[Update: Service Begins Next Month, Wide Open Award Space!] WOW! Goodbye Air Sinai? EgyptAir Applies To Fly 21 Weekly Flights Between Cairo And Tel Aviv!

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Update: EgyptAir will begin flying between Cairo and Tel Aviv on A220s in full EgyptAir livery starting on October 3rd, spelling the end of Air Sinai.  EgyptAir flights will initially operate on Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. Flights are scheduled to operate daily as of March 27th.

Star Alliance award availability is very good. United charges 8.8K miles between Tel Aviv and Cairo:



Air Canada charges 7.5K miles:


Air Canada also charges just 7.5K miles for connecting flights via Cairo to other Egyptian cities like Sharm El Sheikh and Alexandria:


Or fly round-trip from NYC to Tel Aviv with a stopover for a few days in Cairo for 89.3K United miles in coach or 168.5K United miles in business:

Will you fly on EgyptAir to/from Tel Aviv?

Originally posted on 3/4/21:

Nonstop service to Cairo is mandated as part of the peace treaty between Egypt and Israel, but EgyptAir has operated Air Sinai as a separate carrier without their flag in order to fly to Israel. It’s not easy to actually book those flights either, they operate for token purposes only.

But the Abraham Accords have changed the geopolitics on the ground and when Israeli flight restrictions end, Ben Gurion Airport will feature planes that we could have only dreamed of seeing just 1 year ago, including Emirates, Etihad, Gulf Air, and Royal Air Maroc.

And now i24news reports that state owned EgyptAir has applied to fly a whopping 21 weekly round-trip flights between Cairo and Tel Aviv! These will be operated by regular flag bearing EgyptAir planes and will open seamless connections throughout the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and beyond.

EgyptAir is a Star Alliance member, so for example you’ll be able to redeem United miles from JFK to Tel Aviv via Cairo on EgyptAir. Plus you can even get a free stopover for as long as you want to explore Cairo’s ancient pyramids and synagogues!

You can earn up to 150K miles on United credit cards with current limited time offers.

As Air Sinai only exists to fly between Cairo and Tel Aviv, I’d assume that operation will be closed once EgyptAir begins flying.

Will you fly EgyptAir between Cairo and Tel Aviv?

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Is Egypt a safe country for jews?

Something Fishy

Safe? Sure.

S***hole country? Even more so.


Where is the like button? Remember when the media went all in on that quote…
I wouldn’t feel safe though in Egypt, to many brotherhood fanatics there. It ain’t the emirates


I thought we’re not allowed to visit Egypt.


But the rambam lived there…


Dan, it seems like their safety record is not that great, service is mediocre at best.


How many countries have established ties with Israel since Biden took the presidency? I forgot the count?


Egypt has always had ties with Israel. Now they don’t feel they have to hide it.

Israel is the prettiest girl in the room

They know they can’t count on the US anymore.


For this MS service to be more sustainable and less of a risk profile to Israel, it would perhaps be more likely if Israel stood up for democracy in Egypt and treated the Egyptian military junta as the pariah it should be. Can Israel really count on the risk of torture of Egyptian pilots’ children and spouses to keep all of the MS pilots in line when it comes to the possibility of a mass homicidal act of suicide in Israel?

Egyptians who support democracy in Egypt should be able to count on the US. That means the Egyptian dictatorship shouldn’t be able to count on the US being a useful idiot for the Saudis and Emiratis, their regional tools and their Benjamin-come-lately friend. The one thing the Saudis, Emiratis, their regional tools and Netanyahu all agree on when it comes to Egypt: they consider democracy dangerous and oppose democratic rights and freedoms for Muslims and are willing to play dirty warmongering games to maintain their domination domestically and not suffer in the balance of power at least regionally.


You can sure call this new ties, as Egypt was cold as a rock until now.


This might be an unbelievable event. I wonder if Egypt will also allow flights between TLV and Sharm El-Sheikh, Hurghada and Luxor.
Israelis have a love affair with Sinai and I can easily see El Al, Arkia and Israir apply to fly to these destinations. They will be easily filled!


Isis is still active in Sinai very unstable, Id feel safer in Algeria.


Am I crazy for being sad with Air Sinai going away? Airline has always intrigued me, though I have never found cheap way to book it, but it was on the old bucket list..


Just beware CAI aid a hellscape for connections


That’s only a 251-mile flight. EgyptAir doesn’t have any smaller commuter aircraft — would they be using the A220, like Air Sinai?


Not sure if this is the place to ask. Does anyone know if ppl will be able to come from Israel to the states for pesach and return?


How does this free stop for as long as you want work, via united?


i have been to egypt seemed safe they just want your money like any other country


לא תספון לשוב בדרך הזה עוד


‏משיח צייטן!!


Abraham Accords have not changed the geopolitics on the ground. They just are a public marketing of the geopolitical arrangements that had already changed even before the Trump Administration was in place.

For those considering flights on EgyptAir who happen to have relatively large families, note that MS’s loyalty program allows frequent flyer status earning based on relatives’ flights credited to MS accounts.


I wonder which political party you support….
(No. I didn’t vote for Trump)


1 מי רוצה לנסוע למצרים ?
2 מי רוצה שמיצרים יבואו לבקר בארץ?

3 יש איסור הלכתי לבקר במצרים

יאללה לסגור את השמים !
יש לנו מספיק בעיות משלנו


CAI is a nightmare for connections.

Ti Li

Absolutely! I have friends there!!


This is just wonderful. Israir also applied recently to fly from TLV to Sharm so I assume it will be approved.
These are actually fruits of the new Israeli government. Netanyahu was not welcomed in Egypt.
Currently if you want to fly to Sharm, you must do it via IST and a long transit. So many Israelis vacation in Sinai and until now they had to cross Taba. This will save a lot of time and money.
To pay so little in miles is just great. I definitely plan to fly to CAI.
So nice to see commercial aviation between the 2 countries and it will give another option how to fly into and out of Israel.


The original post is from March 4th. The current government took office sometime in mid June. The elections were held on March 23.


Ve Velcome all Jew to our country! Ve regret enslavement of many years and vant to make up for it!