HOT! Fly Nonstop Between NYC And Europe From Just 22K Delta Miles Round-Trip!

Richard Snyder [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
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Delta has an unpublished mileage sale between NYC and many European cities from just 22K miles round-trip! Sale fares may also be available from other US cities.

This fare is not valid for one-way travel.

A Saturday stay is required.

You can originate in the US or Europe, however Delta charges fuel surcharges for award travel originating in Europe.

Award cancellations/changes are free within 24 hours of booking and cost $150 after 24 hours. Cancellations/changes aren’t allowed within 72 hours of the flight.

This sale is valid for travel on select dates between October and May. Use Delta’s desktop site and toggle the flexible award calendar to display 5 weeks of nonstop round-trip availability at a time.

Sample deals between NYC and:

  • Zurich: 22K round-trip
  • Brussels: 26K round-trip
  • Frankfurt: 26K round-trip
  • Madrid: 28K round-trip
  • London: 30K round-trip
  • Dublin: 34K round-trip
  • Barcelona: 36K round-trip
  • Amsterdam: 38K round-trip
  • Paris: 38K round-trip

You can transfer miles from AMEX or Marriott/Starwood to Delta.

Post what deals you find or book!

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Found SFO-ZRH for 26k on 1/22-1/29


Thanks Dan.

Looks like Lisbon, Portugal is a nice deal too. 34,000 Roundtrip.


Can’t get flexible calendar to show – using desktop; any advice?


three things to try: logout of your account, use incognito mode or try another browser. is notoriously buggy.


it’s NYC to Lisbon
NYC to Reykjavik is also 22K
NYC to Oslo is 28K
NYC to Stockholm is 36K


lax-zrh 28k


Does it cost money to transfer from AMEX to Delta?

Sam Finkelstein

Yes. $6 for every 10k points.


This guy is right. Others are wrong saying no.




No, it’s free.




amex charges for all transfers to US airlines


What is the cancellation policy when booking with points?


long live the pesos 🙂


When is this going to expire


what is best value for transferring to skymiles? I have MR, UR, SPG, and just about everything else…


Probably MR. SPG are worth more in general and UR doesn’t transfer.


Dan, I am trying to get this deal to CDG, but when I try to book it is shwoing me 120K miles for a RT EWR-CDG?
is there nay special way to find this deal? thanks


Having same issue with everywhere i search Zurich, Iceland etc they go from Newark across America back to JFK – i cant find any normal flights straight (or with normal stopovers)

Sir Vivor

Instead of entering a specific airport in the tri-state metro area just enter “NYC” and select “NYC area airports” or something like that. You will get better results. I did it for my Florida tix yesterday and it gave me LGA as the best priced departure airport for 10,000 miles!

Sir Vivor

Try flying out of LGA. That is a Delta hub.

Sir Vivor

In Dan’s sample screenshot of the reservation process he selected “NYC” as the departing airport so he gets the better priced results.


Is it just me or do all these flights have like 10 hours of flying from EWR to JFK


can we transfer to virgin for bonus and then book on delta?


Why do these flights take so long ? Anything normal?

Sir Vivor

Delta has no hub in Newark Int’l. Try other NYC airports.


Can’t find anything to Krakow.


I’m beginning to regret using my 80k miles on a ticket to Israel!


Me too, but at least it is a nonstop.


It’s available from Chicago too


Just booked 3 tickets to Brussels 26,000, Thanks so much !!


I booked yesterday already, 4 tickets for that price, idk why Dan posted only today,


im trying. what dates??

Flying Jew


Have to stop posting Delta Deals…dumped Sky Pesos long ago? Time to load up again?


Thanks Dan!

Booked 9jan – 27jan to zrh
Then booked ly zrh tlv rt for about $300

Obviously it’s two different tickets . There’s 3+ hours between flights in each direction at zrh.

Can we get them to check the luggage through on either end even though its two tickets.

Any other advice for doing this route?



Sweet, you won’t get luggage thru, and allowance from Europe lower lbs and very strict
They weigh handbags and charge for weight !!
Otherwise great idea


Flew last year with wow. Concerns me the most is DL coming in late and missing the ly flight. Guess I should take trip insurance…


Is this common for Delta to do deals like this? I need to book for next yr around Sept.

Jim Halpert

How much do you value Delta miles at?


Any deals for italy?

Chaim FlyBird

Pesach to NYC-LON 36K + $179


SFO – MUC for 24k 10/28 – 11/6

Ed Travel

Deal still available…


How much will cost to upgrade to business?


It should have the details under DeltaSkymiles when you pick flights from what i am seeing its about double the mileage


Is this deal avail also originating from Europe? And is there a cancellation fee? How abt to change the reservation day to a diff flight?


Whoops see the post answered my first q


What about from Moscow?


Is this deal still active? Has anyone found good pairings to get to israel with a stopover for chagim?


the cheap rates from the post are gone. but you can still find cheaper than regular flights, lowest is when departing on Wednesday and staying for 7+ days, JFK-ZRH is @28K for example.


What dates is this for? Anyone know?


Did the UK raise their transatlantic departure tax again? I thought with the stronger dollar, it might have gotten somewhat better. At $179 in departure taxes, the UK is a bad travel deal. I see that some places on the Continent have only $57 in taxes. For vacation, it would be better to fly one way to London (only $5 in tax), buy a cheap Ryanair ticket (or equivalent) to the Continent, continue your vacation there, and fly home. Not sure if DL will let you combine destinations (multi-city) on this deal, though.
I am seeing “sale” redemptions through June on DL’s website. Zurich is less than 40,000 miles that month from JFK on several days. Tempting, but not quite cheap enough for me, given the cancellation/change fees.


Thanks Dan! I can always count on you to find great deals.

H f

I just spoke to delta and are unable to find this fare can I have a link for travel ny. To London?


It’s August 18th and the same search as your sample displayed higher prices: 24k, 35K…


Hi den, thank you very much for all information, the last couple of years im going to london with the british airways promotion code and it allways worked, i was just trying to make new resovations and it says that the code is no more working,i heard that there is a new code, do you by any chance have the new code.


how do i book these delta europe flights, I don’t see no link?


has somebody an answer for me?


How much longer will this deal be live?