HOT! $12 Off One Way/$24 Off Round Trip Airtran Flights!


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Airtran is offering a $12 coupon off one-way flights.  The coupon should come instantly.  You can book 2 one-way flights separately to get $24 off your round-trip flight by getting 2 coupons.

-Book travel by 09/30/10

-Complete travel by 12/16/10

Want to get free checked baggage and free preassigned seats when flying Airtran? Just send me an email at the next time you want to book a trip!

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if you have gmail just add extra periods and it will send you more coupons all to your reg inbox so for just send one to or or, etc!



I cant imagine that always works. I can have a gmail account and someone else can have an account


Thanks Dan! My husband and I just saved on Tickets for Thanksgiving! We werent sure we were gonna be able to go. 🙂


no gmail doesnt count periods in email addresses so nobody eelse can open that account
i use this all the time to get multiple stuff to one email, like for a bunch of free photo books


Dan, I think you read it wrong–it says one discount per PERSON–sounds like you only get $12 off one way Or r/t


Not if you book the flight separately…


@chaim: With gmail you can also add a + after the email address and get unlimited email addresses, I do it with gmail all the time. Anything after the + (plus sign) gets ignored. (i.e. will be sent to