Unlimited Talk, Text, & Data For Just $17/Month


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Teltik is extending their latest sale, and maintaining their current UNBEATABLE prices!

Our service runs on the powerful T-Mobile business network, and your plan will include unlimited talk, text, and data! In addition, you’ll have domestic roaming, calls to and within Canada, unlimited music streaming, Mobile HotSpot, and more.

$17 plan: UNLIMITED talk, text & data w/ 2GB 4G-LTE data** ($25 value)
$35 plan: UNLIMITED talk, text & UNLIMITED 4G LTE data ($45 value)

No contract. No hidden fees. No overages. No rate increase.

All accounts include our business PBX cloud-phone system!

Hurry! Sale ends 03/31/2017. Call 888-406-2838 or click HERE today!

Other HOT plans:
-Unlimited talk, text & data w/ 6GB 4G-LTE data and UNLIMITED HD video streaming: $30/mo**
-Tablet line with unlimited 4G-LTE data: $30/mo
*All prices listed pre-tax. **2G speeds once high-speed data allotment is depleted.

Use discount code DDMarchSpecial for $10 off your first order.

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Now that this has been featured on dansdeals multiple times, can someone who signed up for this in the past comment on their experience?


Was going to buy, but it doesn’t let you port in an existing T-Mobile number. No go for me.


@pcgeek: i have it it works gr8 and it has gr8 customer service !


@Jason: you could port it to a different company for one month and then port it back to them


Does anyone have a place to get a good plain flip phone that can be used with this service?


Don’t you need like a business account or something for this deal??



Great question,
Our plans are centric to business use. So yes, upon signing up, a quick and easy verification will get you right in.

Here’s the lowdown:
1) If you, are a LLC or corporation, when prompted, please provide the name of the business and the tax ID or EIN.

2) If you are self employed, a sole proprietor, contractor or similar in nature and do not have an EIN, you will be prompted to enter your name and upload either a screenshot of your online business profile, or a document from an official entity stating the name of your business. This may include a business registration, DBA form, sales and use form, business license, permit, or screenshot of website or online business listing.

Hope this helps.


what are the monthly taxes and fees?



There’s a flat $3 regulatory fee (for most states in the US) per line, per month, nothing beyond that.


@ER: lg 450


Is there any offer for porting in a number?
(In the past i remember there was a $50 port in credit)


Can you prepay for one month at a time?



Unfortunately, that was a limited time offer and is no longer available.

The current promotion is only available until 3/31/17.



Our service is prepaid, so payment is made at the beginning of every billing cycle.

If you are looking to pay one month, then pay again a few months later for another month, we cannot guarantee the same phone number will still be available.

Please get in touch with us with any further questions. We are available 24 hours a day via chat on our website, by phone (888-406-2838), or by email (support@teltik.com).


Can you switch from verizon with a samsung s6 and new iphone?


This company is not listed on the Better Business beuraeu (sp.??) and I’d like to know it’s legit before going ahead. Please advise. Thanks!



We sure can! We can port over your number, and you should be set. Just make sure your device is unlocked, and you’ll be good to go!