HOT!!! HURRY! Price Mistake? South African Airways: JFK To Johannesburg For Just $699 Round Trip Including Tax!

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Update 5, 12/15: Still Alive for NZ$930
At current exchange rates (subject to fluctuation) the price is just $694USD.

Update 4: You can also go to Cape Town for NZ$968 = $729USD
This deal works for other African cities as well.

Update 3: For the cheapest price the departure flight must leave between 01/10/11 and 02/19/11.
All flights (even for other dates) will be about $300 cheaper than normal because the Expedia New Zealand site is not charging the fuel surcharge that other sites are charging.

Update 2: This fare is eligible for full elite and redeemable miles (about 16,000) when credited to Continental.

Update: This also works from Washington DC (IAD) for $699. Sample date: 02/07-02/14.

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Expedia New Zealand Linky

This is only pricing out on the site above, which leads to me believe that it’s probably a pricing mistake, so grab it quick if you want to go!

Total is $930 New Zealand dollars which comes out to just $699 US Dollars!

This seems to work for tons of dates in January and February. If you can find it in other months please post a comment!
Sample dates for JFK-JNB

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i think ur link is for the regular expedia site. where the price is not nz dollars. i cud be wrong though


Prices I got were for nearly $1000 US

New York to South Africa $699 Roundtrip - View from the Wing

[…] Via Dan’s Deals, and this only prices out on the New Zealand Expedia site. Total is $930 New Zealand dollars which comes out to just $699 US Dollars! […]

Ayala Hoch

Where can I find this? I really need to go to S. Africa. Please let me know. My cell number: 412 897 1887

Ayala Hoch


I am going to joburg!!!!!
Friggin’ awesome Dan!


The price is right…..good link


Ayala, its the best idea to write a cell number in a public forum


I agree! It is definitely the best idea. Mine is 718-770-7770. Anyone else wanna share??


My bad, meant its “NOT” the best idea

Hans Mast

This works from Washington Dulles as well.


Any one looking for a ticket to the Rudolph wedding, I just priced tickets out of JFK at 930.00 NZD = 699.914 USD.

Pretty good deal. Departure is Wed. Jan 18th. Returns (with a stop in Dakar)on Sunday Jan 23rd.

That’ $300 savings off of the price when booked normally.


Hi, I really want to find this deal, it sounds amazing and its really urgent!!
Where do I find these prices. I clicked on the link and it just took me to the regular expedia website and when I typed it in the prices were really expensive.
How do I know the dates that price is available for?
Please let me know ASAP!!!


@Chaya: Go to the NZ expedia website in the link above. Price out your ticket. Worked fine for me. NOTE THE PRICE YOU SEE IS IN NZ CURRENCY. @Julius: and a good way to clock in over 15k eqm to start the year off.


Will these tickets be OK for earning USAirways miles?


Im in israel, and i know this sounds dumb, but do you think this might be for the israel to south africa route as well?


It does sound dumb. Check yourself & don’t be lazy.


Did anyone book 12-20th and does NOT want to go?


Just got tickets from IAD to Cape Town for January 20-27! Total $729



You mean like they were so excited at the prospect of charging up $700 on their credit card, and now are miffed because they could have used that to pay their rent instead?

rudolph wedding

Everyone buy tickts!!!!


Yeah! its actually from any city to any city! Just pick the price you want!


I will charge your credit card later



Whats to do there. We would go on vacation there instead of Europe. google search didnt really show anything exciting there


Jake, are you serious? Nothing exciting in Africa? Try google Kruger National Park. That’s it. There is absolutely nothing like it in the world.




Definitely still alive.
I just tried 02/07-02/14 as a random date and it’s still just $694 at current exchange rates.


Thanks man!!
I just booked and paid to Cape Town!!
Was $720, normally about $1,200 AT LEAST


Most beautiful country in the world. I can die for cape town. Jake you’ll looove south Africa


Thanks guys for the vote of confidence!!! Needed it today! 😉


I have good friends living there. They moved from NY a few months ago and say they love it. So especially considering the current teperatures in ny, I think I’m going.


they had this price about a year and half ago and i went to SA on it the exchange rate then was like $615.00 any way it doesn’t seem to be a mistake it’s just how they do things in NZ.

it works and you get full millage for it.


i just checked for flights and it seems like its dead