Purchase A Set Of Coins For $5,337.45 From The Mint And Get $5,500 Back

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On Thursday, March 17th – at 12:00PM ET, the US Mint will be releasing a limited edition American Eagle Four-Coin Set. The set has a purchase limit of one per household, so you’re able to buy one set.

The cost of the Four-Coin Set will be $5,332.50. After including the $4.95 shipping charge, each Four-Coin Set order will total $5,337.45.

You will have each order shipped to your own house or office and then ship it to PFS Buyers Club with a prepaid shipping label that they will provide for you.

PFS will pay you $5,500.00 for each Four-Coin Set order – for a profit of $162.55 per order.

This is also a great opportunity to earn valuable points/miles on your credit cards, as well as meet any spending thresholds.

For full deal details and terms, as well as the ability to opt in to this deal, you must be a PFS Buyers Club Member.

Join PFS Buyers Club here.

There are a limited number of spots available for this deal, so be sure to sign up now.

We require everyone who opts into this deal to ship their set/coin to PFS after purchase. There are a limited number of spots needed. If you plan on opting in, please make sure you can fulfill your end of the agreement to its entirety.

Note: PFS Buyers Club takes full and sole responsibility for the reimbursement of these coins. That includes thousands of happy participants from numerous past deals posted on DansDeals!

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Is this legit? What happens if they don’t pay? How can I protect myself?


very reliable, they pay !!! had good experience with them

Dr Moneybags

Lots of people have been doing this for years with PFS (you can search back through previous posts and read the thousands of comments). In all that I don’t think I’ve ever read about someone having a problem with PFS not paying. That’s not to say there’s no risk, but in my mind it’s almost entirely in the shipping process and not in working with PFS. Personally I’ve done ~28K of deals with PFS and never had an issue.


Queue the “is this legit?” comments.


Is it necessary to also get postal insurance and, if yes, do they cover it? Also, for a $160 profit on gambling over $5K may not be worth the risk … just my thinking.


Insurance is included.


They include insurance with their pre-paid label… BUT you must make sure to drop it off at an in person place and get a receipt. Do NOT put it in a collection box. Insurance does not kick in until they acknowledge receipt.


Will this be called a cash advance for capital one venture? Will they charge a extra fee?


Regular purchase.


and for amex?


Regular purchase.


3% on my money? Hmm


Plus miles or up to 2% cash back depending on the credit card you use.


Which cards give 2% cash back?


who in their right mind is buying coins in middle of purim?
i plan on being slammed at that exact time

I love kleenex

There are two kinds of people

One kind who drink their life away
The other kind who work hard


Some people get Simcha doing these kinds of things. 😉 Not all subscribers to Dan’s Deals are Purim Observers (although hopefully all the Jewish ones are!). Also… it could be between megilla reading and after your first run on shalach manos. The whole thing usually takes 15 minutes or less.

Yaakov Doe

Isn’t noon a little early to be shicker?



Ad shlo yoda

Definitely not


I guess Purim it was easy and fast.


got 1 in 2 minutes BH. shoudve gone for more. but it is purim. full 162 commision going to the Yidden of Ukraine


Beautiful… Kol Hakavod to you


That’s the only way to justify the 2 minutes on purim. Also finished spend on 2nd venture x so not completely altruistic. Just gave 162 through the aguda on charidy for a matching campaign. (also gave to OU; I’m nonsectarian :).

Please give!


Sold out after 5 minutes, but I got one


Sold out pretty fast, but was able to get 1.
And this completes the minimum spend requirement on CapOne Venture X 🙂
Time to look at nest credit card offers again

dr irv

i was ready at 1200 but the mint website gave me errors until 1202 and then it was unavailable

I love kleenex

Post said 11:55am.


The coin set became available exactly at noon. My purchase was finally approved at 12:04. At 12:06, it was sold out.


I had one in the first couple mins but the stupid site didn’t like my payment for some reason, then went to back-order and then gone….all in less then 10 mins. Now I see why they have people online, ready to go at noon. And this is not a small purchase.

Oddly, I thought nothing went through, but there was a pending charge on my card, which swiftly got reversed BH. Oh well, I’ll have to figure out another way to spend the 5k+ would have been nice, esp with a $162+ bonus to kick

dr irv

what other methods do you know of?


I placed the order at noon. It went through. Now it’s saying it’s backirderd.


Today’s order went through immediately a few seconds after noon with only one try needed. I have never ordered from the mint without having to try numerous times. Was it just luck or has the process improved since January?