Perform The Mitzvah Of Sh’mittah From Anywhere In The World, Plus Discount!

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“The mitzvah of sh’mitta is only for Jewish farmers” is an oft repeated, but untrue misconception. With the upcoming sh’mitta year, Zo Artzeinu is on a mission to give EVERYONE the opportunity to take part in this rare mitzvah. The Torah blesses all who observe sh’mitta with bountifulness, and no longer does this apply only to Israeli farmers.

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When you purchase a tree through Zo Artzeinu’s Israel Trees ( you receive:

  • The mitzvah of sh’mitta
  • The mitzvah of arlah
  • All the blessings associated with these mitzvos

HaRav Yaakov Ariel, leading Posek on all mitzvos of the Land of Israel, former Chief Rabbi of Ramat Gan, and President of Torah VeHa’aretz has said of the Israel Trees project:

through this partnership [you] KEEP THE MITZVAH AS WELL because the Land belongs to us all… I therefore bless the efforts of Zo Artzeinu’s Sh’mittah Campaign.”

Every order of $45 or more, receives an authentic Tree Certificate verifying your partnership, and orders of multiple trees gets you additional free gifts such as necklaces, silver menorahs and more.

Plus, use code SHEVA for 7% OFF ON ALL ORDERS! Hurry, this deal only lasts until Rosh Chodesh Elul. (Monday, August 9th).

Today is your chance to partake in this once-in-7-year opportunity! Plant a tree and get the mitzvah of sh’mitta at

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do you need to own land to keep shmittah?

Call Me Rabbi

No, you can also lease land