HOT! Fly Nonstop From JFK To Nairobi, Kenya For $242 Round-Trip!

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Update: DEAD!

Delta is selling $242 round-trip tickets on Kenya Airways nonstop from JFK to Nairobi! Click on the dates below to book travel at this rate.

Tickets are refundable for 24 hours from the time of purchase.

Use a card like Sapphire Preferred or Sapphire Reserve to earn 2 or 3 Chase points per dollar spent and get free travel/medical insurance, trip/luggage delay protection, and more!

Allow several days before booking other non-refundable travel to confirm that this fare will be honored.

Limited seats are available on each date, please post if a valid date stops working.

Sample valid dates:


Find additional valid dates by searching for flights from JFK to NBO on ITA Matrix and editing the dates found in the URLs above to book.

You can also edit the number of passengers if you don’t want to book one passenger at a time by editing the URL and change the pax count to the number of passengers:[0]=0:G:JFK:NBO:KQ:3:NOV:4:2018:0&itinSegment[1]=1:G:NBO:JFK:KQ:2:NOV:11:2018:0&tripType=multiCity&currencyCd=USD&paxCount=1&fareBasis=GLPRUS:GLPRUS&numOfSegments=2&exitCountry=us&cabin=MAIN&vendorID=Google&vendorRedirectFlag=true

HT: boulderchaim, via DDF

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Also to Johannesburg


How do I get jo-burg? Same price ?

suburban school

Dan – i keep editing the dates int he URL, but it when i re-load, the results are from the original link. what am i doing wrong?


So exciting to go to Nairobi ? What for ?


Safari ?


How do you edit a URL and book the edited dates?


We can go visit the Obama’s

Price Change

April 15-28 is now $287

Price Change

I mean $387


Cent add a kid or kids it’s only working for a single ticket


can you post a 9-10 night trip that works in march? please please


@dan,please assist


How do I adjust the number of passengers after clicking on the hyperlink


How do I book for multiple passengers?


That’s my question as well


Hi Dan. Sorry to be off topic but here goes. I’m flying C to HKG on Tuesday with UA. Do you think they’ll heat up my cowboy steak in the ovens?


I think they will even massage your feet for you
all you got to do is ask ….


No, not on UA, but I hope to get that on my return flight from HKG on Singapore.

Good Food

Try and ask. I got them to heat up my double wrapped food on a flight from EWR to PVG this past May.


Can I bring meat, bread etc with me to Kenya?

reb yid

I though going on safari means you eat what you catch

Shmulik Notik

Try to contact Chabad of Kenya for kosher food. or


Dan How do I book for multiple passengers??


Fwb 18-26 went up


Anyone found longer dates than a week

In for two tickets in May but can’t find anything longer than a week want to try to do Tanzania

Ed Travel

My daughter already had to do a trip there, so we booked the entire family for what she was going to pay just for herself 🙂


sounds cool, any precautionary statements??


How do i edit the dates? i found workable daes on ita matrix but i dont know how to imput it into the url.


I don’t know how to add more passengers on the tickets. I tried booking separate tickets for kids but it will not let me book a ticket for a child without an adult. How do I add more people to the tickets?


Prices have gone up for all the dates listed above

World Traveller

Hi @dan which trip is better? This Kenya one or the Johannesburg trip? Which trip would you suggest? Thanks so much!


Dan I cannot edit the dates. I need 6 passengers for pessach in Johanesberg April 17-April 28 I also will need another link for 2 passengers same date.

Thank you. Have been trying hours to make the edits, but editing the dates just dont work. Not sure how you are doing it


use the original link to edit the dates


I did, still doesnt work


Can anyone explain haw to get the dates changed to the ones we want before this deal dies . It doesnt work when I change the dates on the original URL


I copied Dan’s link above into a word document. Changed the dates there before pasting into the browser. I was able to purchase at about 9:10PM EST for $242


Anyone else get a message that they need to bring their credit card to the airport in order to check in?


I got that message about bringing the credit card to the airport

Ahmad Ali

Be careful, aircraft can be full of diseases.


y? who is coming ????????

David R

It’s a Delta flight. So you can assume mostly Americans


Its a code share flight. Ticket sold by Delta but you will be flying a Kenyan Airways aircraft.

Shmulik Notik

Good prices!
Check if there is a Chabad house there in Kenya.


Odds of tickets being honored?

Jon Stephens

Thanks Dan! Last night I booked Jan 27-Feb 03 for $387.


Any way to actually complete the purchase? I get to the payment screen, add credit card deals and click, and the Delta site says the dates are sold out. I pick new dates, go through the same process, and again it’s “sold out.”


Deal dead


Has anyone had any luck contacting Kenya Airways?
Delta had changed the birthdates for my kids however could not link the tickets and cannot guarantee it will work. I have tried contacting to be sure it came through on their end and there is no answer.

Has anyone been on used kenya Airways in the past ?
please advise


I too am puzzled. Called Kenya Airways and was told none of us appear on the manifest. Delta says it’s a valid booking.


i took my Delta eticket # and entered with my last name on the Kenya Airways site…my tickets were there and now have my Kenya confirmation code. Ordered kosher meals. DAN – where does kosher meals from Nairobi come from? JNB?


Is your flight confirmed and honored?


Hi Dan! Thank you so much for this amazing deal! I am going to purchase this flight to begin my 6 month backpacking trip so I won’t be taking the return flight. Obviously it’s affordable enough to be worth paying for the round trip, but I wanted to make sure you couldn’t do a one way for this deal.




I’m having such a hard time booking this. I’m looking for March 6 – March 11. Can someone help me?


I found the dates on ITA and edited the link and the right date/price showed up, but after filling in the passenger and payment info it gave some error message that the flight didn’t or couldn’t book. Please help!


Dan, how long do you think we should wait before assuming that it is being honored?


Did you get a confirmation?


No longer available?


Since these are restricted fares, what airline should we credit the miles to to get the most miles?


It looks like delta is canceling that tickets .

Jon Stephens

yep, mine were canceled as well.

Jon Stephens

My flights got canceled and refunded by Delta. Did this happen to anyone else?


Yup, one of mine did, the other booking no word yet


Is it only me, but why is it sending me to a delta page that says “this page doesnt exist”?


One of my three tickets booked was also canceled. I’m going to call now delta and check wassup, I’ll keep you guys updated


My tickets got canceled =(


Tickets are being sister was canceled…mines not cancel yet she got email

Ed Travel

They are sending email cancelling the tickets 🙁


File a DOT complaint form online. Probably not much will come out of it but it won’t hurt to try.


Anyone have any insight into why some are cancelled and others are not?


Most likely they are all going to be cancelled. If yours hasn’t been cancelled yet and bought it at <$300, it will be cancelled eventually, so don't make an non-refundable travel plans yet.


thanks. you were right. all now cancelled.

“Unfortunately, the tickets you recently purchased for travel on Kenya Airways from JFK (airport) to NBO (airport) was an invalid fare purchased through an unauthorized booking process and has been cancelled.”

unauthorized booking process? kinda sounds like they’re blaming consumer.

i guess worth a shot with DOT complaint. my only experience doing this was with Dan’s JFK-MLE mistake on emirates, and they reinstated cancelled fare after complaint. any hope with delta?