Traffic Ticket? Not Again! You Can Win With My Tickets NYC!

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-Don’t miss a day of work!

-Avoid points on your License!

-Stop your insurance premiums from going up!

Before you pay that expensive ticket, call us first. Our staff of court-savvy, experienced attorneys has the best success rate for dismissals and reductions. Call us for a FREE consultation.

To learn more visit our website at or call 917-426-2WIN (946).

Speeding, Cell Phone, Stop Sign, Red light tickets… We fight them all. Covering all of NYS, including Catskills, Monsey, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Long Island and more.

“I had a 5 point cell phone ticket. My Tickets NYC were honest and straight forward. They said they would try to beat it and they dismissed it. I would recommend them to beat your ticket, they will try their best.”
Tony A. – Brooklyn, NY

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Great service – helped me win my violating a traffic sign ticket and gave me a free consultation .


What do they charge? I just got a speeding ticket today – clocked at 21 mph over the limit. That’s $115 fine and 6 points. I need help!


Why were you driving that fast? You deserve it then!!!!!


You’re a big help. Thanks for the positive side energy.


@JustGotATicket: if they are the same guys as ‘we fight tickets’ then save ur money, they are worthless

Come on!

@Re-justgotaticket: that’s just a jerk comment to make

Be safe

I agree that you deserve a ticket.


Has anyone had success with this guy?


@Anonymous, different guys. @Be safe, merry Xmas to you too. @Curious, I am curious too.


They have dismissed my brother-in-law’s 5 point speeding ticket. I recommend them highly. Speak to Gavriel he will explain everything. They are not the same as “fight that ticket.” They have free consultation so give them a call.


They just got my cell phone ticket dismissed with no fines or points. Would’ve been 5 points plus hundreds of dollars in fines and they got it all to zero. Speak with Gavriel.


I’m using them too. At this point, waiting for a court date, so can’t comment on how effective they are, but they are nice and seem to be very honest.


They had my red light (not camera) ticket dismissed Gavriel was a big help.


Gave them 2 stop sign tickets, see how it pans out… Gabriel is a good guy.


I got caught in a speed trap. I was doing 65 in a 45. The guys at myticketsnyc got it dismissed.


do you fight double parking tickets?

Ploni ALmoni

I had 4 tickets already dismissed with these guys! Go for it. They are honest and if for some reason they don’t think they can win, they will let you know before taking your money!


@Yaakov: UPDATE: they got me a court date… in a YEAR’s time. (!). That means even if they loose the case, I saved a years insurance hike (The hike is for 4 years of the incident, not the verdict, and goes into effect only if we lose). So far, so good!


They got me a court date…. in a YEAR’s time!
That means even if we lose, I saved a year’s insurance premium hike.
Hope it’ll be dismissed. Let you know in January….


@yaakov- You could get that on your own by going online and requesting the court date to be postponed


Please follow the law
Do not speed
Stay away from trouble


who is fighiting parking tickets in brooklyn??????


Parking Expert


Do they do NJ?


@David: Yes they do New Jersey too!


Are these guys lawyers? What is their fee to take a case of a moving violation?


These guys are great! Got a 5point NY cell phone ticket dismissed. Very professional. Highly recommended.


Got a ticket for $138.
Called them, they want $200 to fight it, and claim to have 70% chance.
I’m gonna try to fight it myself, but still prefer to pay $138 over $200. (Especially considering the odds that I’ll have to pay BOTH).


Do you know if they can win a speeding ticket on the Staten Island expressway? I hear it is impossible to win. I got a ticket supposedly going 71 in 50 miles zone in the HOV lane going with the flow of traffic


What does ‘supposedly’ going 71 in 50 miles zone mean?


@Josh: I think Dee means “allegedly”. Dee isn’t admitting guilt, rather stating what the ticket says.


@Eli: Follow-up:
I went online to fight it, I had to “select” a hearing date.
It only gave me one option to “choose” from; in a year from now.
Lots can happen between now and then.


Flashing red-light camera ticket also?


Surprising how Dan’s frugal followers rack up so many tickets. You guys must pay a fortune in insurance.


Send Mayor (Minor) Meatball DiBlasio a check and your summonse will disappear? Guy is the biggest clown yet

hold it!

@yaakov @anonymous Insurance companies reckon the 3 years of hiked up premiums from the CONVICTION DATE, not the date of incident


@Re-justgotaticket: You are so stupid and ignorant! He is asking for advice to deal with is speeding ticket and you leave some trash comments…. If you really feel that he deserves that, then go become a nyc cop, don’t help people by leaving negative comments.


I had a red light ticket (non camera) Gavriel helped and it was dismissed.


I just had a 4 point speeding ticket dismissed!!
Great service!
Would recommend to anyone needing to fight a ticket


@jk why was it hundreds of dollars it should have been $138


@Eliezer fights parking tickets and they are pretty good! They had promo for first ticket free a few weeks ago..

@Dee It’s almost impossible to dismiss Staten Island ticket!


@Eliezer: I use Zalman Liberow for parking tickets. I must have used him over 10 times (I work in Brooklyn with alternate side parking) and he was successful about 90% of the time. He charges half the amount of the ticket (if he is successful).


@Be safe: Do you agree that he deserves a legal defense?


Gabriel is the man!

Great driver

I have an idea! Don’t break the law while driving. Problem solved!


To the Goody Two Shoes bleating about not speeding — everyone with a smidgen of sense understands that most tickets are not about safety or the law, they are about revenue, and that goes double for the little towns in the Catskills & Jersey that depend on tickets to meet their budgets.


@Mike: I second that, people should stop judging others.


Did anyone have good experience with cell phone tickets? If its just for postponing, I can postpone myself for several years.


Yes but if you postpone you are messing up their chance of fighting your ticket when they find the


You guys must have a spy cam in my car. I just got a ticket over the weekend this past Friday. They saw the out-of-town plates and stopped me for making a right turn? Disobeyed the Traffic sign ticket ir something of thag sort. Does anyone know how many pts that is and if they can they beat this?

chana k

Most of the time only 2 points follow your ticket back to your home state – no matter how many points the offense is.


My Tickets NYC is not the same as the other guys. They have traffic attorneys going to all the fine boros and NJ and upstate. It is not about just postponing the hearing, it is about the experience of the attorney in each courtroom and his being able to discern when is a good time to move forward with the hearing. As for the price: each ticket is different, it depends on the speed, the courtroom, the offense… Give them a call for a free consultation. I’m glad I did.


Not true. They do postpone the case very often. I got into big trouble because of them. Twice!


Not true chana k, it depends on the state, and even if, most of the states share traffic violation info, so your offense will be visible in your home state too.