“Rebbe” By Joseph Telushkin On Sale For $14.99-$18.59


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“Rebbe” By Joseph Telushkin is now available for order from Amazon in hardcover for $18.59, on the Kindle tablet or iPhone/Android Kindle app for $14.99, or from Barnes and Noble in hardcover for $18.40.

It was just released today and is already #17 on Amazon’s best seller list:







“One of the greatest religious biographies ever written.” –Dennis Prager, radio host.

“Whether you are a believer, an admirer, or a respectful skeptic, you will learn much from this deep and accessible account of a truly great man by a great writer. The Harvard Business School should do a case study of the remarkable ‘business plan’ designed by the Rebbe to promote Jewish values throughout the world.” –Alan M. Dershowitz, professor emeritus, Harvard Law School

“If you already know about the Rebbe, Rabbi Telushkin’s book will teach you many things you didn’t know, and deepen your admiration… If you don’t know about the Rebbe, this book will give you not just a very readable biography… but will help you understand why so many of the Rebbe’s followers in religion, business, politics, and the professions have become leaders and how you can too.” –Joseph Lieberman, former United States Senator.

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Just a note: if you don’t want to wait 2-5 weeks for shipping, order it from another seller on the listing.


Great book, great writer, great price, I ordered it 2 days ago can’t wait for it to come, cheaper then in stores!
let’s see if we can get #1 book at least for a week!


Order it from Barns and Noble and you’ll get it quicker


No chance of this being number one, not even for one day.


Your not gonna beat Hillary Clinton


Kindle edition 10$


Someone told me they just ordered from amazon and it shipped right away. YMMV


Where did you see if for $10?


I ordered from amazon and I got it – it’s a great book love it


Price now $18.22 for hardover


Looks like the hardcover price is down to $18.59 now.

Amazon prices are constantly changing.


Back in stock!!!

While they are showing 5-9 days… I placed an order a few hours ago and it’s already being shipped today!


It’s still cheaper at Barnes and Noble by a 50 cents shipped.