Bid On Last Minute El Al Flights From Tel Aviv To NYC Or San Francisco From $450 Round-Trip!

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El Al offers auctions to bid on last minute flights from Tel Aviv to NYC Or San Francisco.

In today’s auction which is ending soon, the current bid for a round-trip flight from Tel Aviv to NYC is just $567 and from Tel Aviv to San Francisco is just $450! Other destination cities are also available.

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Alas, all of the auctions are for flights originating in Tel Aviv, so this won’t work for flights originating from the US to Israel.

Will you try bidding on any last minute El Al flights?

HT: yochai, via DDF

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Can it be from.NY or Newark to Israel.


do they ever offer for auctions on fligas leaving from ny? if i flew with them one way adn ditched the way back what would be worse case scenario they would never allow me on elal meatl again? in general what happens to hidden city ticketers in a worse case scenario?


Every single time – you can set your watch by it.


You can translate by using their English version as well….


are these type of last minute flights offered from other airlines like I need a last minute ticket to minee tommorow and prices are a fortune,.


Is this a one off offer or is there a site to join so as to be notified regularly of such bids


You can sign up to be notified when specific destinations go on sale


im just curious have you ever seen london rt tickets in coach drop to 300 ever? you always post it at 350 at most. what was the lowest you ever saw in the last 4 years.


Do any other airlines do this?


@dan, Qantas redemption has a large surcharge almost 180 each way, NYC-LHR, or NYC-ZRH is there any way to avoid this?


amazing offers. all depart this coming monday (short notice) and allow you a limited stay (like 5-8 days typically)