United: Fly From Tel Aviv To The US For Just $421 Round-Trip!

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Update: DEAD!

Update: Currently valid dates have been updated below.

Originally posted on 10/31:

United’s Israel website has fares from just $421 when you originate in Tel Aviv and fly to select US cities. This won’t work on the US version of United.com.

In order to book these:

  • Do not sign into your mileage account if you are based in the US, use the guest checkout option. You can add your mileage number afterward.
  • Leave Israel as the country for your billing address at final checkout. You can enter the rest of your address as normal.
  • If you get an error, you can try selecting “other form of payment” and choose “pay in person”. Choose either airport counter or United ticket office and click on purchase. This places the ticket on hold for a day and issues a confirmation number. Once you have the confirmation number, you can find your booking under “My trips” and click purchase now to pay with a credit card online.
  • This is only valid when originating in Israel. Not valid when originating in the US.
  • Flights are refundable for 24 hours from the time or purchase.
  • Limited seats are available on each date.
  • Always search for 1 seat and then work the search up to the number of seats you need in order to book as many seats on sale as you can.
  • Use a card like Sapphire Preferred or Sapphire Reserve to earn 2 or 3 Chase points per dollar spent and get free travel/medical insurance, trip/luggage delay protection, and more!

Tel Aviv to ZFV (see below for how this works to Newark) $421-$477 outbound dates:
November 14, 20, 21, 22, 23, 26, 27, 28, 29
December 15, 16, 17, 18, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28
January 10, 11, 13, 14, 15, 17, 18, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 28, 30, 31
February 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 17, 18, 19, 21, 25
March 2, 3, 4, 5

ZFV to Tel Aviv (see below for how this works to Newark) $421-$477 return dates:
November 16, 17, 18, 19, 24, 25, 26, 28, 29, 30
December 1, 5, 7, 8, 9, 28, 29, 30, 31
January 9, 10, 11, 12, 16, 17, 18, 19, 23, 24, 25, 26, 29, 30, 31
February 1, 2, 6, 7, 9, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 28, 29
March 7, 8

This fare is not valid on nonstop United flights to Newark, but it is valid to ZFV, the downtown Philadelphia train station via Newark. You’ll fly nonstop from Tel Aviv to Newark, collect your bags, and take them onto an Amtrak train. Amtrak does not have checked luggage, so you bring your bags onto the train.

Nonstop flight TLV-EWR, plus an Amtrak ride:


There are 2 Amtrak routes from Newark Airport to Philadelphia. The Northeast Corridor and the Keystone. You can match up where you train will stop based on the time that United gives you for your train and the Amtrak schedule for the Northeast Corridor or the Keystone.

If you just want a cheap one-way ticket from Tel Aviv to Newark you can book this and not bother with the train or the return ticker.

If you want to use the return back to Tel Aviv you’ll need to take the train so that your return ticket doesn’t got cancelled.

You can collect your ticket from the Amtrak quik-trak machine in Newark and have the conductor on the train scan your ticket. You can exit the train at Metropark, some 13 minutes from Newark, rather than go all the way to Philadelphia.

On the return you can call Amtrak for your confirmation number and type that number into the Amtrak quik-trak machine on any station, such as Metropark, along the way from Philadelphia to Newark. Have a conductor scan your ticket and you should be good to go. Take a selfie on the train just in case there are any issues to show a United agent that you were on the train.

Note that in general Amtrak’s systems don’t always sync up with United’s, so even if you do go to ZFV, you may need to tell United that you were on the train if there are problems with your ticket.

You can take an earlier train, though that will also entail telling United that you took an earlier train as their system likely won’t sync up with Amtrak’s.

If you have booked a ticket to ZFV, share your tips in the comments!

Many other cities are available as well without any Amtrak business.

Here are some of them with sample valid dates for cities like Tel Aviv to Boston, Cleveland, Dallas, Jacksonville, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, Seattle, and more from $421-$477 round trip:

Tel Aviv to US cities outbound dates:
November 14, 22, 23, 26, 27, 28
December 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28
January 11, 14, 17, 18, 21, 23, 24, 25, 28, 31

US cities to Tel Aviv $427-$444 return dates:
November 17, 19, 24, 25, 26, 28, 29, 30
December 1, 8, 9
January 10, 11, 17, 18, 19, 24, 25, 30, 31
February 1, 2, 7, 21, 22

Many other cities have these sale fares as well, post what deals you find!

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thank you for that fare, what about upgrading it with a gpru cert which fare class would I have to buy and how much more would it cost for these fares? thank you in advance for your response


Now let’s hear your argument why this is not called killing it.


I’ve had a few times where I had to call to get the booking manually ticketed when I Left the country as Israel by the billing address.


Thanks for this. Did you ever run into any problems doing this? Was your fare held from when you tried to book it online, even if it had since gone up? How long did you wait before calling? Thanks!


If flying to ZFV do i get my luggage in Newark so i can skip that train ride?


Why the discussion about Amtrak? Is the deal somehow related to Amtrak?


Thanx for this grat deal.
Was thinking about using one way and throwing out the other. When I used UNited’s website, if I chose premium economy from TLV, and the return (which I wont be using), in reg economy, it comes to a little under 1k. If I would be able to book through amex points, would be 65k one way for premium econ after the 35% back. However, Amex doesn’t have ZFV on their list. Tried calling them, but they were not able to search for ZFV


Found the flights I wanted with a different city, but Amex Travel won’t allow me to book one way in prem econ, and return in reg econ. I tried calling, and thats what they told me


You can only do that with Amex Platinum travel reps.


We’re sorry, but united.com was unable to complete your request. Please try later or contact united.com Support in the U.S. and Canada at 1-800-396-1751; the U.K. at 0800 028 5003; elsewhere use the local phone number.’


so this arives in Newark and we can collect the luggage in Newark and head to NY ?


Yes, if you don’t want to fly back to Israel. If you don’t take the train, United will cancel the rest of the ticket. As stated in the post!


This sale is working for lots of random cities. Jacksonville for example. Never seen any good prices for that

Jeff B

Does this work for from the US? Please update the post with a clear answer. Perhaps write it in red to make it clear.

Thanks in advance


How dim do you have to be to read this blog? Dan says very clearly “This is only valid when originating in Israel. Not valid when originating in the US.”, And in the original “Not valid when originating in the US” is in red and bold!

Jeff B

Are you sure of this? There are always two sides on a coin. Multiple ways for a wife to slice bread for a sandwich.


no its not working from the us to tlv


Thanks, now able to fly my son in for his siblings Bar Mitzvah. A week in Dec with one stop to jfk 14.5h total to jfk and 15.4h the way back!!


United doesn’t fly to JFK? Is this booking on non-United metal?


How can I depart Newark with a ticket from ZFV without getting to ZFV


Yes, seems kind of worthless – not possible to do that roundtrip. Post says that you get your luggage in Newark and a train ticker to ZFV. So just skip the train. But when they do that, they’ll cancel your return trip. $421 (and I can’t get anywhere near that price) for a one-way ticket isn’t great. Last year I got a one-way ticket on Wow Air for $150! Course maybe that’s why they went out of business.


By searching a multi city booking I got tlv-ewr-zfv and return ewr-tlv direct for 470 on some days. Other dates it’s EWR-TLV via BRU or FRA. Yet better than needing to go to ZFV on the return trip


“Amtrak does not have checked luggage, so you bring your bags onto the train.”

Unless you mean for this trip specifically, or I’m misunderstanding, I recently took an Amtrak and checked 2 bags 🙂


You can combine this with the miles deal to Hawaii and fly from Israel to Hawaii for $450+12k miles (nonstops from Dallas, Phoenix, Los Angeles)


Not very clear on the return. When going back to Israel, do you have to go all the way to philly or can you get on the Amtrak from philly to Newark at any stop in the middle?


thanx a million as we have wedding AND bar mitzvah would love to go from jan 14 to feb 3
but trying jan 15 -28 showing up as 654.96 what am i doing wrong
also can i mix and match return dates or its specific for these dates


I tried it and it worked for me from TLV to ZFV (Philadelphia). Actually comes up as $417.


How about Amtrak to Baltimore


United doesn’t sell flights combines with Amtrak legs to Baltimore. They only do it to Philly because there are no flights from EWR to PHL (too short). You can always just buy this ticket and an Amtrak ticket from Philadelphia to Baltimore on the same train and just stay on the train.

Mickael Bouhnik

hi, are tickets from TLV to Miami with a stop or direct?


Only El Al flies nonstop from TLV-MIA


“You can collect your ticket from the Amtrak quik-trak machine in Newark and have the conductor on the train scan your ticket” the ticket on the way back is from zfo to Newark so how can I have the conductor scan the wrong ticket?

Musa Abu Marzuk

Interesting, since comes after Swiss and LH offering $400 fare to the US. Usually UA takes a premium due to the nonstop.
But if you are going to other cities than NYC, I would go the Swiss route better service and more convenient than a connection in EWR


Right but that’s only if Swiss flies to your city. This United deal works for pretty much every major city in the US/Canada.


I tried booking online. Shows up as a cost of $843 for two people, but when I go to pay that changes to $1,503. I had to actually do the booking via phone, and got the tickets for $843 for two, and customer service did wave the phone charge. Thank you for this fare.


Also, wanted to let you know that I booked for a 60 day stay, December 24 to February 24. But again, did have to do this via phone. Tried to look for a way to book to Baltimore, but did not find one so booked to and from Philadelphia. I will just buy a ticket on the same train, to continue to Baltimore.


Dan, I think you have mind control over us! I woke up at 2am and happen to see the ZFV special. I had been looking at all 30th st combos all day. Just booked two overlapping round trips: IAD-TLV 27NOV, TLV IAD 25FEB $689.96 on United non-stop from Dulles. Then booked TLV-EWR-ZFV 08DEC-ZFV-EWR-TLV 16FEB using the non-stop United-Amtrak combo for $455.96. Total price for TWO, yes 2 round trips to Israel on United non-stop….drum roll $1145.92. And since I live in Philly I can really use the 30th ticket. I just have to rent car ow to Dulles. Thank you Dan! FYI these are on separate PNR’s. The IAD I booked via US logging in to my acct. The ZFV as per your instructions. Both on pay in person hold until 02Nov at 11pm EST.


Nice. I noticed all of this about a month and a half ago at least, and have been monitoring this ever since. United confirmed to me that it is an actual fare and is not a price mistake. I was surprised that dan only posted this now, after noticing this for quite sometime already. Delta also has some crazy flights too like from TLV-JFK-SAN round trip for only $409.


Where did you find that prices by Delta? Its about 1000$!


Also, I’ve found the best way to book these fares would be in google.com/flights. It’s better this way, because google will just direct you to United’s payment page with the cheap fare. Also because, I was not able to find most of these cheap fares when searching ON United.com, mostly with google flights which books THROUGH United.com


hey dan rndm q do u have any articles on the amazon credit card couldn’t find any on the
search engine


How do I add my Mileage Plus after booking? Will this result in a cancelled ticket when they associate the US account with the Israeli booking?


I added my mileage plus by going into the booking using my confirmation number, then on the site it asks me if I want to link to a mileage plus number, I did that, and now it comes up as one of my reservations, when I sign on with my account.

Eli Sele

can one person get the train tickets punched for the whole family without us all boarding the train?


Cheapest I’ve found so far is a 29 hour round trip flight for $500. I’ve never once been able to replicate an advertised deal here!


Tried to book and pay with a travel voucher but this option doesn’t come up as a valid form of payment. Any help?


Could I stay longer than 2 weeks for example if I fly to Los Angeles Feb 10 would I have to return on the 19 or could I stay longer?


Dan, how can I get this with long duration?
Depart tlv December return in feb or April ?
Where is first stop on train ?
If scanned do I get any physical receipt ?


Is it $421 round trip or one way


Can I upgrade yo business class if going yo Miami or EWR ?


Thanks for posting.

What if I want to stay in the US for 2-3 months? Any fluctuations with the return?

Please help

Hi Dan. A few days ago before reading this post, I bought a ticket from TLV – MIA for $428 and I was planning on jumping ship in EWR. I had no idea that if I were to do this, that my return from MIA to TLV would be cancelled! So on one hand very glad I happened to read the post, but on the other hand I’m in a serious bind, as I have made plans already, including a great ow car rental from NY to MIA. I really need to ditch in EWR. Any advice you can give me would be greatly appreciated it.
Leaving this Tue.
Shavua tov


Another question: is it possible to just have your tickets scanned without actually taking the train?


Thanks for this Dan! Came in just the right time for me! Booked.

Question – do you actually get mileage on the Amtrak segments that are listed as UA-xxxx?:)


can i not get on the connecting flight but not have my return ticket cancelled?

It worked 460$ round trip

It worked the second time around for me. I booked choosing pay cash at airport. Then I managed the reservation with the reservation number on United.com and chose to purchase now. Then used my US Paypal and just left the country as Israel and it worked! The first time i tried to pay with credit card and leave country as Israel and I got the “error.”


I want to know what hapins if i dont use the amtrak ticket ?
if i do need to use it, how do i use it on the way back, if im coming from N.Y.?

Sheli Braun

How do I buy a ticket to Cleveland?


I did this order but got an error message : Error
We’re sorry, but united.com was unable to complete your request. Please try later or contact united.com Support in the U.S. and Canada at 1-800-396-1751; the U.K. at 0800 028 5003; elsewhere use the local phone number. what’s wrong?


The stopovers are very long.


I know you said these are sample dates could I get to ORD in June?


Dan, if going tlv to Newark with infant, can someone pick up infant and bags at the airport and only I go on train?


Bump. Anyone?


but in end he spoke on phone to them and convinced them that he was on train
so he could use it in end


Tried every payment option (including pay later and paypal) using two separate browsers and still get either an error message or an increased price. Help please!


choose to pay in airport and when the email comes you click purchase, enter CC info and keep the country ‘Israel’.


Thanks Dan! This is great. I see that most are gone already. . .
Quick Q– if the Amtrak ticket is for a particular time, can you switch to an earlier time and it still remain valid (not sure how Amtrak tickets work)? Thanks!

Rafi Goldmeier

My wife just tried to book a flight for $421. When she got to the checkout screen she noticed that the price was suddenly $588 plus $90 in taxes.
She tried again and all the prices were higher. Opened another browser and prices were same high prices.
Opened chrome in incognito mode and the prices were low again. But I’m sure when she is ready to check out the price will jump up.
How do you actually get the cheap price?


Thanks so much for this Dan! Was able to book a Savta/soon-to-be-bat-mitzva-girl trip to the States with my granddaughter at a great price. All the tips and tricks listed helped and I was able to book with no issues. Looks like I got two of the last $421 tix for the flights that I chose, as the prices on those flights have all gone up since. Thanks again!!


I enter my choice for $420, but then it switches to the return date page, and that has a separate price. My final price is a combination of two prices, even though the original says “roundtrip” above the $420 price. Any idea what I did wrong?


Also I noticed that there are long waits sometimes, like 3:28 min for the train, but there is one 2:20 min after the flight, so that should much better, how do I get that? (one united guy told me just get on any train the same day, no prob, other united guy told me you have to call united or go to desk, and there is a $160 or $75 fee! he said it may be possible to waive the fee and book earlier train, any info on this?)
2. Other option of booking the ticket, is to call united in Israel, 1809-344-363 and ask the united agent to book it for you. it costs an extra $25, but you get it. (also they may throw in a $30 seat for free, like they did for me).


I called united in Israel, 1809-344-363 and ask the united agent to book it for me. it costs an extra $0, also assigned me seats for free


can I rent a car at metropark?
also can I sell my ticket of amtrack to anyone wanting to go to Philadelphia, and when it’s scanned by the conductor I’m good to go!?


Im assuming it has to be roundttrip form the same airport


Is there any way to know when this deal ends?

Anat Baruchi

Do you have a very good flight to Europe?

Anat Baruchi

From Tel Aviv..


Hey, the Amtrak connections that I found seem to be after very long layovers. So for this to work you’d have to wait for at least 4 hours for the train from Newark in order to not lose the return ticket? Is there another way around this?


thanx again finally getting around to book the tickets i see the tickets and dates that we want is a little more a total of $470 that s also good as taking 6 tickets but JUST 1 QUESTION the train is leaving on tue and united flight leaving the next day wed 20 hrs wait what officially are u supposed to do wait in newark for 20 hrs?
ALSO can i just go on tue to any stop on the route closest to me and scan the tickets and then just go the next day to newark? and can i do it for the whole family


Did you get a response to your question?
Can you take a later train ?


PLEASE ADVISE ASAP – thanx a million we booked tickets for the family and now its within 24 hrs and we called united to see what can be done about the long connection between zfv to ewr on the return 20+ so he said he can cancel the segment of the train on the way back with NO CANCELLATION fee and still be the same price IS THAT TRUE???


United in Israel said you can cancel the train


sorry for the bother forget it after 45 min on the phone he backed out and said cannot cancel the train on the way back segment SO my original question is still there the train is leaving on tue and united flight leaving the next day wed 20 hrs wait what officially are u supposed to do wait in newark for 20 hrs?
ALSO can i just go on tue to any stop on the route closest to me and scan the tickets and then just go home and come back the next day to newark? and can i do it for the whole family?
thanx a milion


How is it that I’m unable to book a ticket to Miami. I get tickets for much more than what it’s advertised for.
Can someone send me a link where I can actually get the advertised price fare


@dan can you change the train time with Amtrak after buying the ticket ?


1) Can anyone actually confirm that they did this (i.e. completed the trip)?
2) Can you be more specific about how the return leg- I didn’t exactly understand how I get the ticket so I can board the train at Metropark.
3) How’s the public transportation to/from Metropark- to Manhattan, or Teaneck?


@Yishayahu – for question 3) – just take New Jersey Transit back to New York Penn Station from Metropark. You may just need to switch platforms to get the NY train.


There’s a whole thread about using the train on the Flyertalk forums
They have all the details on how to get your ticket, and what the risk of skipping the train


is there a LINK


Just flew yesterday from ZFV EWR TLV. My train had a 2:54 minute connection from train to plane. Amtrak was delayed 40 mins so connection was tight in Newark with bag drop, TSA & secondary Security at gate. Was great and would do again. Not recommended with people who have very small kids or mobility issues as there are numerous escalators.

Marvin Pollack

To Toronto?


Thanks Dan! The dates don’t workout for me this time but I appreciate it just the same.


Dan quick question, if I scan my ticket with a conductor before the train leaves can I then get off the train and not have to take the ten minute ride out of the waY?

Want to fly

Just wonder why would they never have this price from NY to TLV ? They only want people from isreal to come here

Want to fly

If I want to fly in May should I book already NY – TLV or wait still maybe a deal will pop up?


Booked 1 ticket for 477. Trying to book a second one, and it’s only giving me the 654 price. Any chance it’ll still drop to 477 for second ticket, or should I grab this one before I lose it as well?



Your the best!!!!!


I ordered on Israel website and submitted payment in person. I received confirmation for 24 hours. I went online and tried paying with US CC and it would not allow it. So I tried PayPal and it failed. I went back to my ticket and it was canceled. I call United in Israel and paid by Israeli CC. They said I can use US credit card but the price would be $300 higher.

About the train from Newark united said the I would have to call beforehand and cancel the train, that it was possible. Haven’t tried to cancel yet


Looking at the details I noticed that most of these flights involve taking a specific train sometimes as much as 20 hours before the flight

Lee Brickman

I was able to get the sale for the dates indicated but not for $421. I paid $495


Thanks Dan!
Do you know that there are no valid dates for this in May? Or did you not search that far out?


i toke this ticket last week and had b”h no problems i traveled just with hand luggage and made chek in online
but my freind did the same ticket and on way back he had a problem but solved in end b”h


Did you take the train?


no i just want out of ewr


if you did not take the train to Philly, what happened with your return flight to tel aviv?


hey! I just looked for the deal and im only seeing tickets for 750+. Is the deal still happening?


is this dead? i dont see anything less than $787 other options are on Shabbos but with KLM please update. thank you


I called United in Israel and requested to cancel the train portion. They said it would up the price $358 per pearson


Has anyone taken the flight feom TLV-EWR with the Amtrack connection to ZFV, and exited at Metropark? Was there any issue with the return flight?


anyone ???????????
i”m taking this ticket next week anyone did this ?


how did you manege with the train?


wait and see from december 7 there will be alot viznitze chasidim flying with this ticket to ny about 150-200 people lets see what will be


flying 12/22 11:PM to boro park, anybody on that flight?


Flying 12/22 11:10 pm to Newark, anybody else?


Did anyone get on the Amtrak train at a different stop on the return and was the United ticket honored. Please respond


i would certainly appreciate an update on the return situation as i need to return this monday and the layover in Newark is about 8hrs. i would love to shorten it by half if at all possible. Thanks for the feedback


Did anybody skip the train from Newark? was there problems on the return flight to TLV?


Hi is this deal still available?


Dan, thanks so much for this amazing deal! We had siyata dishmaya and were able to get United to cancel both legs of the trip taking the train. In essence we paid for a direct flights to EWR. Thanks!


We are scheduled to return to Tel Aviv tomorrow. When we called amtrak to check the train status, the amtrak agent said there is no train at the scheduled time. We called United and they canceled the amtrak train at no cost. We are traveling with 11 passengers and B”H we are now able to have a direct flight from Newark to Tel Aviv! Thank you Hashem!

If anyone is traveling tomorrow December 31st check it out.

Thank you Dan for this great deal! We had the best trip ever! We traveled with our whole family to NY for Chanukah!


Hi can anyone who travelled on this ticket please update on whether they were able to exit the train without travelling to Philly or board closer to Newark on return and how exactly that was done? if the conductor doesn’t come around until the end of trip (just happened on Toronto-NY trip) how do you get it scanned at the beginning? thanks!


לקחתי טיסה זו בשבוע האחרון, בדקתי באתר של אמטרק, לא היה רכבת בשעה שהזמנתי, לאחר שעה על הקו עם יונייטד, הם בסוף ביטלו לי את הרכבות לגמרי ללא עלות
הדיל הכי טוב בחיי!!
תודה דן!


so we flew and they could not print out the tickets cuz mltple reservations on the same ticket so missed train so they tried putting us on next train 1139 pm so we said kids crying cranky long flight so united wrote on computer that took train and will reimburse price of train