Help Misaskim Reach Their 60 Hour Goal So They Can Continue Their Vital Work!

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When tragedy strikes, when families lose a loved one, when they get that phone call- people freeze, they lose their level-headedness, they usually don’t know what to do.

Thankfully, they don’t need to, because Misaskim is there. With many aveilim and yesomim projects, Misaskim steps in when no one else is there. Setting up shiva homes, traveling miles and miles with a niftar, arranging chol hamoed trips for thousands of orphans; nothing is too difficult for Misaskim.

Now Misaskim needs our help to help fund their ever-growing operation. On September 24,25 and 26, Misaskim will be hosting a campaign to raise 1.5 million dollars.

Help Misaskim do what we all would do!

Who will live and who will die. Who by water, who by fire. The day of judgement is upon us. Let’s protect ourselves and our loved ones. Let’s ensure that we merit a year of life and health. Donate today at

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I wish they would accept PayPal.