Urgent Help Needed In Ukraine: Help TiKVA Children’s Home Based In Odessa, The Largest Jewish Orphanage In The Former Soviet Union!

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TiKVA Children’s Home, the largest Jewish Orphanage in all of the Former Soviet Union and one of the largest of any denomination based in Ukraine, is in dire need of support. They need funds to continue refugee evacuation and to sustain the evacuated TiKVA children and community of nearly 1000 safely in a facility in Romania.

Since the war began on February 24th, TiKVA Children’s Home based in Odessa, has evacuated 3,343 children, alumni, community members, staff, and refugees out of Ukraine and into safety. As of April 1st, TiKVA is currently caring for and housing 927 children, alumni and their families and staff who have been evacuated in the last four weeks to our refugee facility in Romania.

Before the war in Odessa, TiKVA provided nutritious meals, housing, medical and psychological care, education, Judaic studies and Hebrew language skills with the main focus of creating sustainable members of society. Many grow up in TiKVA orphanages, graduate from TiKVA university and create a functional family of their own and become members of the TiKVA synagogue.

Some make Aliyah and even join the IDF as young as 16. TiKVA’s children are made up of orphaned children and social orphans, who come from very challenging situations, including parents who suffer from mental illness, homelessness, drug abuse, alcoholism, crime, incarceration and poverty.

TODAY, as all of the TiKVA community begin their lives as refugees, urgent needs that need funding for are:

BASIC LIVING NECESSITIES: Lodging, Security, Transportation for Evacuation (Buses), Staff Salaries (caretakers, teachers,
psychologists, doctors, cooks, etc.), Clothing, Medicine, Toiletries and More.

This is an immense undertaking to help provide the children and community of TiKVA with a sense of safety, security and love through this unimaginable trauma.
TiKVA Children’s Home is an established nonprofit organization, founded over 25 years ago with the following mind-blowing statistics:

  • 2,900+ children have graduated TiKVA schools
  • 1,600+ orphans & social orphans have lived in TiKVA homes
  • 900+ have made Aliyah to Israel (supported by TiKVA’s graduate center in Jerusalem)
  • 250+ have served in the Israeli Defense Force
  • 645+ Alumni have married and are living healthy and fulfilling lives
  • 900+ children have been born to TiKVA’s children

TiKVA’s mission is to break the cycle of poverty and help the disadvantaged children transition to self-sufficiency by becoming contributing members of the Jewish community worldwide.

This fundraiser is co-sponsored by 20+ nonprofits, schools, synagogues, community and learning centers, who are supporting the cause and know TiKVA is a worthy organization to assist during this humanitarian crisis. In addition, many social influencers are using their platforms to rally the much needed support.

We can not do this without you!

Please join us in this life saving effort to save those most in need- the children of tikva! Orphaned children, who have already lost so much and are descendants of holocaust survivors. We are fighting to save an otherwise lost generation of jews. Never again, means never again!

If not us, then who?

TiKVA Children’s Home is a registered 501 (c)(3) with audited financials and a 97/100 score on Charity Navigator and will provide a tax deductible receipt for every monetary donation.

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