Pesach Car Rental Special In Israel From Noach Car Rental And Budget!

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Noach Car Rental Deals:

Pesach Promotion: Great rates, plus pay no rental fee (mandatory liability fee will apply) for Shabbos/Yom Tov.

Offer is valid for most 5 passenger cars. There are also great deals on 7-9 seat minivans.

This offer must be booked by February 3rd and can end without previous notice.

-Airport pickup conveniently at arrivals terminal (no shlepping onto a long shuttle!)

-Customer service is second to none, our customers love us for good reason!

-Click to get your quote 

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Let me tell you one thing, i had a car from them a month ago not only were they the chepest but the service was indeed ridiculously good.
Thanks noach again


is this oach cars or hertz? i dont understand


josh – Noach Car is an agency!
see there web site


I’ve rented from Noach numerous times. His service is excellent, the rates are the cheapest available and he’s wonderful to deal with. Most times, I’ve received a free upgrade to the next class of rental.


I have dealt with Noach to arrange my car rentals numerous times. All I can say is that he always finds me tand eat rates and always takes care off all my special requests I need.

Mrs.R Wagner

Can you quote me on rental from March 15th until April 18
Can you quote me on a 7 seater van or a 5 seater.

This would from Ramat Bet Shemesh.


Noachcar, can you please explain what means 1 free day with a weekly rental in Feb and March? For 8 day rental, would I pay for 6 days + shabbat = insurance + 1 free day? Or do you call shabbat the free day??


noach rox!


just rented with them. was by far the cheapest i could get. the insurance through them is much cheaper than getting it from avis/hertz/budget!!!!!


Rent with noach, awesome service and sick rates!!! Would recommend him to anybody!!!


Noach is great. For you people asking question, you will probably be better off calling him or emailing so he can work something out specifically for you/your dates/needs.

Also keep in mind that he is in a way different time zone.

Happy customer!!

I’m happy to see you advertise here. Noach hooks me up twice a year. Best prices!!


any one have a virgin america 20% off code

to: sam

I have a virgin america code, but I might use it soon. How much would you be willing to pay for it?


not that much i was hopeing that some one who was not using it would be willing to give it to me

Chachem Balaileh

Another very very happy customer of Noach Car
Would highly recommend


Just through Noach over Pesach. Fantastic customer service and best rates. Would recommend to anyone to use.


It is a pleasure to say that Noach is truly great.
Customer service is #1 and emails are answered in a few hours.
They make you happy. Book and use them knowing you will be treated right.


Does anyone know which creditcards are good for renting a car in israel, one that will cover the CDW (Damage Waiver). I hope on going to Israel in the Summer and stillhave enough time to apply for a cc that would be beneficial for me.



Sapphire Preferred World Mastercard is by far the best, bar none.
CDW worldwide including Israel, no foreign transaction fees, and 2.14 Ultimate Rewards points per dollar spent.

David B

An unsolicited shout out to Noach — top notch customer service and great rates. Can’t go wrong reserving your Israel rental with Noach!

David H

Noach and his team are really the best, In addition to the great price and excellent customer service, they know the workers at the Jerusalem & airport in person, they have a big word there.
You have no idea how big of a difference this makes, one quick phone call i did and a magic was done there. Unbelievable.

Will recommend to anyone!


do they do long term rentals for those of us who live here?


Does the INK Bold cover CDW in Israel?


I believe only on business trips.
The card you want is Sapphire Preferred World Mastercard:


Does the ritz card give CDW coverage in israel?


Is it only for primary card holder or any card holder the Sapphire Preferred World Master card?

Shmuel Boruch

Hi Everyone, Noach Car just got me a great car, from Avis, triple upgrade.
I rented through Noach Car many times, usually from Hertz. Always great service!
Kol Tuv!


Is the Sapphire WMC still the way to go for CDW coverage in Israel? Also, what is the answer to Sol’s question regarding using it for a non-primary card holder? Will it work if both the primary card holder and a second card holder both rent in Israel during the same period?


noach has great sevice in a country where service is rarely found!!!!!! and great prices!!!!!


Noach is the best customer service out there. I just rented from through them. I had one issue with the car rental place and I called noach and they took care of it. you only have what to gain by using them. The rates are cheaper, customer service second to none, big advantage for people who are used to american customer service.


Dan is there a sign up bonus now for chase sapphire MC or should i wait till a good or better offer comes out? I need card for Sukkos in Israel. Please respond as the link doesnt say what sign up bonus is now or how much I have to spend to get the bonus. Thank you


I always book with Noach, outstanding service. Just booked a rental today


John, I saw the link but what is the offer now on it?


If you would open the link and read you would see what the offer is.

Ari R

I would highly reccomend Noach.


Does Mastercard diamond preferred reward from citi cover the CDW insurance.


I always rent with Noach and always got the best rates. The customer service is Golden!!!

misgav ladach 70

I have been a long time renter with noach car. He has always arranged the best deals and great upgrades for me

He is the best service I have ever had in Israel.

Truly a pleasure to deal with.


I have the Citi Thank You premier world card, does anyone know if it covers CDW in Israel?


is the link to the chase Sapphire preferred world card to the mastercard or the visa version? chase tole me you can no longer apply directly to the mastercard?


@Dan: From my understanding car rental companies will not rent you a car in Israel unless you take the coverage. So I am obviously planning on not taking the coverage but how can I ensure myself I will not be hit with the additional insurance charges?


I must say the service at Noach Car Rental is Superb!!!

His office staff is very efficient in following up and processing reservations.

Highly recommend this company


I have never had the opportunity to rent with Noach. But based on the comments here, I would have to says that Noach either provides excellent service, or he has an amazing publicity team.

Aay B.

Do I need to order in advance or can I call once I arrive to TLV?
If so, does anybody have a direct number to this noach?


noach car====011 972 72 277 7200 when u call from NY …and their email is….remember they r 7 hrs ahead.

calling from Israel…it is 072 277 7200


Just rented a car through Noach for 10 days. Upon arrival to Budget I got upgraded 4 levels up!! Thanks Noach!!


What are the total rates for a mid size car for jan 14 till jan 21 including all taxes from the tlv airport?


I just returned from Israel- I rented from Noach for the first time. The rental was with Budget and everything worked out perfectly. The rate I received from Noach was 40% less than the best rate I received on-line from the other rental companies at Ben Gurion, and the quoted price was the price I paid, including Shabbat discount. Thank you Noach!


Do Noach require a credit card to reserve, or can you pay at the rental desk when you arrive?

Dan Plaut

We rented through Noach on Pesach. They were terrific!


For Sam:

You dont need to give the number card to reserve


They are great…
the best price, I have a lot compared …
Sorry for the mistakes I’m french 🙂


Is this only with Hertz or also with Avis?


All of the company’s, Avis,Hertz, Budget, Sixt, thrifty


best and cheapest!!!


Just used him wonderful experience!


Recently made a reservation with him, his service is amazing and so are the prices. Highly recommend him.


is the 7th day free besides shabbos?


Went on Hertz website as a Hertz gold member and got a better rate


Hertz’ website doesn’t include the mandatory insurances you must take out to rent a car in Israel.


They are really amazing.

DZ the Telzer

Rented with them, they are the best.


I used Noach and was quite pleased. Please beware to check the paperwork at the Hertz counter to be sure you are getting the rate. I did not and had to call Noach to confirm with Hertz.


I send my clients to Noach. Great service, Great rates!!


If I have the sapphire visa is that good too?
if not can I convert it to the world mastercard without initiating a pull on my credit?


Just call Chase to make it into a Mastercard. There’s no pull.

You’ll even be able to apply for another Sapphire Visa and get the 40K points again (though you may have to close the Mastercard to get it approved)


Haven’t been to Israel since I learnt there in yeshiva so i dont have personal experience, but lately I’ve been hearing from many many friends about noach and how his rates and service are spectacular.


im going to be in israel jan 31 to feb 9th
i wanted a rental car from the airport, renters age is 24, additional driver is 22
i called noach car rental and the price they quoted me for a compact is 250 and for a size bigger is 275
i tried other companies and the fact that we r under 25 cost alot
does anyone know any cheaper ways? if we were over 25 we could rent a compact for 122 including everything



Compact 122? Ive seen compact for $90 for 10 days but it doesnt include comprehensive insurance. Thats another $9 a day. But you have to be over 25.


i have insurance through the credit card
thats my point, if i was 25, the car would be half the price


Mandatory comprehensive insurance adds ~$15/day even with a World Mastercard or $20 day+$600 deductible in case of damage without one.
Noach’s rates already include that while prices you find online or from most agents do not.


I just got back from Israel today. I had great service and price from Noach Car Rental.

I received a 1000 NIS parking ticket. The car was rented from Hertz. Does anyone know what happens if I don’t pay the ticket?


what was the ticket for?


handicap parking. There were 2 signs with hadicap parking and I was parked behind the signs


y didn’t u take a picture for proof?


Did not have a camera at the time. Was on the way to airport


dont worry about the ticket they wont charge you fot it the only charge u wud get is a processing fee of around 1.l7 dollars


is there a credit card that will insure my Israel car rental so I wouldn’t have to pay insurance?

happy noach customer

just rented from noach- beat everyone else by almost $100 on a weekly rental
my 5th time.. i wont call others only noach


We rented 5 cars with noach the service was teriffic and the price was unbeatable.
I recommend everyone to book thru them.



Nothing if you have an american license.. otherwise I’d b broke today.


@Alan: They will charge your credit card for the fine. They keep your credit card info for just this reason. Why would you not pay? If you are not guilty, fight the ticket, but if you are then pay.


Dan, is the link for the SapphireWMC working?


I don’t believe MasterCard is offering a Sapphire Preferred anymore


They do, you can still convert the Visa to MC.


Yes, you can convert, I just spoke with them. Will I then need to take any insurance when I get to Israel? Comment 71 above seems to say that I will (and yes, I already reserved by Noach)


Just tell Noach if you have a World Mastercard and he’ll get you an all-inclusive quote.


I have other WMC.
AAdvantage (Citi)
Spirit (BOA)
Will they work (I read the Citi agreement and it looks like it will)
Is the Sapphire one better as far as the travel insurance in Israel? What other benefit does it have over the others


i called my credit
i have a few
most of them said they do provide coverage for insurance but israel is excluded country


@Dan: There is no more option to switch your visa to world mastercard. Chase has stopped doing business with MC. I was told by 5 reps there is no option to switch. Please enlighten if you have a work around. Much appreciated


@Sibbel: I was also told this by chase rep that they ended their relationship with Mastercard.
Is this the end of CDW coverage in Israel without paying for it?


I’m in israel for the last eight months and never get double point with my chase sapphire MasterCard , care to explain?


rented over succos using my citi thank you card,they even sent me a letter that they coverEVEN israel. gave it to hertz and they accepted it.


Dan please advise as per your comment to Eliezer that World MC is still an option. Thanks

Yosef B Chicago

Is it possible to be beat Hotwire rate of $7.50 a day?


Did you notice the date of that comment??

@Yosef B Chicago:
Hotwire doesn’t include mandatory liability in their rates. That can triple the cost of the rental even if you have a World Mastercard.



Which card would still cover insurance in israel?

Thank you



I believe this has changed
I just called MC and Israel is one of 4 excluded countries
no car rental insurance benefit


@Dan, Noach is about $250 total for 8 days, orbitz is $79.50 before insurance. Insurance will cost more than 170.50 for 8 days with budget?


I need to rent a 9-10 seater in Israel for Pesach, but it has to be Automatic which most rental companies don’t carry. Any ideas?


Hi Dan
I’m traveling to isreal wanna rent with noach can u please list what cards will cover insurance in isreal
Also I’m flying with miles bot paid with my sapphire card will it cover travel insurgence

Thanks for all you do please advise


just returned from Israel used Noach was very happy with the service would definitly use them again!


Am in Jerusalem right now and used Noach. Line at Hertz was typically long but everything seems just as promised. Lets hope they take car back as smoothly as they gave it. Noach was a pleasure to speak with.


2 Questions:

Eldan & Avis has you return the car to the main terminal, does Noach have this option?

I just heard that if you have a Citi World Master Card you do not have to pay for additional insurance for a car rental in Israel. Is this true?


I rented a car through them last month. I did have a problem in that I brought my passport as instructed. However, they also require a copy of your VISA ( a small slip of paper given to you upon entry into Israel). Since I was not aware I needed this and did not have it, I was charged an additional 18% VAT. Otherwise service was good.


I assume you kept the old comments to help explain the benefits of renting the car from Noach.
Keeping that in mind,
Questions that are left unanswered and stay unanswered don’t help convince people to rent from this establishment. Hence the following three questions:
1. Noach gives quotes with and without insurance, assuming you have a CC that would cover it. (also providing a letter from the CC company concurring) What CC offers this?
2. Is the return at the airport-like avis and Eldan?
3. Can I use my Hertz Gold as an added benefit?
Thank you.


Love Noach, both i and my friends have only had smooth experiences with him (and were saved from Israeli rental nightmares!) he is the man you call for a car in Israel. period.


Just rented from them for 2 weeks, had no issue. Used Chase Sapphire Preferred Visa Signature for insurance, spoke with VISA and they provided phone number to call since I didn’t get a letter and called them from Hertz counter and agent spoke to them and confirmed insurance coverage


Does the Citi Aadvantage Executive card cover primary in Israel? And if not, how can you prove that the trip to Israel is for business if I use my Ink Plus? I’m going as a tourist in 2 weeks, but it is semi-work related.


does the visa version also cover cdw in israel?


Thanks for Noach info. Have rented many times in Israel, but never got a quote like I just got from them. Yesher Koach.
I just received written confirmation yesterday from Chase Bank that my United MileagePlus Explorer card which previously did NOT cover CDW in Israel and other “territories”, has recently updated their policy to ACCEPT ALL previously denied countries. The only exclusion is some luxury cars and over 8 seat passenger vans. They also do not charge foreign transaction fees.


do any amex cards cover insurance in Israel????

Anna Maryles

I have used Noach car rental for years. Every dingle detail is dealt with in a totally professional manner/. I own my business and I know what my clients expect of me. Noach does too

molly ratner

@ozzy: You have to NOT be an Israeli citizen AND ALSO have the CHASE SAPPHIRE PREFERRED CARD in order to avoid paying the collision damage insurance.
The little pinkish/blue visa that you get when you pass the turnstile at the airport is your proof that u are NOT Israeli and you must present that and your Chase card when you rent the car.
The free extra driver has to show his license and he can email it in or fax it if he isn’t with you.
Re the shabbat discount, you have to REMIND the rental clerk to deduct for those days when you return the car.
Noach Car is really easy to deal with and responds to inquiries very quickly


is it only from the airport? Does Noach have other branches? Is the special at the other branches as well?

molly ratner

A Chase Sapphire Preferred credit card works in Israel to avoid paying the collision/damage waiver insurance but in recent months other cred cards work as well They are all jumping on the bandwagon—Call the customer service # on the back of your card to ask if your particular card covers it.
My Citi AAdvantage card works also—used it last week.
and yes! Noach Car is terrific—-you will speak to either Zipi or Zipora [really!] and a reservation will be finalized in minutes

Sam the Man

Hertz asked us to show them a letter of coverage from the credit card company. Ink bold. Just call them up and they’ll email it to you.


i made a last-minte reservation with Noach . his email replies are extremely quick , even in the middle of the night ( Israeli time ). Gret price , great service


I just feel the need to add this. I booked w Noach a few months who as I always do. They must have gotten some great deals. They proactively emailed ME and said we reduced your cost! Who does this out there in 2019?! Kol Hakavod!


Yes I also received an updated reservation from them last week, Noach just saved me over $120!
This Noach car please is really doing an incredible job. keep it up!


Used Noach and Yerent both dd advertisers and all was great , need someone like that in the USA . With best price and service . No surprises no sales pressure at the counter


My sister told me to rent through NOACH for the “best price”.
Unfortunately they are the middleman and gave us a car rental through ALBAR EUROCAR Tel Aviv. And we got scammed.
When we returned the car to ALBAR we were charged $140 (which DOUBLED our car rental price) for 3 small paint scratches on the back bumper. The kind that happens when someone bumps your car when pulling in/out of the space behind you. No dings or dents. We had never hit anyone or bumped anyone’s bumper! They are charging for normal wear/tear on a rental car. And they are charging an inflated price! (it wouldn’t cost $140 to paint these scratches).
Afterward we read reviews and saw that they rip people off in this manner A LOT!
It was a horrible experience. So I can’t recommend NOACH. As pleasant as they were and as good a price they offered, you might wind up in the same situation we did.


This isn’t a Noach problem, this is a famous problem with all rentals in TLV.

That’s why I wrote what to do if you’re in this situation:

Next time try asking Noach for Hertz. They seem to be the best option.


I have used Noach for years, in the few times I have had issues with the rental company they have always been very responsive and helpful to get answers or take care of what needs to be done. Thanks!

On my way to Israel

On their form What is liability 3rd party only? If I use a chase business preferred or sapphire preferred does it cover CDW&TP (collision theft and Liability)?


Yes, liability 3rd party is if you have collision theft from your card