Limited Time! Register To Get An Adjustable Car Holder For Only $1.99 (Originally $11.99)!


Please note: This is a paid advertisement which is stickied as the top post, please scroll down for new posts.

Now you can go hands-free on a budget with this Adjustable Car Holder. Simply register and get this car holder for $1.99!

Click here to sign up, then you will receive 80% discount code that can be used at checkout on Amazon. Please note the discount will expire at 1/27/2017 11:59 PM PDT and there is a limit of one code per user.

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15 Comments on "Limited Time! Register To Get An Adjustable Car Holder For Only $1.99 (Originally $11.99)!"

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got 1 🙂


Got one! Not too bad for a paid ad 😉

Liam K. Nuj

I registered, got the code, even clicked on “Buy Now” on the registration page, and code is no good. Apparently the item is no longer available from iClever. They should know that and therefore notify customers on the registration page.
How do I de-register?


@Liam K. Nuj: I just tried it and it worked. You have to follow the link to Amazon and then input the code you get from iclever into the Promo Code line once you add it to your cart (it only works for the less expensive gray version, but not for the more expensive black one).

Got it

Thanks dan


I didn’t know what Adjustable Car Holder means… It holds cars?


I registered successfully, but never got a code.

Liam K. Nuj

@Nathan: Who was the seller when you successfully made your purchase?


me too ?


Just registered but got no code either.


Got one! But, the listed price on Amazon was $8.99 Even the black one, for which the code did not work, was only $10.99. If you think you didn’t get a code, you may have missed it. Difficult to notice.
Thanks, Dan!


Me neither




Registration process does not seem to be working right. You can register, login, but never get the code neither on the website nor by email (after 1 hr – maybe tomorrow?).


I just got the grey one and code still works. Black one doesn’t work.