Israel Shuts Down Hotel Quarantine Yet Again

Photo Credit: Askii [CC BY-SA 3.0], from Wikimedia Commons
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It seems like every day there are changes in Israel’s flight and quarantine policies. The country has flip-flopped so many times on regulations that it’s hard for anyone to keep up.

DDF member @ExGingi flew on Delta from JFK to Tel Aviv yesterday and writes that:

  • Delta did not require an exemption paper if an Israeli passport was presented.
  • When asked where he would quarantine he just wrote “Jerusalem.”
  • Nobody on the flight was forced to go to a quarantine hotel. After taking a COVID test upon arrival he was free to go, despite not having a green passport.
  • He was not a fan of the Delta One A330-900neo business class suites as they were too tight and claustrophobic.

Sure enough, a Knesset committee has refused to extend the hotel quarantine order. Because that order has lapsed, Israel will cap the number of daily arrivals to just 200 starting next week, until a new monitoring system can be set up.

Have you flown to Israel while the airport is officially closed? Share your experience in the comments!

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14 Comments On "Israel Shuts Down Hotel Quarantine Yet Again"

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Dr Moose

Israel should just vaccinate everyone upon arrival. Beneficial two-fold: everyone in Israel will be vaccinated, plus will help restart their economy. Many travelers will be willing to visit and spend their American dollars for a chance to get the vaccine.

So you want riots at the airport?!

Vaccination is not mandatory in Israel. And those with antibodies shouldn’t even be getting a booster yet.


Thanks Doc!


That is a brilliant idea.
Who in Israel is a risk if they get it? Who’s testing positive? 1/2 the population got the shot, 1 million already had corona, 80% of people over 60 got the shot.


I also was on the Delta flight. They did check my permission, but I heard, from other passengers, that they weren’t checking everyone’s. I’m concerned that this will prompt Israel to not allow Delta too handle future rescue flights. As for the aircraft and service, not a fan. I’ll be returning to United.

Berry Stahl

Dan, I was scheduled to go for Purim from months ago (I wanted to say Al Hanisim on Shabbat in Jerusalem) tonight. This is the email I got from United yesterday:
Dear Customers,

You are listed on one of the United Airlines rescue flights, as detailed below:

From Newark to Tel Aviv

From Tel Aviv to Newark

UA90/23FEB EWR-TLV 20:25

UA91/24FEB TLV-EWR 23:50

UA90/26FEB EWR-TLV 20:25

UA91/27FEB TLV-EWR 23:50

UA90/28FEB EWR-TLV 20:25

UA91/1MAR TLV-EWR 23:50

UA90/02MAR EWR-TLV 20:25

UA91/03MAR TLV-EWR 23:50

UA90/03MAR EWR-TLV 20:25

UA91/04MAR TLV-EWR 23:50

We wish to emphasize that at this time, it is mandatory to abide by the instructions as required by the Government, as follows:

It is the passenger’s responsibility to provide the required approval from the Exceptions Committee.

To access the application for this approval, please submit your request via the below link:

Please note: Customers that do not provide the approval of the Exceptions Committee will not be permitted to board the flight.

If you don’t have the approval of the Exceptions Committee, please contact us urgently:

Tel: 972-3-5116787 /

In addition, all passengers must:

Present a negative COVID-19 PCR test result, performed not more than 72 hours prior to the scheduled departure of his/her flight.
Provide an official Health Declaration Form, completed according to instructions of the Israeli Government and the US Authorities.
You can upload your test results, starting 72 hours prior to departure, and save valuable time at the airport:

We are available and will continue to serve you and take care of the well-being of our travelers.

Wishing you and your families, good health.

United Airlines

Roy Cohen

Account Manager

United | Sales – Field services

132 Menachem Begin Road | Tel-Aviv IL 67021

Tel 972-3-5116713 | Cell 972-54-2323562 |

United is serious about regulations. My friend from Israel has been stuck in Miami since the airport lockdown began.


It seems pointless to post about Israeli policies for 2 reasons:

1) They seem to change on a whim more often than some people do their laundry.

2) Nothing is enforced in any meaningful way. It’s easier to ignore, workaround, photoshop, etc. than to follow the ever changing rules in a logical way.

Naama Parnes

My son (vaccinated) is on Turkish airways TLV-MIA on march 10. Should I remain hopeful that they will fly or do I put him on a “rescue” flight?

Nat Zitomer

Before your ink even dried, it sounds like hotel quarantine will be reinstated. Sadly, our powers-that-be can’t figure out how to police independent quarantine of maximum 200 Israelis a day.


ISRAEL: 20 people who arrived from NY to Israel tonight were banned from entering after it was discovered they used forged permits to enter. (Kol Haolam)

Mordechai Klagsbrun

People in Montreal are now getting second round of covid even if they had it intense a year ago watch out