Any deals for August 2013 travel to Israel?


elal has already this price.

I just saw turkish for $652


I see that everyone has that price air France, klm, Swiss, transaero, elal, delta, United, and turkish has it even for cheaper $652


can you please find us the deals from Israel to the states


I’m trying to buy a ticket to go to isreal what would be the cheapest way to do so?


still waiting for September specials nonstop


ATT. Dan does this deal work from Israel to NYC?


Anyone with updated info about what changed overnight?

@Dan, we’d love some updates about “tomorrow”. Thanks so much!


I’m with Jacob. Waiting for the next “glitch”.


@My08701: Doesn’t matter how much you paid. It matters what fare bucket it was. Period.

I would not rule out the possibility that your travel agent got it in a lower fare bucket, but charged you more because “that’s what the going price online is now”.


can you give me dates for the flights from LA , so far I only see 1300


any hope for cheaper flights to US from Israel in mid – late July??


im trying for early november and im gettng prices over 1000
does anyone know any dates that are working for the deal thx


i can’t find turkish air fares of $652 (tlv/jfk/tlv). where did you find them?


Would anyone know what are the cancellation, or change fees on these tickets



I just tried again by ITA from Nov. 26 until Dec. 4 it’s still $652




i couldn’t find anything tlv/jfk-jfk/tlv.


Can’t find the deal to Israel can somebody tell us how to fond it please


“More travel dates on sale will be available tomorrow when the El Al and United fares are loaded.” Will this really happen? (how do you know?) Thanks for the heads-up.


Orbitz shows elal for this price for the dates I want, but when I click to purchase the price is no longer available – it goes up. Same thing happened yesterday with a Turkish Airline flight. Anyone know how to get the listed price. Thanks


Same here. I have been tryin all day to get the 868 price for Elal on orbitz. When click on select flights it says the flight changed.


Dan, Did United join in this deal. I called them up and they said that there was no such deal and that there are no dates that will give me a price as cheap at 868


I am trying to book a ticket for washington to TLV with a stop over in JFK because i live in NY. If i miss the washington flight and just take the one from JFk do they cancel the whole ticket when you missed the Washington flight?


Are there any chances a price like this will become available for Sukkos (Israel to NY)?


ElAl website shows this fare from NY as only available from 12/1/13 thru 12/15/13 as opposed to 10/20/13.
Anyone know why?


AA does not give full miles for El Al flights. See the link below.