3 New Frontier Routes From Cleveland: $19 Intro Pricing!

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Frontier is going all-in on Cleveland.  It’s likely a battle they’ll win.  I fully expect more heavy United cuts in Cleveland.

Previously Frontier had nonstop service to Cancun, Denver, and Punta Cana. Since the United dehubbing they have nonstop service from CLE to Atlanta, Dallas, Fort Lauderdale, Fort Myers, Las Vegas, Orlando, Phoenix, Raleigh/Durham, Seattle, Tampa, and Trenton.

Today they announced nonstop service between Cleveland and:
-Chicago/ORD beginning 10/01.
-New York/LGA beginning 10/26.
-Washington DC/IAD beginning 10/01.

The 3 new routes announced today are just $19 if purchased today. Travel is valid between the launch dates for each route and 12/12/14. 11/20-12/01 are blacked out. Seats are limited.
Sample dates:
CLE-IAD 10/22-10/29: $37.99
CLE-LGA 10/26-10/28: $37.99
CLE-ORD 10/20-10/23: $37.99

You can use these calendars to find low fares and purchase tickets:
CLE-IAD Calendar
CLE-LGA Calendar
CLE-ORD Calendar

Note that Frontier now charges for carry-on baggage. Join Frontier’s Discount Den to pay $20 for large carry-ons.

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how many DDF followers live in cleveland?






The ones who matter live in Cleveland.


is it possible to cancel the ticket without a charge?


The rest of us now need just one more reason to go to Cleveland. Got any ideas ??


Tecnically, very few live in Cleveland. We live in the suberbs. Bit than again, CLE is not in Cleveland either


I don’t, but my sister in law does so I always tell her about what dan posts even though its not relevant to me.


Indians, browns, cavaliers???


can tickets be held for 24 hours before purchase?


just booked $114 for 3 tickets

Yehoshua Sova

I have flown Spirit and the company that bought out Frontier now has implemented the same charge of “carry ons”.
A personal item however, they will not charge for.

The way to fly under the radar with a bag and not get hit with any fee as well as not get stopped at the gate and possibly charged $100 for the bag is to have a bag that measures less than the “personal item” allows for (check the website for the dimensions) and IT DOES NOT HAVE ANY WHEELS.

I have seen them pull people away with rollaways that were smaller than my “computer case” which was slung over my shoulder and contained my Seforim, clothes, and other items. It has not wheels so I did not fit the “criteria” of it being a “carry on”. I was one time stopped and was able to comfortably fit it into the bin and happily proceeded to the aircraft.
In case they give you grief even if you have fulfilled the other two prerequisites, you could always point to women’s purses as being a “personal item” and this should be no different.