Delta Launches The First Basic Economy Fares Between North America And Tel Aviv

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Flights between North America and Tel Aviv that didn’t stop in Europe have avoided the scourge of basic economy. Until now.

Delta is a leader in devaluation and they have launched basic economy fares to Tel Aviv. For now, they aren’t offering basic economy fares on their nonstop flights from JFK to Tel Aviv, but if you originate in many other US cities and connect to Tel Aviv you’ll now get hit with basic economy restrictions.

Basic Economy fares are not any cheaper than what they used to be, they just add restrictions to the cheapest fares.

El Al and United are sure to follow. When they do, expect Delta to add basic economy fares to their nonstop flights and then expect the others to copy that as well.

Miami to Tel Aviv has a $46 extortion buy-up fee from basic economy to main cabin:


Boston, Chicago, and Los Angeles have a $160 buy-up fee:


If you don’t pay the fee you’ll pay $120 for a round-trip checked bag, you won’t be able to assign your seat, you will board last, and you won’t be able to change or upgrade your ticket.

If you have a Delta Business GoldDelta Business PlatinumDelta Business ReserveDelta Consumer GoldDelta Consumer Platinumand Delta Consumer Reserve you will get a free checked bag and have priority boarding even on a basic economy fare. However you still won’t be able to assign your seat and you won’t be able to change or upgrade your ticket.

Generally speaking, airlines will still seat people in the same reservation next to each other on a basic economy fare.

Will you take a basic economy fare to Israel, will you open a credit card to avoid most basic economy restrictions, or will you pay extra to buy out of basic economy restrictions?

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El Capitan

I feel like this was unavoidable


Fares to TLV have gotten cheaper the past few years, good luck with them raising the prices. I will fly with other carriers until they get competitive again.


The problem is that they all collude with each other. Somehow it is legal in the airline industry because of Joint Ventures and Alliances.


Sigh. The misery in coach continues to get worse. Wish I could say that there will be so little demand/revenue from this product that they’ll give it up, but the airlines are absolutely determined.

As a JFK flyer I will almost definitely pay extra to buy out of basic economy. On the other hand, if “regular” economy becomes too expensive then will look more frequently at the stopover flights.


I will avoid any airline that plays these extortion games. If flying from out of New York there are options with European carriers. Flying from New York, Turkish is a better product by far and has no games about baggage. Indeed last time I flew their allowance was two checked bags. The better service and cleaner and more comfortable planes, not to mention the polite staff, more than make up for the slightly longer journey.


Last time I flew out of Tlv I was sitting in the Dan lounge and watching Turkish airlines unloading luggage. I was shocked at how the luggage was manhandled and at least three or four suitcases were dropped from the cargo hold. There was at least one that shattered on the tarmac.


I’ve stopped flying coach completely. If I can’t find a mileage or super cheap ticket in business or premium economy I stay home.
At home I can sit in my recliner and my kids will bring me drinks, food etc
Much better than any business class I’ve ever experienced




can you train my kids to bring me drinks as well.? nice


Would like to see Delta reinstate their direct flights from Atlanta to TelAviv.


Basic econ fares to Europe are cheaper. I flew united for under 460 RT to London on united/non stop. I don’t recall seeing rhose fares a few years ago except for price mistakes.


BA has been selling “hand luggage only” fares to Israel for some time now. To make matters worse, even if you purchase a regular economy fare on BA (and other EU carriers) you still have to pay upwards of $40 per segment to choose any seat (there are several ways around this) . So a main cabin ticket on BA is far worse than main cabin on DL.
For family of 6, choosing seats on BA can cost upwards of $1000 extra just to choose seats on advance.


What are the ways around seating fees?


Mike, your kids serve you food and drinks ? What world are you in ?


Changes means even you miss your flight they won’t change your ticket.. will have to buy a new one way which is very expensive


Never fly Ukrainian Airlines.
They profile people based on religion and then charge them for carry on bags even when they’re below the maximum size and weight. This is in Kiev.


Obviously Delta is the first to do this. They have the least at stake between North America and TLV (besides AA).

Travel agent

Not sure where to post this commend
There is now a Glitch on delta JFK – TLV Oct 16 – Oct 23 nonstop for $1214
Elal and United are now over $2000
Dan Please post for who is traveling on Sukkes


I have observed ticket prices for multiple years now and in the majority of circumstances basic economy tickets have led to a reduction in ticket prices. The basic economy prices are indeed cheaper than what used to be charged for the cheapest coach fare. This is not something to complain about, instead it is a very nice way to save at least $100 on a flight to Israel if you don’t mind being treated a little bit worse.