Free Gemara: Get A Free Artscroll Or Mesivta Gemara When Trying R’ Eli Stefansky’s Daf Yomi Shiur – Taanis Begins Next Sunday!

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Free Gemara: Get A Free Artscroll Or Mesivta Gemara When Trying R’ Eli Stefansky’s Daf Yomi Shiur – Taanis Begins Next Sunday!

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After the incredible response to the previous offer, members of R’ Eli Stefansky’s Daf Yomi shiur are once again sponsoring free Artscroll in English or Hebrew, or A Mestivta Gemara for trying out R’ Eli’s Daf Yomi Shiur here or or call (917) 259-1271

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Yosef m Chicago

It’s geshmak to do the daf! Eli is the best!


The problem with daf yomi is that it’s a very shallow learning. You never really get a “real” understanding of what’s really going on. It may be “geshmak”, but your really missing out if that’s the only learning you have throughout the day.


Moe, I’d respond to you that “it’s better than nothing”. If one devotes 10, 15, 20, 30, XX, minutes a day for learning, what would you recommend he learn? What would be more suitable than daf yomi? In depth in the parsha? Learning more about Tefillah?……..

reb yid

10-30 minutes isn’t enough to do the daf anyway. I think what Moe is saying is that if one has an hour, instead of doing the daf, maybe one should learn a few lines in the gemara but with rishonim and achronim.


First of all, i never said not to learn it, i merely spoke out a major issue with it. If learning Daf Yomi is what will keep you learning every day then go for it. But, if you can get a daily chavruso or shiur (or are self motivated), learning something with a little more depth would be a better choice. Whatever floats your Jewish boat, Halachah, Gemara, Chumash, Mishnah, Mussar, etc..


If you watch the shiur, Reb Eli addresses it every Daf 2 of every Masechta. He explains that it’s not about the Daf, its about the Yomi. Even though that perhaps in theory other types of learning might be superior than Daf Yomi, Daf Yomi has one major major advantage – that is that you do it EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. No other seder will ensure that someone dedicate the hour daily. Are you committing to not miss a single seder on Erev Yom Kippur? Motzei Yom Kippur? Purim? etc. Daf Yomi makes you not miss a day.


Says the Yetzer Horah everyday. Thousands of people are now learning daily thanks to the Daf (and Reb Eli) who otherwise wouldn’t open a sefer (for years)


@moe. Shallow learning?, for some of us its difficult and a huge accomplishment. If it doesn’t work for you by all means learn it deeper.

Chaim yankel

It might not be the most in depth learning. But I guarantee that you will aquire a familiarity in the entire shas that is arguably better than most kollel men.
I’ve said the same thing about daf yomi that’s it’s only for the ignorant businessman who can’t comprehend the true sugya, yeshiva guys are better than that, etc…. I now do the daf and I can say that my basic understanding of shas is better than when I sat in yeshiva full time.
p.s. I was considered the good guy in yeshiva who was smart 😉
Go R Eli!!


The only reason your learning the Daf is so good for you is only because you were in Yeshiva for so long…
As an aside, no one really argued with the main point. Daf Yomi is a necessary shallow way of learning because of the need to keep doing a Daf every day. You can’t spend more time on say, the beginning of Kesuvos, which has 5-10 huge Sugyos on it. You can’t spend time looking into anything because you never have a spare day.
While it may keep people learning every day, like MDY points out, that doesn’t mean its necessarily the best Limud for one to do. I listened to a bit of the interview with Mr. Stephansky and it appears to be that he himself has trouble remembering the Daf. And he’s spending hours preparing and giving it over!
Learning something with a little more depth, however, like Gemara or Chassidus, will penetrate your soul and change you even if you don’t remember it years later. Halacha or Mussar as well will change the way you live your daily life.
Again, like Abebee says, if you weren’t learning a Jewish word before, this might be a great opportunity to start again, but don’t think that Daf Yomi is the top of the ladder. There’s still a long way to go to really understand Ratzon Hashem…


Stay tuned for the next chapter in the MDY initiative series. It’s not all about gemara. Hop aboard and join the all inclusive Beis medrash of MDY.


1) Nobody here is Hashem so it’s quite comical you all think you know what G-d considers preferable.
2) Following up on the comment above, Chaim Yankel is correct. You have people in Kollel all day who don’t know basic things about Shas because they spent 6 months analyzing 5 lines. Remember, Rabah bar Avuha and Rav Huna and Rav Pappa didn’t have Rashi, Rambam, Rosh or the Granat and Kehillot Yaakov to study. They focused on understanding the exegesis of the Torah not 7 tiered layered arguments about what people 30 generations later might have intended. Just some food for thought.

Lubavitcher chosid

Thd Lubavitcher rebbe said that aisde foe the daily learning that how father in law instituted of that days chumash with rashi, daily tanya and tehilim the way jts split by the month, but that everyone should learn 3 chapters o ram am every day finishing in less than a year. Or 1 chapter a day if you cant hack that.