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1. As I’ve mentioned several times, Air Canada, Delta, and United continue to offer $643 tickets from cities like Chicago and Washington DC to Tel Aviv this winter.  Other cities like Houston and Los Angeles have tickets for just $712.  Deduct the miles you’ll earn for flying and those are some great airfares for Israel.

Use the ITA Matrix calandar search option to find cheap travel dates if you’re flexible.

2. Delta, El Al, and United have round-trips from NYC to Tel Aviv for $949 with tax, great prices for nonstop flights.
Sample dates:

3. If you’re creative though you can manufacture a cheaper nonstop ticket from NYC for just $807, though the airlines may not like it and they may punish people who abuse hidden city ticketing repeatedly, so don’t do this every month.

You can use the Travelocity multi-destination search page and search for EWR-TLV in flight #1 (sample date 02/09/14) and then TLV-ORD, TLV-WAS, TLV-IAH, or TLV-LAX (sample date 02/17/14).


You can choose a nonstop on United from Newark to Tel Aviv. For the return  you can select a United flight from Tel Aviv to Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, or Washington DC that connects in Newark. Your bags will be tagged to Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, or Washington DC but everyone, whether their destination is NYC or anywhere else in the world, must pickup their luggage in Newark on the return and bring it through customs. At that point you can either recheck your bags or just leave the airport.


In the red square is a flight that nobody is going to force you to board.

Of course you can always just fly to DC for 4,500 Avios or Chicago for 7,500 Avios and book the flight originating there to save yourself another $164 per person by knocking the price down to $643.  You can still get off the plane in Newark.

Or you can originate in NYC to TLV and then just fly to Chicago on the return for $807, enjoy an awesome meal at Shallot’s Bistro or Milt’s BBQ and then use 7,500 Avios to fly back to NYC.

Or you can originate in NYC to TLV and then fly to Los Angeles on the return for $807, enjoy a world class meal at Herzog Winery’s Tierra Sur and then use 12,500 miles to fly back to NYC.

Of course this will work for dozens of other dates as well. The key to finding valid dates is to first search for a cheap outbound flight date from Newark to Tel Aviv.

Go to the ITA Matrix.

To find a cheap outbound flight from Newark to Tel Aviv just search for a round-trip with flexible dates using their calendar of lowest fares .  Use the following advanced routing code to limit the calendar search to nonstop United flights only: UA

Here is what I searched for that you can emulate:


And here is the results page with cheap outbound flight dates.


Once you have that you’ll be able to then search for a Travelocity multi-destination search and plugin the cheap outbound date from Newark to Tel Aviv and a cheap return date from Tel Aviv to Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, or Washington DC.
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Anyone find any deals for Succos?


Can I use the idem city to fly in France? Would it be cheaper?


It kept coming up as ‘No Flights Available’ when going through Travelocity or Expedia. Any suggestions?


How do I find the ORD, WAS cheap tickets that are direct to EWR?


I have a wedding on dec 18 and would like to be in Israel for about ten day leaving around the 11th and coming back arounf the 21st from ny but I can find anything under 1000 and nothing that is nonstop going please help thank you


Any good deals now?

Help Please

Looking for two roundtrip flights from LAX to TLV anytime in October for 2 weeks but am not coming up with anything good. Can anyone help?


Can I get emails from dansdeals


Any good going to seminary deals?


Still looking for a cheap way to get there from Miami….


When you say punish what do you mean ?
And how do they pick it up by name ?


Problem With ITA is, that a fare shows up but when you go the airline directly you cant actually get it at that price!


Any one way deals


Is there a way to leave from Cleveland and take advantage of these crickets?


ITA works fine except for Turkish Air.

Dunno about crickets, but if you need tickets Id use 9K BA Avios to get to Chicago for a $640 flight.



Yes I have the same issue – How do I use the cheaper flight showing up on ITA to actually book a ticket at those price?


@Dan Whenever I search on ITA, Turkish always shows up cheapest-haven’t bought yet – you mean we can’t get those prices from Turkish?
They are the only airline that allow 2 bags with no extra charge…


I’m looking to go to israel from n.y on dec19 to jan4 for 6 people can I find a good deal myemail is


I am somehwat computer-challenged. I am trying to book cheap tickets for my children living in Israel to fly in to New York for their sister’s wedding. Departure date from Tel Aviv of Monday, December 9th and return of ~ Monday, December 16th. So far, I have a price of $834. But, maybe there is a multi-city ticket that would be cheaper….? I can’t seem to figure it out.


I’m looking for a good deal from tel aviv to new york and return from January 6th to the 16th. Any ideas? Thanks

phil billinger

Are Dan’s deals good for Israelis, i.e. round trip tks from TLV to destinations and return?


Hello, I am looking for the best fare flight round trip from Israel to NY, on the exact following dates: July 27th, 2014 till July 31st, with option to extend. Could you please help. Thanks!