Qantas Is Not Selling International Flights Until March 28, 2021

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Qantas appears to be throwing in the towel on international travel for the next 9 months.

They have stopped selling flights to all international destinations, except for Trans-Tasman flights to New Zealand, until March 28, 2021.

They haven’t officially cancelled the flights, but airlines typically wind up cancelling flights after sales are halted.

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Any idea if Qantas will be extending the normal 18-month expiration date for their miles?


Have the same^^question


Is there any info on quanta? Will their miles expire after 18.months and if so, what happens to them? In addition, can we still use quanta airline partners to book tickets with our miles? Ty


WOW. That’s insane.

Thanks so much, China! You’re totally a normal country!


+1. Totally totally crazy!

David R

Not totally related, but I have an upcoming one way flight on El Al from TLV to JFK that was booked with Quantas miles. I will not be able to take the flight because I can’t get into Israel. What are my options to rebook or get back the Qantas miles and fees I paid?


Maybe Chevra should make moves to New Zealand? Post high school Israel Yeshiva and seminaries. I’ll tell you one thing, finding fun Tiyulim won’t be an issue. Basicsss

Pain in the neck

What about that whole flight exchange promotion you were pushing couple months ago


Is this just Qantas flights or will it also stop me booking flights with other airlines using Qantas points?


Australia is holding their citizens hostage. They have under 200 deaths. Israel is doing the same on a smaller scale. There is a price to freedom.