Today Is The Manchester Rosh Yeshiva’s Yahrtzeit: Start Learning Shmiras Halashon Now!

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Today marks 28 years since the illustrious Manchester Rosh Yeshiva’s passing.

Thousands from around the world would come to the Manchester Rosh Yeshiva, Rav Yehuda Zev Segal zt”l, for advice and brachos, and his trademark response was: embrace hilchos shmiras halashon.

And heeding his timeless advice is now easier than ever!

The Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation teamed up with Artscroll to publish a beautiful linear Sefer Chofetz Chaim that makes learning hilchos shmiras halashon accessible and enjoyable for learners at every level of scholarship.

Take the step that will bring much bracha and yeshua to your life: Learn 2 halachos of shmiras halashon a day!

Get your new sefer today by clicking here!

Special discounts are available for purchases of 20+ seforim. Order in bulk here and donate seforim to your local yeshiva/kollel/shul/family!

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