SAS: Pay For 1 Adult’s Airfare And Bring Up To 8 Kids For Free!

SAS 737-800 in Longyearbyen, Svalbard, March 2016
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SAS 737-800 in Longyearbyen, Svalbard, March 2016.


SAS: Pay For 1 Adult, Bring Up To 8 Kids For Free!

SAS, a Star Alliance member, is offering up to 8 free kids tickets with the purchase of an adult ticket from the USA to Denmark, Finland, Norway, or Sweden. All you need to pay are the taxes.

Kids must be under 12 years old for this promotion.

Tickets must be booked by 10/5 and depart from the USA between 11/1/17-5/21/18.

From Newark for example you can fly on SAS nonstop to Copenhagen, Oslo, or Stockholm.

Here are some sample round-trip fares for 1 adult and 8 children:




You can even travel to the top of the world, Longyearbyen, Svalbard for a real adventure in a land where the sun doesn’t rise in the winter or set in the summer:



This also works in SAS Plus with extra legroom, seat width, lounge access, free wifi, power outlets, fast track security, and extra baggage. For example here is Newark-Oslo in SAS Plus for 1 adult and 8 kids:



Alas, this promotion does not work for business class.


Where will you fly with this promotion?

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Nu, so how do we get from these Scandinavian countries to Israel.

Amiel T

I know where my chasidish friends are going with their families this winter break…


does it make sense to take this deal and fly to israel or its soo out of the way?


What is a child?


Oy. If only we had 16 kids under 12


Become a Rebbe


A question I always wanted to ask. Can I buy 2 seats for one person and get an open seat next to me? If yes, will both the tickets earn miles don’t know if these fares receive miles but I wanted to know whenever there are ‘mileage run fares’ like $20 ewr-bos. Can I buy my self 5 tickets in my name and check in all 5 tickets and have them all credited to my mileage.


Do infants get a seat?


This deals only seems to be from EWR. All other airports I have checked have the child ticket almost as high as the adult ticket. Any reason why that would be?


Can I book it in the reverse direction as well starting in cph ?


Can not find anything leaving SEA, even though it seems like SEA is a SAS destination? Have you seen anything?


Trying to find non-stop to CHP or STO and it only brings up flights with a stop.


alive again
book by may 13 fly btwn aug 30 and Mach


fly btwn Augest 20 March 30 2019