SAS: Pay For 1 Adult’s Airfare And Send Up To 8 Kids To HEL For Free!

SAS 737-800 in Longyearbyen, Svalbard, March 2016
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SAS: Pay For 1 Adult, Bring Up To 8 Kids For Free!

SAS, a Star Alliance member, is offering up to 8 free kids tickets with the purchase of an adult ticket from the USA to Denmark, Finland, Norway, or Sweden. All you need to pay are the taxes.

Kids must be under 12 years old for this promotion.

Tickets must be booked by 12/10 and depart from the USA between 1/8/19-4/2/19.

From Newark for example you can fly on SAS nonstop to Copenhagen, Oslo, or Stockholm.

Here are some sample round-trip fares for 1 adult and 8 children:




You don’t have to travel to HEL in regular economy seats either. This deal also works in SAS Plus with extra legroom, seat width, lounge access, free wifi, power outlets, fast track security, and extra baggage. For example here is Newark-Helsinki in SAS Plus for 1 adult and 8 kids:


Alas, this promotion does not work for business class.

Other sample deals:







You can travel to Bodø as I did in 2016. It’s home to the amazing Saltstraumen Maelstrom, a fantastic aviation museum, and it’s the gateway to the beautiful Lofoten Islands:


You can even travel to the top of the world, Longyearbyen, Svalbard for a real adventure in a land that is frozen over and where the sun doesn’t rise in the winter or set in the summer. From snowmobiling to dogsledding to the Northern Lights, this remote outpost is incredible:




You can find more SAS destinations within Denmark, Finland, Norway, or Sweden on Wikipedia.




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Where will you fly with this promotion?

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i see what u did there 😉

reb yid

That’s what happens when the kids talk SAS


Consider changing the title of this post.

Read it over and you’ll laugh.

Not sure if it eas intentional or not


Of course it was, Dan’s got quite the humor


Dan, Did you leave off the Last L?


Can we send other people to HEL?


Love the title!


Well you got me to click


Send 8 kids to HEL for free? Perfect


I’d like to send 8 kids to Hel. I’ll stay behind.


website is broken won’t let me pick a teen and adult at the same time


never mind. anyone older then 11 is considered an adult


12 year olds excluded?


This deal is no good, an adult has to go with the darn kids to hel (:

Chaim green

Right, send your wife


Can I send anyone to hel or they have to be one of mine? How bout the kid who talks in shul just a drop too loud?


You can take your kids to HEL and back!


Wham reference?


how many mother-in-laws can be sent to HEL


How many MiL can a person have?


Is there a way to utilize this offer for a round trip to London?


Which one of those places would you recommend

Margy Brull

just had a great laugh reading all the comments! haha that was funny as hel


can we earn PQM from UA for ths?

Ike Kastner

Is the age limit enforced? Can I bring 7 friends who act like they’re 11?


how about my neighbors kids?


I’ll pay double to send my MIL (-:


i know allot of adults who are going for free

Lakewood resident

Any direct flights from Scandinavia or Finland to israel?

The Mel

Try google flights.

Finnair has non stop HEL to TEL

(Yes I know it’s TLV but cut me some slack here)


I was always under the impression that HEL was hot; The pics being advertised seem like HEL is freezing over!


just curious if there are jews in longyearbyen how do they put on tefillin in the winter if it never gets light?


There will be now


Yanky, better to put on tefillin in a northern winter night than to travel internationally on a Thursday night, landing on shabbos. lol I’m bad…


if you always sya bdays dont matter so why can i pay for 8 adults and register 7 adults as children?


Can I fly to TLV via HEL and take the kids for free? (ירידה לצורך עליה)