Misaskim Announces New Pay Day Raffle: Receive $1,000 A Week For An Entire Year!

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What would you do with an extra $1,000 every week?

Misaskim, the organization that supports individuals during times of crisis and tragedy, has announced a new fundraising raffle. “Pay Day: The Win that Keeps on Winning”, the raffle advertises one lucky winner to receive $1,000 a week for an entire year.

Tickets start at $180, with free tickets available when a package is purchased. Only 3,626 tickets are being sold, capping the odds at a very favorable rate. The drawing will be held on January 1st 2019. Hurry and buy your tickets before they all sell out, and support the performance of a very important mitzvah while potentially winning $52,000.

Learn more and purchase tickets here.

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