You’ve Got To Eat: Nothing Makes Travel More Pleasant Than Fine Kosher Meals By Pomegranate

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No matter where you go, nothing makes travel more pleasant than fine kosher meals by Pomegranate.

You can now enjoy delicious Pomegranate Travel Meals wherever you go.
Meals are available in Dairy and Meat and are conveniently packed for reheating on the go.

It’s like having Pomegranate next door to your hotel – Wherever that is!

For more details visit:
Or inquire at our Prepared Foods counter.

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Dan’s note: We had meals from Pomegranate for our trip to Banff this past summer.  You can read all about them in my Banff trip notes.

The meals were extremely generously sized, we were never able to finish our meals even though the food was outstanding.  A meat meal with an entree, starch, and vegetable of your choice ranged from $17 and up. Most are about $20 though some are pricier.  The dairy meals are $8-$13. I think that both provide an excellent value for good portions of really high quality food.

The Eggplant Rollatini and Eggplant Parmesan were better than I’ve had made fresh at any restaurant.  Fettuccine Alfredo and Baked Ziti were awesome as well.  On the meat side meals like Honey Mustard Corned Beef, Glazed dark meat chicken stuffed with pastrami, Chicken Marsala, Spicy Southern Fried Chicken Nuggets, and Mini stuffed cabbage were all outstanding.  Having gourmet meals while being hundreds of miles away from the nearest kosher restaurant is a real treat.  They also had a Delmonico steak special that was better than a freshly grilled steak from a steakhouse. And no, I’m not exaggerating.  I don’t know how Pomegranate does it, but they will blow you away.

Plus you can send them your schedule and everything will be double wrapped with the exact meal you want it for and labeled with the entree, vegetable, and starch inside.  It even has heating instructions so that the hotel can heat it up for you and bring it to your room or restaurant or you can heat it up yourself, just buy a cheap toaster oven for your trip.  Alternatively meals can be double wrapped for microwave heating and most hotels will provide a free microwave for you, though generally meals that are reheated in an oven will taste better.

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Any way they can post prices?


The menu changes weekly, if you email them for the current menu with prices they’re very quick to respond.

I did post the general cost for meals above though.


do you think the airlines will heat up the food, if you ask him when you’re flying economy to Israel. .


Yes, most of them will!
If one flight attendant says no just try another 😉


Dan, thanks will order a few!!


How long can they go without a freezer?


Post a comment here about how they were!

Meals that are frozen for a few days stay frozen when checked underneath the plane.


i emailed them on tuesday and still didnt receive price list.

Dan maybe you can get it from them and post it


Can they be shipped or so beaks need to be picked up?

Rabbi Issamar Ginzberg

DD readers know that you “plugged” Pomegranate well before they paid for this sponsored post… and that they have now advertised here knowing that you have already sent many people their way and this its the right visibility to the right audience for their meals.

For the readers, it’s not taken “with a grain of salt” the way a sponsored post usually would be, because it’s something we’ve already heard from you before as non-advertising!

Smart move, Pomegranate! 🙂


Just ordered from them for our cruise, and it was fantastic! They sent everything double wrapped and labeled, made it very easy for the kitchen staff to know exactly what to heat up and bring out each night! Food was amazing as well. They honored the Dansdeals discount i requested too.
Thanks, Dan!


@Ben: Which cruise line? You had to have them deliver it directly to the cruise line as they don’t let people bring frozen meals on themselves, right? Please let me know how to do it.


Ben- when are you going on your cruise? I’m going on Sunday 1/12


I guess if you are not makpid on chabad schetia?


We just came back from our cruise last week. Was on Carnival Cruise Lines. Pomegranate delivered the food overnight to our home and we simply brought the entire box (contained a styrofoam cooler inside the cardboard shipping box) onto the ship.
The first thing i did was find the dining room hostess, explain to her the situation. She immediately had the box brought to the kitchen freezer. I had prepared an Excel spreadsheet of what items were to be served at each meal, and each item was well identified and dated by Pomegranate per my request. The hostess simply made sure before each meal that the right items were taken out of the box and heated and served on time to our table still in their intact double seal.
Incredible food, and made our trip so much more enjoyable and stress free!


Will these pass through customs in any country?


@Ben: did you have any of the Carnival provided meals? Are they still serving the Weberman’s meals? How were they? We’re on a budget so can’t bring meals from Pomegranate or any other place. Did they provide kosher soups/appetizers or desserts? We’re just on for 4 day cruise and 2 days we’ll be at ports of call with kosher restaurants. We’re not picky eaters so we’ll hopefully be ok I just hope the kids are OK with the food.

David m

The food was awesome took it with me to cancun for Shabbat
We heated ours on a small blech


@Ben: Did you try the kosher food provided by Carnival (Weberman’s)? I’m on a budget so can’t afford Pomegranate (or any other kosher restaurant traveler meals). I heard Weberman isn’t great but is decent. My wife and I aren’t too picky so I hope it will be ok. Just hope the kids will like the food. It’s just a 4 day cruise and both of the ports of call have kosher restaurants so I hope with those breaks from the Webermans meals we’ll be ok. Do you know if Carnival gave any weberman soup or desserts or just the entrees?
I heard there’s a lot of kosher food at the breakfast buffet, is that true?
Any advice or guidance would be greatly appreciated.


@question:Breakfast will depend on your level of “kosher”. You will find individual boxes of cereal,fruits, individual milks but not going to be marked cholov yisroel,breads(rolls,bagels, white bread)but not individually wrapped,juices(but from machine)coffee,prepared foods but at least 1/2 not kosher,etc.
and the prepared foods that are kosher(eggs,potatoe,etc)are going to be mass produced with unknown utensils


@question:and containers of yogurt.


I will take you advice and try them out next week while I am away for the week…thanks


How much to ship to Hawaii


Great job!!


Flying to MLE via JFK and AUH. 11 hour layover in NYC, and then a 13 hour layover in AUH. Would the frozen food make it all the way to MLE and then last a week? Would be 49 hours before we make to MLE and then take our seaplane and speedboat…better to order through the hotel or would the food make it?


@Dan how much did the meals cost to ship to Cleveland?


OK. So I if you want to discuss killer marketing, here is an idea.

Many people following Dansdeals dont have the cash to shell out for Pomegranate’s heavenly options.

What we DO have – is mileage and points!

It would be some work on Pomegranate’s part, but if they create a way where people could pay with points, it would be even more mind-blowing.

Of course, we’d become die hard find, and tell the whole world how good it was, etc…

Dan's the man

@Kevin: We wouldn’t eat stuff cooked in a non-kosher kitchen but we do eat cholev stam so we’d eat anything that is OU-d so I guess we could have English Muffins (I could ask the staff to show me the package and take some directly from the package), yogurt, milk, cereal, etc so we should be ok at least for breakfast. I hope the Weberman meals for lunch / dinner will be ok. The menu Carnival has on there website is very limited with no milchig dishes available so I hope the kids are ok with it and we don’t get too tired of the same few options and they didn’t mention soup or desserts on the kosher menu.


Are these meals enough for dinner for 2 people?
if so $20-$25 is not too bad.

David M

ok for all you looking for some info on Carnival Cruises feel free to reply to me at any time.
Kosher Food.
i looked into a few things but all of this you would have to look into again at your cruise.
1. Ice Cream, Milk, Butter, Margarine(Dairy!) Chocholate Milk, Lox (Caf K), Cereal. Lemonade. Hot Chocolate.
all these products can change in a blink of an eye so you must check again.
Other things we had daily was freshly sliced Cucumbers tomato mushrooms carrots and peppers and fresh fruit. We brought a NONSTICK pan to get eggs on the 9th floor egg station. just make sure you do some of the cooking like throw salt on it.

If you have kosher meals from Pomegranate or Seuda Double Wrapped you have to arrange with Guest Relations to get it delivered to the Boat. Bring a clear list with you for them and for yourself. You will have to go to the Hostess and tell them before hand 5:30 worked for us to heat up what you want daily or tell her the night before.

They have Kosher Food. from Weberman. you can review it on their website.
Top Meal
Pot Roast with Kishke

OK Meals
Chicken with Apple Kugel
BBQ beef with Mash Potatos and Pesto Sauce
Chicken veal something? with sweet potatoes

Do not recommended Meals
Turkey Shnitzel
Cheese Lasagna

For Shabbat they offer you to buy a Manishevetz Grape Juice for $14
THEY DO NOT OFFER CHALLA Bread in all situations so prepare to bring. Weberman did not provide it!
I found it better when i got off the plane in Miami i took a taxi to Walgreens at 41st and Pine Tree where you can pick up Kosher Wine and MANY MANY KOSHER PRODUCTS. Cheese Deli Cream Cheese. even a selection of a few kosher wines. (My Choice Barkan Cabernet Sauvignon) Buy Water bottles and Gatorade as they charge on board for these things.
Then went to lunch at house of dog (2 blocks down) Take a taxi to the ship. (DO NOT TAKE THE SHUTTLE THEY OFFER YOU it’s $30 per person – 2 taxi’s was $54)

For lighting Candles use a app called iZman which can tell you candle lighting times based on your current location at sea add a few minutes to that. lit on window sill. but stayed in room till went out. maybe you want to talk to your steward call him in your room and he will surely put it out after 30 mins or so and your ready to leave. just don’t say anything ask him a question about the window or something.
for havdala and friday night don’t forget to bring a tea lights and besamem spices. The Champagne glass was a nice glass to use for kiddish and havdala as it was around 5.5 ounces and a pretty cup you can order one free from room service.

Heating up food on Shabbat can be an issue so We decided to have a early dinner at 6:15 as oppose to 8:15 so we can be sure the food started heating up before shabbat. For shabbat day we had veggies lox and then cold cuts.

BUT i thought of a very good way you can get hot food if you want on shabbat for lunch if you want just make sure to confirm with your rabbi before hand as i will not take responsibility for this or anything I’m writing here this is only what i did and you can verify with your rabbi prior to the time of your voyage.

They have warming cabinets in the dining hall – you can ask them to heat up your food in there for a few hours as this is not a normal way of cooking it might be allowed.

Enjoy! and any questions let me know. I did Western Caribbean on Carnival Conquest.
Cozumel, Belize, Mahogany Bay, Grand Cayman.

ps. Tips they pre-charge you $11 per person per day. when you get to the boat go to guest relations and tell them you want it refunded and you want to give the tips yourself.
Recommended Amounts ($20-30 for your steward, $20 for your Waiter and $30 for your hostess) (I also gave $10 to maître d’ and assistant maître d’ and $5 to the bus boy that did my table) around $100 in tips as appose to $160 that i wonder if it goes to the right people.



I think you should spend a least 50$ for toaster oven, do not buy chinese rubbish.

Try to find on amazon great deals with free shipping


was anyone used these meals offered by Pomegranate recently