Motty Kopman AH 34 Year Old Was Niftar From Coronavirus Now 5 Young Yesomim Need Our Help

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Our hearts are torn! Our dear friend, father, & husband MOTTY was ripped away from us so young at the age of 34 R”L.

Our Dear Motty was everyone’s best friend, everyone’s open ear, always had a good word to say. He was a dedicated father and a committed community member. He served the Buffalo NY Chabad Shul like a Soldier. He walked 2 hours to shul every Shabbos only to strengthen all the people that came to pray.

He always had kind words to offer and his smiles always healed everyone around him.

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The world lost a real righteous man, such a great father to 5 beautiful young children, a dedicated husband & friend.

Our dear Motty was battling Lymphoma for the last half year and was ripped away from us when his body succumbed to the terrible virus.

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Now it’s time for us to rise to the occasion to help Motty continue his legacy! Let’s support his young widow with 5 beautiful children. Please open your hearts as Motty always opened his to the world.

May your support to this important cause hasten the arrival of Moshiach! Amen.

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Dan & JJ. You guys are awesome for posting this. I think you can help save a lot of future tzaros in Klal Yisroel if you made a post on the importance of life insurance. This fund is trying to raise $500k. A policy for $500k can be cheap and can save families from needing the help of others during a time when they are already going through so much. Please help prevent the need for heartbreaking fundraisers like these


Life insurance is critical, but not everyone qualifies for life insurance.


You are 100% right. I believe there are government programs that can help with people that cannot be approved by private insurers. Even so, there may be some that cannot get covered. That’s where Klal Yisroel steps in with it’s wonderful generosity!

Old-time values

Sorry, but this is not the best place to leave your message, as important as it is, next time, just send a private message to Dan.

Please be sensitive

You’re 100percent right-
It is very insensitive to comment about life insurance in this public forum.
1st of all there could be very good reasons why they couldn’t have life insurance.
2ndly these days$500,000 might not be enough.
Please please do not be nosy when your comments can cause others pain.
Better to not pay off you’re not sure.

What\'s good for the goose, is good for the Gander

Motty was a wonderful person. I know his father, who unfortunately is blind.
Motty was unable to get life insurance because of a pre-existing condition.

Most 30 year olds do not expect to get sick and die, and thus life insurance not a priority at that stage.

Life is expensive, especially for a shaliach living on a tight budget


Making an effort, but continuously being denied for life insurance is different than not wanting to spend $1 a day for approved life insurance coverage. Far too many people dont even make am effort to apply, which is wrong and inappropriate. Far too many homeowners and renters may feel that nothing bad will happen with their house or apartment, but that doesn’t make it right to skip out on a homeowners or renters policy .


I donated more then I planned to. I saw this for a while, can’t believe I didn’t donate until now!