Help 4 Young Orphan Girls Living Under Impossible Conditions

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It started with four orphaned girls. Four children, bereft of family, with no place to go but the street. Until they were saved. A family opened their hearts and their home, and took the children in, to join their family.

This family added 4 children to their two-bedroom apartment, now have 13 people living in the same small apartment. They’ve lived like this for years, but now their home is bursting at the seams. They cannot continue like this.


Please! Think of the sacrifice this family has made to create a home for these orphaned girls. Think of the conditions they live in! The family has never asked for anything, but now they need your help.

You have the opportunity to be a part of the wonderful mitzvah of caring for orphans. Please, please, help the family add one more room to their home, so that the family can function. So that the family can give these orphans the home they so abruptly lost.

With rachamei shamayim, no children should ever know of situations like this. These girls are already in this situation! Please open your heart and your wallet and help the family expand their living space!


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