United Refuah HealthShare Members Enjoy Unlimited TeleHealth Access

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Over the last 4 decades, TeleHealth has emerged as a cost-effective and time-efficient method for individuals to access physicians and healthcare facilities at their fingertips– wherever they are and at whatever time of day. Utilizing the ever-evolving digital landscape, TeleHealth represents an innovative solution to mitigate rising healthcare costs and the decline of patient-provider access.

TeleHealth – according to Health Resources Services Administration – is the use of electronic information and telecommunication technologies to support long-distance clinical healthcare, patient and professional health-related education, and public health and health administration. Methods of use include video-conferencing and the web, as well as wireless communications.

The American Telemedicine Association explains that this system of treatment increases value for payers, patients and providers, improves patient access and enhances reach of healthcare services. Other benefits include reduced costs, 24/7 coverage, and ultimately higher customer satisfaction.

It is also yet another perk enjoyed by United Refuah HealthShare members. As the first and only Jewish healthcare sharing organization and a member of the American Institute of Health-Sharing, the non-profit dedicates itself to the health, savings, and values of its members. To that end, members enjoy free, unlimited access to MDLive, United Refuah’s TeleHealth platform. The platform allows members to search for participating providers and consult with a family physician or primary care provider at no cost. So far this year, members have saved approximately $180 and 45 minutes each.

To learn more about United Refuah and its connection with MDLive, or to become a member, please call, 440.772.0700 or visit UnitedRefuahHS.org.

United Refuah HealthShare operates on the principals of health, values, and savings. Moreover, it is the first healthcare sharing organization to launch with integrated population healthcare management – not only giving members the ability to share in one another’s healthcare expenses but also assisting them to maintain a higher level of personal health. To date, membership spans 30 states and is continuing to grow. United Refuah HealthShare is not an insurance company and does not offer insurance.



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Dan, I am not asking you to publish this but please read this.
I, for one, am put off by some of the legal notices. They are not licensed as insurance and can leave someone with unpaid bills that can be huge.
Please clarify these facts. I am not in the industry and do not want to malign legitimate people running this BUT there is a need for clarification.


Each consumer should contact them to clarify what they want to know, Like any service that you want to purchase.


To all of us to pay for health insurance and know the exorbitant fees know the benefits of health share. This is an amazing organization!


I am not on this plan but I’m on something similar. To BC, and anyone else out there wondering what will happen if someone has a huge medical expense that may not be covered: I know someone who needed a heart transplant. She wasn’t allowed on the list until she switched from her insurance plan to a better one. That was with regular insurance. Even when they showed the hospital they had the full amount of $ in the bank to cover the surgery and all associated costs, the hospital would not let her get onto the list until she got onto the new plan. So nothing is really a guarantee. I saved hundreds with a plan like this. True, it’s not insurance but I’m taking that “risk.”


Gogo, each plan has different limitations but I doubt some aspects of your story. I’m glad your friend had medical success and is well. The FAQ section of United Refuah clearly states about premedical condition limitations, waiting periods, and exclusions of service. From their own literature, you can’t simply switch to a plan with a large heart surgery on the horizon, and be approved for the surgery after waiting just a few days or weeks of being newly active.


I am not involved in this industry and speak just as an extra careful individual. If the story you relate is true it is just one incident. If somebody was already hospitalized I am not sure they can get insurance as in your incident which was somewhat flexible. By the way, the whole requirement of everybody having health coverage was designed so everybody pays in, not just when they know they will have expenses
Although it is advertised as not being insurance, it is interesting how many posters think of it in place of insurance.


It is in place of insurance, however if they called insurance it would have all the regulations of standards health insurance which would defeat the whole purpose…