My Free Jetsmarter Membership Is Active!

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Several days ago I wrote about JetSmarter offering a free trial membership if you have either top-tier elite status with a major airline or if you have have 1,000,000 miles or credit card points. You can still apply for that offer.

Today I got the email confirming that I qualified and requesting that I call in to complete my membership. The agent had a hard time figuring out the process, but within 30 minutes I paid a $1 fee to verify my credit card, uploaded a picture of my credit card and driver’s license, and was approved. I had to log out and log back in again to receive my new membership benefits.

JetSmarter offers a free pay as you go membership without free flights, an annual $5,000 simple membership with some free flight options, and an annual $15,000 smart membership with more free flight options.

This offer is for the simple membership.

JetSmarter offers scheduled JetShuttle flights and last minute JetDeals.

With a simple membership you can book a free seat on shuttle flights that are under 3 hours in length. However simple members are not able to fly for free on shuttle flights between NYC and South Florida.

You can only book one shuttle flight at a time with a simple membership. Once you fly you can make another flight reservation.

Sample free shuttle routes that work in either direction include:
-Chicago/MDW-Fort Lauderdale
-Westchester County-Chicago/MDW
-Los Angeles/HHR-Las Vegas
-Los Angeles/HHR-Scottsdale/SDL

If you need to cancel a shuttle reservation you’ll be charged $250 if you cancel more than 7 days prior to the flight, $500 for cancellations between 3-7 days, $1,000 for cancellations between 24-72 hours, and the full cost of an additional seat for cancellations within 24 hours.

There are also JetDeals which are empty legs on routes that vary by day and are good for last-minute travel. With a simple membership you’ll get 2 free seats and can purchase discounted additional seats.

For example today there are JetDeals from Montreal to Teterboro, East Hampton to Cleveland, and many more. You can request 1 or 2 free seats on a JetDeal flight and they email you if it can be confirmed. Once you confirm the same penalties as above will apply.

JetDeal empty leg from Cleveland to Teterboro:

Gotta love an empty flight! #PJ

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Flights have free WiFi, snacks, and drinks. On smaller jets you can bring a carry-on plus a personal item, on larger jets you can also check a 50 pound bag.

But the best benefit of flying private is not having to go through security screening, you just walk right on the plane:

#SweetRide #ThisShouldBeFun

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Have you been approved yet? Share your experience and which mileage account you used to get approved in the comments!

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Would the southwest Companion Pass count as top tier


Just got approved 🙂


Dan can I borrow 999,000 aa points so I can sign up? 😉


Do you know if it can be combined points or does it have to be 1mm in a single ff acct? I sent in several things to them on Sunday morning but haven’t heard back.


So according to this I can fly to Chicago round trip as much as I want for free?

Point lover

This promotion is for the full membership?
Meaning will I be able to take flights from teterboro-mia?

dov bennish

too bad none to bay area lol


How about select executive on Amtrak? Highest tier possible with Amtrak?


I gave them a picture of my credit card and drivers license and they are telling me it could take up to another 72 hours


@Bobby: actually I sent mine in on Saturday at 1105 am central time


So if you have the membership, but can’t make a flight, they charge?

Maybe they’re hoping the influx of members will allow them to pickup cancellation fees. Also, won’t the influx of members make finding a seat pretty much impossible?

Joe S

So out of curiosity, if you got sick or had an emergency last minute, you could be out thousands of dollars for the cancellation?


Could I have family members transfer their chase points to my account to hit the 1,000,000 for this offer and then transfer them back after getting accepted?


If they live at the same address as you


Just got approved!!


When does this promotion end?


@tedoworld: When did you send the email?
I sent my email Sunday night @ 9pm.


will 1mil amex points work?


I used my Aegean airlines gold status (star alliance) and just got approved


Been looking high and low and emailed jetsmarter but no reply yet. does executive platinum count for American or is it really just for concierge key ?


Please consider your carbon footprint and the future of our world before taking this type of flight. Thank you.


Hi Dan, thanks for considering. A flight with so few passengers is an extremely carbon-intensive way to travel. My impression of the JetShuttle flights was that they are shuttles that operate only if booked by passengers, as a normal commercial flight. I understand that the JetDeal flights travel whether or not someone rides on the empty leg. That said, among other things, giving the company an additional income stream might be propping up a business model that would not work otherwise. I do understand what you say, and agree that using a JetDeal flight is more reasonable than a JetShuttle flight, but I don’t think even the JetDeal flight can totally be excused from a personal carbon footprint. The helicopter ride is also problematic. I understand the appeal of these luxury offerings, I just think it is worth us all considering the negative externalities associated with them. Again, thanks for reading and considering.


AA used to say your lifetime miles earned balance and for me it was like 1.1 MM miles… Now it just shows available miles and million mile balance and I don’t have 1MM in either of those. Anyone know how to show that??

Point lover

I read the post. I didn’t understand it though if you got full membership or basic? I’m not looking to bother you. Want to understand!


I was offered a “simple” membership anyone else experience this? Simple membership doesnt give any free flights.


United 1K works. If you want to gift it to somebody – have them send in your credentials using their email address. Their account will be given access – not yours!


Is this offer still available? I have UA 1k and would like to sign up.


I just received an email response:

At this time, we are no longer accepting submissions due to exceptional demand. Please keep a look out for our next great promotion.


Well, I got in just under the buzzer. Got approved this morning, already booked my first flight. This is too cool!


I applied Sunday morning June 4th like many others. Auto reply stated they would get back in about 3 to 4 business days. As of today, heard nothing from them. I emailed just to follow up and the new auto reply was as wizkid stated. Wondering if I’ll get it or not.