Last Chance: Drawing Tonight! Only $100 For A Chance To Win $36,000 Cash Or 1 Million Airline Miles And Support Local Mikvaos!

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Enter To Win Two Big Prizes!

Grand Prize: $50,000 Tuition towards Your Choice of Yeshiva, Seminary, School or College! (Or Cash Value Option $36,000 Cash!)

Second Prize: 1 Million Airline Miles!

Support Mikvaos & Build Klal Yisroel’s Future

The Cleveland Community Mikvah is a new Mikvah built to accommodate the growing community. It is a beautiful, modern and state of the art Mikvah. There are 14 preparation rooms and 2 Mikvaos. It has been designed to meet the current and projected future needs of our community.

The Opening Mikvah Raffle is a part of the Foundations for Our Future campaign. The campaign mission is to raise vital funds for community mikvah organizations in Jewish communities across the USA.

Enter to win

The campaign is being held in conjunction with Chicago Mikvah Association, The Phoenix Mikvah and the Cleveland Community Mikvah organizations.

Help us open the Mikvah doors. The Mikvah is built and ready to use, now we need to fund its opening and operation.

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Can I still put in a raffle ticket or did you pick it already?


Its It’s never too late to give tzedaka. How about giving for the prize in Olam Haba (World to Come)?


Better to get both!!!


With that logic why go for $36k before taxes when you can go for multi millions in the lottery?


Did you check once your chance to win a lottery (1:hundred of thousands/millions), to win here (1:few hundreds/thousands)?


Its not to late. Cut off is 10:30 tonight