Exclusive For DansDeal Readers: Buy One Tree To Plant On Tu B’Shvat In Israel And We Will Plant Two!

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Zo Artzeinu’s “Israel Trees” project and World Mizrachi have teamed up to plant trees on Tu B’Shvat (this coming Monday!!) in memory of the victims of the Pittsburgh massacre.

The congregation in Pittsburgh was called “Tree of Life” and in the memory of those 11 Jews we will plant… TREES OF LIFE!

Zo Artzeinu “Israel Trees” has planted more FRUIT trees than any other organization in Israel and now YOU can join together with us.

Zo Artzeinu and world Mizrachi have over 140 YEARS of Jewish and Israel activism combined!

Everyone who plants a fruit tree gets a personalized tree certificate and according to R. Efrati and R. Elyashiv partners with the farmer and shares in ALL the Biblical Mitzvoth such as Orlah, Neta Revai, Shmita, Teruma Maasar etc.

This Tu B’Shvat we will be planting all over Israel!

You can “plant” with us by ordering a tree online – we will plant your tree in Israel and mail you a beautiful, personalized certificate, and you get to share in the Mitzvah and Bracha.

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Order 1 tree – we will plant 2

Order 10 trees – we will plant 20 and so on…

Hurry – Plant you tree today and we will get this TREE OF LIFE in the ground in time for the big Tu B’Shvat planting.

They take away life we will plant new life!

Let’s show the world that the ground of Israel is not just for burial but for life!

Fruit trees are life – Join with Zo Artzeinu and Mizrachi today and plant trees of life in memory of those killed at the Tree of Life congregation.

CLICK HERE NOW to order your tree.

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Will Trumos and Maassros be kept ?
Shemita ?


Read the post?


100% all the farmers that Zo Arteinu plants trees with keep all the מצוות התלויות בארץ. The Biblical Mitzvot on trees in their fruits including, Truma, Maasor, Shmita, Neta Revai etc..

You can see a psak from Rav Efrati here:

And some of the Amazing farmers here:

Zo Artzeinu farmers have reported amazing miracles for keeping these mitvos as well

תזכו למצוות


Is this a not for profit org?


I’d participate if Imthryd plant native species.

Brocha Berger

Can I plant a tree in memory of someone and have the certificate sent to me stating the persons name ?