Today Only: Purchase 2 Coin Sets For $120.85 From The Mint And Get $160.85 Back!


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Update: Registration is now closed.

If you have any questions about this deal please email

Today Only: Purchase 2 Coin Sets For $120.85 From The Mint And Get $160.85 Back!

Today at 12:00pm EDT the US Mint will release a limited edition coin sets. The purchase is limited to 2 sets per household.

The 2 sets will cost $120.85 shipped to your house. You will have the box shipped to PFS Buyer’s Club with a prepaid shipping label and you will make $40 profit for a total of $160.85.

Note: Only a limited number of people will be approved for this offer, you must be approved before making a purchase. If you do not receive approval to purchase you will not be reimbursed.

The steps below will explain the process.

1. Register here to join this deal. Detailed instructions will be emailed to you after you register.

2. At noon you will purchase the sets and have it shipped to your house.

3. The sets will arrive at your house within a week after purchase. You must ship the coins via the prepaid return label within 3 days of receiving them.

4. You will receive a receipt from PFS Buyer’s Club once your order has been received.

5. Compensation will be sent via check or PayPal within 2 weeks of the coins being delivered to a PFS Buyer’s Club warehouse.

Full detailed instructions will be provided once you sign up for an account.

Dan’s note:
DansDeals has verified this deal and will refund the original purchase price in the unlikely event of not receiving payment within 3 weeks of receiving your receipt (as described in step 4) from PFS.

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If I purchase more than two sets will I be able to cash out or am I just limited to one purchase?


As long as you register and get confirmation twice that’s fine.


I only see a link to be preapproved, not a link to make the purchase.

WIll that link be emailed to me if I am pre-approved?


So if I have one billing address how do I order more than two? different shipping is enough?


@Chaim: Mine was stopped with a diff shipping address. Needs diff billing.


They don’t verify the card billing address. At least not within the same zip…


So if I got 4 confirmations, do I put 8 sets in my order? Or do I have to make 4 different orders of 2 sets?


Still havent gotten an email…




Be sure to check you updates inbox and give it at least 5 minutes to come after registering. It is an automated email.

If it didn’t it’s possible you had a typo in your email address.


Me neither


I got an email for the link to the product page but didnt say anything about approval. will it work if I purchased?


Any links straight to the coin?


@CD: Yes the email with the link to the product page is the approval email.


do they cancel all order if something is wrong or all expet one


Back Order
The expected in-stock date is Fri Oct 16 2015


I have the same question as CD. is the instructions email the approval email?


Yes the instructions email is the approval email.


Back Ordered for Oct 16, 2015

Still okay to purchase?


The expected in-stock date is Fri Oct 16 2015


Should I still order even though it’s backordered for a month?


Same question about backorder?


Wait im confused?

I ordered twice. two separate accounts. two separate addresses. two different credit cards but same billing address and same name on the credit cards. thats fine correct? chaim and dan seem to have different experiences here.


Can you respond if we should order? The coins won’t ship until October.


Seems like there’s 50,000 of them, so not as scarce as the others …

Poor Old Dave

In for three and easy as can be! Thanks Dan!

Aron Pinson

Sorry for the confusion.

We will be accepting back-ordered orders for those who opted-in.

We’ll be sending out order number forms shortly.

– Aron,
PFS Coins


@Aron Pinson: how do I know the astimate ship date?


One of my orders is on hold and other two are still processing so gotta wait to complete my form

shmuel lipszyc

I bought a set and I didn’t have time to register is there any way I can still do it?

Aron Pinson

Any questions can be directed to me directly at



Why would an order say processing?


Anyone already received coins?


Got the coins. Now what?


Dan, the coin place claims that I opened the box. The items are intact! He is not claiming that the items were touched only that the shipping box was damaged. I did not touch the box.

Another buyer

Same thing happened to me! It send like they are only seeking for $80-85 on eBay, and are trying to cut their losses

Aron Pinson

We sent clear instructions not to open the box.

It has nothing to do with touching the coins or damaging any of the material.

The value declines when the boxes seal is broken because dealers can’t be assured that the coins were not cherry-picked. Additionally, the coins can not get a “first strike” designation after 30 days unless the box is sealed.

We still offered and are paying everybody their full cost of the sets, it’s just that the full commission isn’t warranted if instructions weren’t followed.

– Aron

Another buyer 2

This happened to me also. They said I opened the box. The tape on the box was for the printout of the shipping label


Got my check. Thanks Dan!


Dan your post says they will give $160.85 back and yet it turns out to be only $140.85. am I missing something?