Airtran U Short-Haul Segments Get Cheaper!


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Airtran U allows 18-22 year olds to hop onto any flight for a flat rate.  The segments used to cost $69 or $99 each.
Effective immediately Airtran now has 3 pricing levels for Airtran U flights.
Short-Haul: $49/segment.
Example: Akron, OH-NYC/LGA.

Medium-Haul: $69/segment
Example: NYC/LGA-Orlando.

Long-Haul: $99/segment
Example: Baltimore-Los Angeles.

-Valid for anyone 18 to 22 years old (once you turn 23 you no longer qualify)
-It is only available on a standby basis-show up at the airport, and if there’s room you’re on-if not, tough luck.
-No luggage can be checked in.
-Taxes tack on about $9/segment.
Not valid for travel on:
March 26-28
April 1, 2, 11
May 28, 31
June 20, 25, 27
July 2, 5, 11
November 24, 27-29.
The last date for travel is December 15, 2010.

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reb Yosef

There’s always a catch, you can’t fly on different dates, you go only standby, no luggage, now I understand why only from age 18 to 22: no one else in the right mind will go for it


if there’s no room, do you lose your money?


No, you get a refund or can try for the next flight.

23 yrs

Now I feel kind of old…. and like I’ve been left out of a secret club.